It's a bit impossible to do those in cage, but thats just me. This one fit and is perfect.

My young hamster gets this thing moving so fast that it becomes very noisy. We got a new baby hammy named Daisy, and we had to use our old, 6 inch silent spinner. All you can hear is the clicking of their toes LoL. Provides climbing fun and entertainment for your pet!

We had a 9" Kaytee Silent Spinner for our first hamster (golden teddy). [Response from Seller: The Silent Runner wheel spin on ball bearings, which spin very fast and smooth. They can't get enough of it.

-Lydia M. OMG who would think a Sugar Glider would run in this wheel, can’t keep them out of it.

It doesn't squeak but when the hamster runs on it, the weight of the hamster makes it wobble so it does make a noise while she's on it. -Annette A. I bought one of these for my (very large) Syrian hamster.

This one it’s like they can’t even move it - maybe I need to loosen it somehow so it spins easily? He outgrew the 9" wheel and we got him this 12" wheel. Love this wheel. My hamster is a chunky butt and this wheel works great. Special-made Cage Attachment is a must if that’s what you plan to do.

It kept the wheel from moving across the bottom of the cage, but still it bounces A LOT! -Gladys M. Significantly improved my hamsters behavior and it’s basically silent! I have a Roborovski Hamster and I used to let her run in a 4.5 inch silent spinner. Click & Collect.

These wheels are amazing and so quiet! For now I wash it as a whole. Thank you!!! Haven't seen a wheel with enough support for a smooth and quiet run. Would recommend especially for Syrian hamsters. Disassemble the wheel and clean with warm soapy water, rinse, and allow to air dry completely. Only thing is, shipping to Canada was more expensive than the wheel! The #1 exercise wheel for pet Hedgehogs, Rats, & Sugar Gliders! Runs very smoothly and easily compared to the Kaytee Silent Spinner he had before. Being bigger and heavier, the nut that keeps the wheel firmly attached to the base wiggles loose and I’m having to tighten it daily or else the wheel starts to really wobble.

However, so did the wheel! Free postage. Many of them lost last parts of their tails.

Excellent product, I highly recommend.

So I probably wouldn't buy this wheel again and if you are going to buy for a Syrian get the 8" inch one because the 11" inch one is to big to even fit in my Syrians bin cage so then my hammie cant move it!! Great price for someone on a budget but needing something safe for their sugar gliders! We don’t here it from the other room!

Well, it is all three of those things AND silent. This wheel is really silent! ], My sugar gliders don’t use it.

-Chris D. I love it, but when my hamster is on it, its so loud and when i spin it out of the cage its so silent.

-Andrea A. Lol

Not worth the hassle for a wheel that comes undone and isn’t silent. The wheel is incredibly silent, the only thing I would change would be to make the base slightly taller. I am in Canada so it's more expensive. If your hamster is a rather small Syrian, then go for the 8 inch! Some of the previous reviews made me a bit skeptical of this wheel but I ended up being very happy with it, and so is my dwarf hybrid :) i did notice it was a bit difficult for him to push (I purchased the 11” for him), so I removed the pin that keeps the wheel tight against the axel and this worked great.

-Shannon A. I’ve had my hamster for about two weeks on this wheel and have to wash it daily, it no longer tightens all the way and seems very loose after about five minutes of him running on it. -Jay P. My12" wheel comes loose every night, and my poor hamster can't run in it when I tighten it too tight. I recommend getting wheels with smooth and seamless running surfaces. I was concerned that the color wouldn’t be green and black, (because most places online you don’t get to pick the color & I WANTED green/black) so I ordered it and in the comment it let me say something personal so I put that I preferred a green/black wheel & I got a response saying that’s what color I would get! My little guy (Syrian hamster) absolution LOVES his wheel, he wouldn’t even stop running for food! [Response from Seller: Thanks for your review, Alexis.

Depending on the issue, slowly tightening or loosening it will solve it.