You perceive change as a threat to your established way of living. Are you trying to take control even if it means damaging your reputation? Or you think they don’t deserve the special attention at all. In a money spread, the Four of Pentacles reversed indicates parting with a great deal of your wealth. This card suggests that you place too much importance in material things, or that you’re being reckless with your finances.

This card is a sign that you need to get over your past issues and move on with your life. Here are a few interpretations to take away from the following key card combinations. When the Four of Pentacles appears in your reading that relates to love and romance, it simply means that you are clinging onto something you think is important or valuable.

Other times, the Four of Pentacles also indicates a stubborn attitude that does not welcome change. Holding on to the past . The Four of Pentacles is a minor arcana card which, when drawn in the upright position, can reflect a number of negative thoughts, emotions and actions that could be hampering your ability to live a normal and happy life. Overall, the Four of Pentacles in the upright position is going to bring with it a sense of difficulty and stress which could ultimately turn into you feeling as if you have encountered a significant run of bad luck. Your relationships can have a brighter future and that you are ready to finally let go of the fear that was holding you back. is one of the leading astrology and women's lifestyle websites on the internet today. You are protective of your assets, and you continuously work on growing your assets. He sits there, unmovable, to make sure no one touches his pentacles. On a more positive note, drawing an upside-down Four of Pentacles can also imply that you’ve learned to curb your need to control people and situations — go with the flow and take life as it comes to you. It could also mean that you are holding onto a grudge against your partner and it's time to make a decision to let it go if you want to move on.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the most important thing to take away from your love reading is that your approach to romance is changing — and for the better. The Four of Pentacles meaning in a Tarot reading is the desire to control, the desire to impose one's will on another. Similarly, your partner may be far more interested in your wallet than in your company. If your paycheck is the only motivation you have to wake up every morning and head into work, it might be time to consider just how important money is to your overall happiness and possibly look for a change of employment. From the professional astrologer to the astro curious, offers avenues for exploring some of life’s deepest questions. Don't let this generosity get too extreme or someone may take advantage of you. The Four of Pentacles signifies fear in love. The choice is yours to make. This applies equally whether you’re currently in a relationship or seeking one: one party’s primary interest in the other is their money — rarely a positive sign in a loving relationship. The future position is the best position for the Four of Pentacles to appear.. Is the Four of Pentacles a Sign of Bad Luck? The Four of Pentacles is the card that signifies control and stability.

This Minor Arcana card can also represent greed, stinginess, and materialism, indicating that a lack of openness is slowing down your progress in life. While this could certainly be a positive, at the same time the card indicates that you could be unhappy with your career in general. The Four of Pentacles asks you: What are you withholding from the people you love? The Four of Pentacles in Tarot stands for possessiveness, control, and blocked change. Four of Pentacles Tarot’s Meaning for the Future. The Four of Pentacles, when it appears in a reading next to the Wheel of Fortune, brings a message that you will have success in all that you undertake at this time. This could be the result of fraud, reckless behavior like gambling, or risky investments of the ‘get rich quick’ variety. As a result, you become possessive and greedy. The Four of Pentacles reversed typically represents the negative attributes of greed, materialism, and extreme amounts of self protection. One pentacle is balanced on his head, another gripped in his hands, and two more are securely located beneath his feet. Personally, I like to combine the two meanings for added depth and versatility in readings. Fear of showing how much you love them. This can lead to a stifling of creativity and individual expression.

Why not share and donate to the less fortunate? Fear of losing them. Has anybody ever told you that you’re a little too possessive? These are the cries of the ego, which is just developing in the young child.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money.

This pairing suggests that a new financial opportunity is in the offing. The Four of Pentacles signifies the risk and the perils of having too much wealth and success: valuing and prioritizing it too much.

Overall, there is a sense of the Four of Pentacles potentially involving some bad luck, but only in the upright position. You need to step back, get a grip, and just do your work as you always have. On the plus side, it can indicate that things are quite stable in this area but you need to be very alert to everything that is going on. 4 OF PENTACLES OVERVIEW.

The card can represent the strong presence of these things or the release and freedom from their effects. The Four of Pentacles in the reversed position can also represent the loss of something very dear to you due to fraud, or worse, to gambling, substance abuse or other reckless behaviors you are prone to engage in. If you’ve been in an unhealthy marriage it indicates that you’re taking the steps necessary to free yourself of this toxic relationship. Four of Pentacles Tarot’s Meaning for the Future.

When faced with the Four of Pentacles in a reading it can indicate a great success in your life but also calls for balance. The reward is likely to be of the financial variety.

When the Four of Pentacles is reversed in a health reading it can indicate that you’re gradually getting a grip on the powerful emotions of loss and despair you’ve been experiencing lately. As such, it might not be a bad idea to take a few dollars and invest in something you would normally consider to be too much of a long shot or too risky.