Outwardly projecting a campaign against fascism, yet inwardly it is promoting a violent overthrow of the establishment and its supporters. The basic mechanism for deconfliction is establishing a Joint Special Operations Area (JSOA), defined by the overall joint force commander (JFC). There are 3 phases of development in most successful insurgencies. Earlier work on netwar by John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt also supports the notion of a mesh of multi-role cells that self-synchronise and swarm to support each other across multiple functional areas (Arquilla & Ronfeldt 1996; Brose 2017). By 2011, however, competition between Western powers and revisionist or rising states such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea was increasing, and by 2014 this had broken into military confrontation (though mostly short of war) in Ukraine, the Baltic, the Middle East, the South China Sea and parts of Africa. Current doctrine allows both; there may need to be a change of emphasis. Citizen soldiers of the guerrilla force, underground and auxiliary are trained and equipped for their intended roles. And physical infiltration of UW teams could now build on this ‘virtual infiltration’, taking advantage of much deeper prior OPE than in traditional UW doctrine. Certain targets, such as bridges, historically could be attacked only by manually placed explosives. One such development is the emergence of offset command nodes (possibly to be replaced with Artificial Intelligence [AI] in the future). In its modern form it derives from Second World War resistance movements and organisations such as OSS and SOE who sponsored them. Understanding an adversary’s political limits—in terms of response time, range and nature of likely responses and constraints on leaders—thus helps to create space for liminal manoeuvre.

US doctrine assumes there will usually be a government in exile with which the UW plan can be developed. The president felt that since they had a special mission, Special Forces should have something to set them apart from the rest. FID can also involve training a foreign government to deal with a future internal guerrilla threat.[1]. “With the Antifaschistische Aktion, the KPD not only wanted to create a cross-party collection movement dominated by KPD, but they also aimed specifically at the Reichstag election on 31 July 1932. This is also the time when the organization attempts to infiltrate key government organizations and civilian groups.

They might never need to infiltrate a field team into denied areas, or if they did, would never have to infiltrate ‘blind’, but could always work with vetted, developed and organised groups based on thorough and deep OPE. The jungle is neutral. When sabotage takes place, it may be covert rather than clandestine, in that the enemy knows he has been hurt, but may not know who hurt him. 4Adapted from Box, Hunter, & Hunter (2005: 11–15). UW had a major role, in 2001, of supporting the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. Likewise, the ability to access targeting data, intelligence, propaganda support and other enablers online might allow individuals or teams to operate in near-complete electronic blackout conditions between periodic downloads. It also meant that UW teams—or extremist groups—wishing to work with a resistance movement were able to access it without infiltration or covert insertion, either by engaging members online or accessing them indirectly through diaspora networks. This temporal aspect underlines a further implication: the primacy of OPE (or Phase Zero) shaping operations. When countering a resistance, one must remember that any armed resistance in an effort to maintain stability or keep the peace is generally perceived as “ALL OUT WAR” by the resistance. Such devices often are used to initiate combat in an ambush, combining surprise with an intense burst of fragments.

As a consequence, SF communications specialists must be competent with old but deniable radio communications, including those using Morse Code or field-improvised antennas in the high frequency (HF) range. These pressures punish certain behaviours (based on particular combinations of traits and characteristics) while rewarding others.

The ubiquity of GNSS created new opportunities for communications, command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I), precision engagement, weaponisation of consumer technologies like drones and smartphones, and collaborative or remote engagement.

This spread to the global south around the turn of the century, with rapid increases after 2000 in Internet penetration, mobile phone usage, access to satellite and cable television and (later) the emergence of smartphones and other smart handheld devices. Shooters, sensors and targets no longer had to be in the same geographical area. ANTIFA is a resistance movement holding social justice grievances against the establishment. In the combat phase, the guerrilla force increases the tempo of operations, in a manner consistent with its own safety and security, until the government falls or the guerrilla force links up with conventional forces. Where a raid goes to the enemy and attacks, an ambush waits for enemy forces to come to it, and then engages in combat. Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies 2 (1): 61–71. Where the saboteur might contaminate aircraft fuel, the aircraft could be put out of service by a clerk committing subversion, by delaying or losing maintenance orders, resupply of fuel or munitions, or "misrouting" an order for the aircraft to attack, The U.S. defines sabotage as "an act or acts with intent to injure, interfere with, or obstruct the national defense of a country by willfully injuring or destroying, or attempting to injure or destroy, any national defense or war materiel, premises, or utilities, to include human and natural resources.[1]. Their primary job was to act as a Corps asset by providing accurate and timely intelligence from deep within enemy lines, as well as to execute raids upon high value targets and targets of opportunity. Retrieved from https://www.jstor.org/stable/24536315, Joint Chiefs of Staff Washington DC. Indeed, in the eyes of their local partners, it was often the UW teams’ ability to access coalition airstrikes and thereby help a partner overcome obstacles or defend bases that arguably became the critical contribution of such teams—making the role of the Special Forces Joint Terminal Attack Controller (SFJTAC) the critical one. This disease is spread by the cowardly, weak and loathsome who detest liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The very roots of ANTIFA can be traced back as far as The Emancipation of Labor Party in Russia. The US Army’s 6th Special Reconnaissance Unit is best known for liberating Japanese held Prisoners of War at Camp Cabanatuan in the Philippines in January 1945. The insurgency begins to actively control certain parts of the country and they achieve a legal belligerent status. The ability of a few experienced soldiers to train and lead a quite large resistance (i.e., insurgency against the Japanese) was a guiding principle of the formation of United States Army Special Forces in 1952. This is generally the case when a subversive resistance leader can convince resistance member that there is a cause worthy and achievable enough to gain if violence is used. Another very frightening fact is that many of the Marxist groups who spawned revolution in Russia during the 18 and 1900’s drew inspiration from a group known as the Jacobins.