Where It All Began. Ybot November 1, 2018 Leave a comment. Date Examine a shovel, the letter to Kleon and muddy tracks. Debt collector. This one is lead by Sokrates. Dinner in Sparta - Family Reunion. 11/05/2018. Learning the ropes. Download.

A-Musing Tale We Will Rise. Kassandra made her way out of the sanctuary and travelled to the Pnyx. At the Akropolis, she identified a heavily guarded sector, the Priest House, near the Propylea. Choose the following speech options for the best outcome: When the speech is over, a brief cut scene with Sokrates will mark the end of the quest. During the following sequence, you will have to assist Sokrates so that he can convince the crowd (picture12).

Purchase on Amazon. Source She unlocked the chest, recovering a papyrus. Talk with Sokrates to activate new objectives and then head towards the Statue of Athena (picture1). Navigate back to the Walkthrough here.

Remove ads and unlock special features, Chapter 2 - A Solider, a Mercenary, a God, Guides to the most relevant and difficult side quests along the way, Reference to important points of interest and historical context, Useful tips regarding game features and mechanics. Return to the garden and open the chest. 425–424 BCE Kassandra helped Sokrates to recover proof of Kleon's corruption, and then convinced the Athenians that Kleon had spread lies to gain power and votes. Kassandra acting as Kleon's supporter in the debate, Kassandra joined Sokrates on the stage to begin the "debate. Twitter; Facebook; Reddit; Email; Favorite. With the help of Sokrates, you will gather compromising documents in order to attack Kleon’s credibility. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The Odyssey. Shortly after, another short conversation with Sokrates will occur. Walkthrough / Chapter 8 - The Revolt. Episode 1. Head to the Propylea in Greater Athens, near the Statue of Athena. He wants to stop the attack on Mytilene, but he's going to do that through the people's vote, and not by killing him. Take the key from his corpse. Accept the plan to uncover evidence of his association with the cult.

Return to Perikles’s Residence and speak to Sokrates. Guide Info. -“People with expertise know better.”

1 Description 2 Dialogue 3 Outcome 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References Sokrates asked Kassandra to recover information that turns the people against Kleon.

To maximize the effect of his speech, use the following sentences: -“Of course I’m not!” | Contact us, He moved his quarters to the Akropolis at the center of Greater Athens, The clues are leading to the backyard garden, There's a buried chest in Kleon's garden, but it's locked. The Peloponnesian War is under way, with Athens and Sparta fighting for supremacy in the Aegean.