Before Krycek could react, the Well-Manicured Man appeared behind him, demanding to know the boy's location. After fighting with Skinner, Krycek managed to steal the digital tape that Mulder had received. Nicholas Lea. After the ship docked in New York, Krycek phoned the Syndicate, openly insulting the Well-Manicured Man and making clear his scorn towards his former employers. He plays an almost-victim of the episode's culprit. He later killed Barry by unknown means before disappearing after Mulder had become suspicious of him. [7] Later, when Mulder was abducted by aliens and returned in a deathlike state, Krycek attempts to again blackmail Skinner, with the means to save Mulder's life. Alexei 'Alex' Fyodor Krycek was a double agent of American-Russian descent, who has ties with both The New Consortium and Shattenjaeger. After the investigation, Krycek returned to the Cigarette Smoking Man and reported his findings regarding Mulder and his former partner, Agent Scully, both of whom represented a problem to Krycek and the Cigarette Smoking Man — (Sleepless). But when Mulder turns away briefly, Kryeck is suddenly gone.

He ran when Scully burst in and pulled the fire alarm to help his escape. He later made the point that, clearly, the rebels had left her alive in order to expose them. Mulder was buried in a cemetery, although other returned abductees had been healed from this state by Jeremiah Smith, prompting Skinner to exhume Mulder and treat his bizarre condition. At Hong Kong International Airport, Krycek was found and assaulted by Mulder, who took Krycek's gun and threatened him. Krycek then disappeared – going absent from his work at the FBI – in an effort to escape suspicion, once his actions were brought to light. Despite this, Krycek escaped the partisans and ensured a powerful position within the Russian conspiracy. The X-Files (23 episodes)

Full Name In 1995, Krycek was assigned by the Cigarette Smoking Man to kill Mulder's father, William Mulder (a former Syndicate member). Originally, the role of Krycek was offered to Callum Keith Rennie, who rejected it, but later made two guest appearances on the show. Im Stile einer Krimiserie werden Science-Fiction-, Fantasy- und Horror-Elemente miteinander verbunden; die Serie gilt damit als ein wichtiger Begründer des Mysterygenres in seiner heutigen Form. The X-Files Lea guest starred in eleven episodes from 1994 to 1996 and became a popular character amongst the fans. Mulder was certain that the aliens knew where Scully was, and demanded that Doggett tell him her location so that he could get to her. Occupation He then called the CSM from the airport and informed him, in no uncertain terms, that – if another attempt was made on his life – he would reveal all that he knew to the public. He waited in the office of a Hong Kong company that Jeraldine Kallenchuck worked for and, when Jeraldine entered the room with Mulder, Krycek pulled his gun. Krycek offered Vukjovic, then a rogue operative, the chance to join Schattenjaeger, but failed when he was unable to explain how he had survived being shot in 2001. Stranded on a "ghost ship," Mulder and Scully must unravel the mystery of an unearthly force that is causing them to age at an accelerated rate.

After failing to negotiate with the Well-Manicured Man over his release and the acquisition of the vaccine, his captor deduced that Krycek had, in fact, come into possession of a cure. While Mulder and many other prisoners were tortuously tested with the black oil, Krycek dined with the gulag's head scientist. [7] In the season seven finale, "Requiem", Krycek tries and fails to kill the Cigarette Smoking Man, who now uses a wheelchair, by pushing him down a flight of stairs. His work earned the approval of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, who saw him as a prospect for the future and promptly brought him under his wing. He used the bots to control Walter Skinner, bringing him to the point of death before reviving him. Colonists | Mulder was transcribing wiretap tape at FBI's Headquarters when Krycek alerted Mulder that he was present. The X-Files Season 10 (comic book) However, her sister (Melissa) arrived at Agent Scully's home, first. When Skinner asked what Krycek wanted, he was told that it would all be revealed "in good time." When Vukjovic noted that the organisation should be wary of the danger Mulder posed, Krycek dryly responded that he was well aware of the danger. At the last moment before Krycek could pull the trigger, Skinner arrived and shot Krycek. — (Piper Maru), Krycek in 1997, under the control of the Black Oil, Back in America, Krycek and Mulder were run off the road by another car. After telling them that it was "all going to Hell" and that the rebels now had the upper hand, Krycek stormed away. The agents go behind bars to stop a horribly disfiguring virus that is killing prison inmates at an epidemic rate. Krycek attempted to hide on the other side of the balcony's barrier but was heard by the intruder, who Krycek then dragged over the railings to his death. After the Well-Manicured Man told him that the ship would soon return to Russia with him on it, Krycek submitted and gave him the vaccine. Following Fox Mulder's return on Earth, he appeared on Walter Skinner and blackmailed him in order to kill Scully's unborn baby — (Deadalive) and in return he would give him the vaccine to save Mulder's life.He also helped in her abduction (Ascension) by the Syndicate. Alex Krycek is a fictional character in The X-Files television series.

Krycek was taken by one of the men to be questioned but he instead irradiated the two men and fled, leaving Mulder at the scene with the key to the locker containing the digital tape. He is not allowed to do so, and instead satisfies himself with making a close pass while driving off. While has was in possession of the digital tape containing the files, the Smoking Man attempted to eliminate both the tape and Krycek by means of a car bomb. Krycek prevented Mulder killing him by agreeing to take Mulder to the location of the tape in the US. They learn that Krycek was recruited by an extremist militia group on a salvage hunt from the silo in North Dakota, and he informs the agents they must track the source of an extraterrestrial rock, brought to America by a foreign diplomat, to a gulag in Russia. As Mulder was dragged away, he looked back and his nemesis had disappeared. Mulder and Scully face the prospect of becoming human sacrifices when they uncover a Satan-worshipping cult led by a demonic substitute teacher. Krycek later appears to Mulder as a friendly messenger to tell him that a war has begun, and that Mulder must "resist or serve". After Mulder's realization of Krycek's true intentions, Krycek is forced into hiding, before re-emerging some time later. Krycek later recovered the tape from it's locker and met CSM, under the influence of the black oil, and exchanged the tape for access to the UFO. In every interaction that they had, Scully seems mostly apathetic towards him although it's clear that she doesn't trust him and even hates him. Little is known about Krycek's early life or education, other than his parents were Cold War immigrants and that he is consequently fluent in Russian — (Tunguska). Krycek contacted Skinner and promised him the alien virus vaccine (which could save Mulder's life and prevent him from transforming into an alien replicant), in return for Skinner making sure that Scully's baby did not come to term.

Mulder and Krycek follow the trail to the resort with the intention of rescuing Scully, and upon arrival Mulder uses to the tramway to travel up the mountain to investigate. Duchovny and Lea appeared in their roles as Mulder and Krycek, respectively in a sketch that spoofed The X-Files. After he started working with Mulder, Krycek met Scully at her place of work - the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Krycek was then sneaked out of the building by Mulder, while Skinner was questioned by police. After learning that Rohrer was meeting with Agent Crane, Mulder deduced that Krycek, Rohrer and Crane were involved in the alien conspiracy and were simply trying to fool Mulder, Doggett and Skinner into thinking they could protect Scully. Once Mulder had escaped the tram, Krycek started it up again. Krycek wheeled the CSM out of his room, while Covarrubias stopped Nurse Greta from interfering. Having brought Dmitri to the Tunguska gulag, Krycek had a technician perform the black oil experiment on Dmitri, much to the surprise of Glasses Man, and then absconded with him. With Agent Alex Krycek as his new partner, and the mysterious X as his new source of information, Mulder struggles to keep his search for the truth alive. With nothing left to offer his operatives, CSM was helpless as Krycek pushed him down a flight of stairs. Krycek was assigned by them to bring the Cigarette Smoking Man out of retirement and to escort him back to them, so that the CSM could conduct an operation. CSM locked Krycek into the missile silo where the craft was being held, and abandoned him after the oil had left his body. When Lea appeared as Krycek, the producers felt that they could kill him off if the portraying actor didn't do a good enough job. Skinner eventually refused, prompting Agent John Doggett's attempt to get the vaccine off Krycek by force. — (The Red and the Black). It turned out that the whole incident had been staged and that Krycek was on good terms with the camp's commanders. Alex Krycek taucht zum ersten mal in #2.04 Schlaflos auf.

Krycek continued to act as Mulder's partner and was present when Mulder entered a hostage situation, held by captor Duane Barry. Upon discovering the rock, Mulder took Krycek into hiding at Skinner's apartment. As she and Mulder tried to escape Scully's apartment with Miles in pursuit, Krycek speedily arrived and ran over Miles with his car. In 2001, Krycek infiltrated the FBI and used the nanotechnology to manipulate Skinner following the discovery that Mulder was miraculously alive following his abduction.

When Barry kidnapped Dana Scully, Krycek accompanied Mulder in his efforts to find her. Purity | After arriving in the US, the car Mulder and Krycek were driving was forced off the road by Syndicate operatives, who were irradiated by Krycek after pulling him out of the car. Alex Krycek is a fictional character in the Fox science fiction-supernatural television series The X-Files.

Down at the base lodge, Krycek kills the tram operator and stalls the tram, so that Mulder is too late to save Scully, although he succeeds in capturing and arresting Barry.

After instructing Marita to tell the Syndicate that they could "kiss [his] American ass" and spitting at her feet, Krycek stormed off with his men. In actuality, Krycek was at Fort Marlen, following up on some suspicions regarding the exchange, and discovered the dead body of the scientist charged with handling the alien fetus.