Ideally, it looks great standing among other plants that are plain so that the foliage of your Alocasia Dragon Scale remains the focus. This is possible if the plant is either too wet or too dry, meaning that you are either watering the plant too much or not watering it enough. Un minimum 2 feuilles sont présentes à la bouture. Alocasia Dragon Scale Living up to his name, this Alocasia truly is something else. n'hésitez pas à l'adopter ici ! This means that it stays tall, green and beautiful throughout its life cycle during all the seasons of the year if kept in the right environment and given the right care. In case your plant does get infested, use Neem oil as a natural remedy. If your soil is water-clogged and the foliage too wet, your plant has more chances of catching a fungal infection. Unfortunately, these plants are not disease resistant and you need to look out for problems like Crown, Stem and Root Rot diseases, Leaf Spot and Xanthomonas. They can be easily missed. The best way to prevent these unwanted visitors is to keep the plant clean.

It is well-known for its large, beautiful leaves that are metallic silver-green with even darker veins on their surface, which give the plant a resemblance to a dragon’s scales, hence giving it its popular name “Alocasia Baginda Dragon Scale” or “Alocasia Dragon scale”. The Alocasia Dragon Scale loves a well-lit room but doesn’t mind some partial shade either. Voici le lien pour savoir comment l'entretenir chez vous.-> fiche entretien de l'alocasia Dragon Scale. These fallen leaves need to be removed as quickly as possible because they can be a very open invitation to pests and fungus. (Tip: Make sure you dilute the fertilizer with water according to the size and needs of your plant). Et contente qu’elles soient toutes les deux petites : comme ça je peux les regarder grandir doucement et j’ai un peu de temps pour leur trouver plus de place. However, if the plant has outgrown the current pot or has caught an infection, you may need to change the soil or the entire pot. Although, every plant has its own individual growing capacity, so don’t be worried if yours doesn’t grow as tall. If exposed to frosty cold temperatures, it will start slowing its growth and even droop and look unwell. That is easy to fix. You can use a commercial fungicide to fight the microbe and give it time to heal. You can also simply use your finger to check if the soil is ready to be watered yet. The best time to propagate an Alocasia Dragon Scale plant is the mid-spring or summer season while you repot the plant.

The root cause of any of these is an inadequate watering routine, more commonly an excessively frequent one. In case your Alocasia does get affected, remove the dead and damaged leaves and isolate the plant so it doesn’t spread the infection to the other plants. However, do not be alarmed if the growth rate decreases during the winter as that is when the plant becomes dormant and it is completely normal for it to stop growing.

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Alocasia Baginda Dragon Scale is a beautiful, tropical gem that grows big, metallic green leaves and looks beautiful, both, displayed on its own or standing tall in a garden. Donc n'hésitez pas à la placer dans votre salle de bain, si celle-ci a suffisamment de lumière !

And if the soil looks too heavy for your liking, adding some sand or perlite can solve the problem. Alocasias like to stay root-bound so re-potting them frequently is anything but a good idea. Bouture d'alocasia Dragon Scale avec racines développées. So, make sure you keep your watering routine in check and keep your plant’s foliage dry. Le terreau peut toujours un peu humide, sans être détrempé !

fiche entretien de l'alocasia Dragon Scale. This also gets rid of any dust buildup on the surface of the broad leaves.

If your place lacks the moisture in the air, you can always use an indoor humidifier to solve the problem. Yes, Alocasias can thrive in water as well. Too much of it can damage your plant because the salts will start accumulating in the soil. Because these plants have a perennial life cycle, they are very durable and last as long as decades if given the proper care and environment to grow. Make sure you move the plant to a more shaded area during the intense hours of the day.

Week 3-5: Tiny roots will start to appear by now. It is best to avoid doing this during the dormancy phase in winter. Il aime les spots lumineux mais sans soleil direct qui risquerait de lui bruler les feuilles. You can do this by either clump or division method.

And don’t try to overwater and feed it too much because that will not make your plant grow faster or taller but it will surely kill it. Alocasia Dragon Scale plants are not drought resistant. Bouture d'alocasia Dragon Scale avec racines développées. If the plant blooms, it grows insignificant purple spathe flowers that are barely a sight to look at. Just monitor your watering schedule and make sure you only water the plant when the soil is moist. And happy they are both small : I can watch them grow slowly and have a little time to find more place for them ^^ All of you plant lovers have the same place problem, haven’t you?