Notes: The Imperial Clipper has 2 medium and 2 large weapons. What build do you guys recommend using? With this setup, you can go pretty much 4 PIP's to SYS all the time (reducing damage taken by 58%), thank you, i tried out that build and feel in love. Best thrusters, FSD, power and distributor. || Example: Viper or Imperial Courier. The 37 Hottest Mercy Cosplays Ever . Interceptors are extremely fast ships with the aim of… surprise … intercepting targets and preventing them from playing the way they want! But since the SCB nerf I dont use the Anaconda for combat anymore. It is the only ship in-game able to equip two huge class 4 hardpoints as well as 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small. So i have about 350M in assets and i want to fly a good anaconda that can handle itself on RES sites and on general PvE situations. Let’s see what Elite: Dangerous offers to get the most out of the ships in combat. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EliteDangerous community, Press J to jump to the feed. Do not hesitate to share them with us. Notes: 2 small weapons below and 1 medium on the top. I dunno. thank you, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EliteDangerous community, Press J to jump to the feed. Learn how to properly manage your thrusters and FA off. Their strength lies in their dodging capabilities, a single mistake could be fatal. Kinetic weapons in group 1 and energy weapons in group 2. Great shields / bi-weave, are interesting, but what you are looking for is mainly in the structure of your ship. As a fighter, your roles can be multiple and your intentions different. It, the Fer-de-Lance, the Federal Corvette, the Imperial Cutter, and the Mamba are the only ships capable of equipping powerful Class 4 weaponry.

Type-10 Defender (Class 5-7)

The Federal Dropship is reserved for the Federation at the rank of Midshipman. In the current live build (1.3.07) there’s a bug where this penetration distance is much larger than intended, which has been fixed internally for 1.4. Note that you will need to select the subsystem again. Mark Allen, Programmer for Elite: Dangerous, gave us some details about the mechanics that helps calculating the “Damages” during combat. It is used to hunt down targets. The Federal Assault is reserved for the Federation at the rank of Chief Petty Officer. It, the Fer-de-Lance, the Federal Corvette, the Imperial Cutter, and the Mamba are the only ships capable of equipping Class 4 weaponry, the most powerful weapons that conventional ships can carry. It helps disturbing gimballed weapons and keeping your profile hidden from the radar. Note that it has a much lower top speed than the Viper but it is better when boosting. Overview. The D rated modules are very light and unfortunately very fragile, while the A rated ones are sturdy, powerful and very expensive. It's DPS is also underwhelming. Your weapons will aically become Fixed and you will be able to continue shooting at it before resuming targeting. Any comments or tips on this fighter’s guide? Aside from the ever-powerful railgun which will go all the way through any ship currently in-game (but still can’t hit a second ship!). Keelback (Class 5) 8. Its weak point could be its speed and its ability to return to the charge quickly. As for the weapons, I decided to go with 2 turreted medium pulses on the sides with 2 large turreted pulses on top, these 4 lasers will take care of smaller ships that outmaneuver you, they really shine when you're fighting a wing of smaller ships. If you want a little more distance, mod them in Overcharged instead of Double Shots. 7) The weapons you will use continuously will most of the time have to be on the top of your ship; the “secondary” weapons below. → The Engineers allow you to even more customize your ship to reach the desired gameplay. Extremely fun to play with its 4 Multicannons and Rapid Fire under thermal and corrosive effects!

Notes: 4 medium weapons and 1 large. A good technique is to face your opponent while reversing your thrusters at high speed, to attack your target from a distance while it’ss trying to chase you. Hi everyone. I don’t really recommend the Type 10, but if you want to play it, here is a solid build. Here’s how to choose and equip your ship: In red, the mandatory modules for your roles. ... You can pack two fighters into the belly of this ship. The Adder is rather agile and can even propose some cargo. The enemies will have a tough time killing you or understanding that you should not be the priority target, thus losing time during the fight. If it disengages you, you are unlikely to catch up. Uses: Fighter, Tank, Hunter, Torpedoes, Interceptor, Roles: Mercenary, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Guardian, AX. 9) After dealing damage there’s one final step of applying secondary effects to the ship and/or modules hit. → Learn more about the Shield Generators.

Your role will be to be a bait, a threatening bait with no shields. Efficient against mines, torpedoes and missiles if they aren’t in great numbers. Notes: What is this? 2) There’s a second step in damage reduction that’s used only for hulls – Hardness. Defensively, the Anaconda is extremely sturdy when customized for survivability. Be careful not to lose it because its insurance is very high; to fly carefully if you know your limits perfectly. In addition, they have excellent penetration as an energy weapon. There are more effective loadouts, but this is the one i enjoy, i just really like being able to lock onto a guy, click, then ignore him, getting tempted to switch to the corvette with a 2 x C4 PA loadout though for something that actually requires interaction. If you let go of the scan, it will go back to zero. All gimballed multicannons is a good build to start with though cause it costs less and does more damage faster. A long-range interceptor that will stick to its target to deal continuous heavy damage. Roles: Pirate, Mercenary, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Guardian, AX. Uses: Fighter, Assassin, Interceptor, Hunter. Welcome to the Combat Guide! :p, Roles: Pirate, Mercenary, Assassin, Bounty Hunter. Roles: Pirate, Bounty Hunter, Assassin, Guardian, AX.