Watching streaming TV I get a few mins of no buffering then buffering.. it just continues this way no matter the channel. I don't have cable but use IPTV services so needed the faster speed and this seemed to fit the bill quite - minimal buffering issues and overall very happy. but if these problems are on the Arris model as well, I'm not sure what else I should do. As a possibly related side note, when the XB6 was in Bridge Mode, I connected my laptop to it via Ethernet and tried to login to the admin control panel to disable it.

I believe I tried both ports. I see two options.

I've seen a few other threads here where a similar problem has been reported.

I could not connect to the internet. More Buying Choices $399.99 (1 used offer) Amazon's Choice for xb6 modem. When i was using my Arris Modem with Velop router i had 500-700mbs wirelessly. I thought it could be the IPTV box or even the service but have confirmed that the box is running fine - took it to the guy who provides the IPTV service and ran it on his internet and no issues. I could not connect to the internet. Alternately, some Xfinity customers may wish to purchase and use third-party cable modems and Gateways. She had me recycle power a few times, and never mentioned the other port. Yes the Technicolor XB6 blue curve modem is way better than the Arris version. I will probably go back to the hitron router I had before as a last resort. The exact same Arris XB6 modem on the 150 speed was perfectly happy and fine before the network upgrade. With your technician visits, were they able to try re-wiring some of the cables in your suite? I have the technicolor version and I'm getting the same micro-disconnects everyone else is getting with the arris modem. Re: Bridge Mode on XB6 not working properly. Netgear said that this suggests there may be a problem with the XB6 hardware.

@Arrakai ahh, when it comes to an older building, re-wiring is your best course of action. I am sorry for the unfortunate situation.

I came onto Shaw a couple of months ago as 150 customer - at the time I was provided the XB6 modem. However, you will miss out on the full suite of Xfinity services. This seems to be a common issue for many users.

These "microdisonnections" sound like what I'm experiencing. Thank you for posting this. I bought an ORBI wireless mesh system (RBK53) and am having trouble setting it up with my XB6. Fine for Netflix but hell for gaming.

As it turns out, the Chipset of the original Arris XB6 Modem struggled with games in many capacities. Also running the IPTV service on wifi at work and no buffering at all.

This happens on IPv4 and IPv6, even with pretty much no load on the connection, at all hours.

If you put the XB6 in Bridge Mode it won't give out IP addresses and you have to use a customer-supplied router. I just don't know what else I can do. Some of it might be stemming from old inadequate wiring in older buildings as well. $169.99 $ 169. When I got to the screen in the Orbi app where Orbi looks for an internet connection, it said it wasn't receiving one. getting issues with the TECHNICOLOR Model of Bluecurve. D-link pods and arris xb6 slowing down wifi Blue Curve GateWay (Arris XB6) Non Stop Problems It seems like the same issue I'm having. Unfortunately I still have the same issues. very small packet of 1-3 second disconnects every 30 seconds that's making gaming impossible. All rights reserved. If anyone has significant problems I suggest reaching out around that hardware!

If i connect direct or hard wired to the XB6 over my switches i get 700mbs. I tried this same setup with bridge mode. 0 Kudos The other was that I wasn't getting internet from either of the ports. I'm going to trade in my modem for the arris model, and if the problem persists, (after 3 techs, and many calls to shaw support) I will be leaving Shaw permanently as I cannot use this internet service for what I want. I didn't even think to try the left. I have also contacted Shaw Support via Facebook messenger and have had a technician come out to myself to determine signal strength going into this modem. If you are in an older building, the older wiring can certainly cause this. However, on many games (League Of Legends on PC, Destiny 2 on Xbox One, and BF5 on PS4 - in case someone wonders if it's my various consoles) I am having constant microdisconnections from chat and game services when attempting to play with friends. There are no issues with signal strength or anything as far as anyone from Shaw's end could determine, but these disconnects continue. Take wireless networking to whole new. She told me it wasn't possible and that Velop is not a compatible router. The tech told me to actually go trade in the technicolor for an arris model... the line could not be changed because I'm in an apartment and renting, and it's a condo.

In the last few days the buffering has increased significantly, so much so that I ended up taking in the modem and getting a new XB6 hoping that would rectify the issues. The XB6 must be put into Bridge Mode in order to use the Orbi as the router. … The wiring in the apartment is original and very low quality. Wi-Fi Cable Modem Ultra-fast internet speeds with home networking all-in-one. get the Arris modem and worry about the other host of problems people seem to have, or get a new line put in, which requires board approval and extensive work.