More than 50% means that more brake pressure will be sent to the front wheels, and vice versa. However the tyre temperatures and brake temperatures give you great indications to how you using your tyres. Once we are all setup with the control inputs, we can move on to the force feedback settings. This will increase the difficulty massively. Read our Assetto Corsa force feedback setting guide here for our recommended force feedback settings. Your ratings essentially dictate how good of a driver you are, and rates you across different sectors.

(i.e. This is the force needed to compress the entire suspension. Below we show you what each brake pad value means; 1 – Very aggressive friction coefficient, max braking performance, aggressive disc and pad wear. The best car setups for Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. This indicates that the game is recognising your inputs. If Once you click in to the single player session, you will be presented with a variety of options. And a lot of tips and general setup guides, explaining what you should be changing, and why. Everyone is fighting for position at the start and is the most likely time in the race for an accident to happen. Once you feel comfortable with your car, and the way it behaves.

The caster is directly correlated with the wheel camber when wheels are turned. The springs are hugely important to your overall car setup. The default brake bias setup is great, so only adjust in small increments. READ MORE – Assetto Corsa Competizione Wheel Compatibility List. Dampers control the way energy Is stored and released from the car suspension springs while driving, moderating the movement of the car. As well as the tyre and fuel wear and variable brake temperatures. Your car has both front and rear anti-roll bars, which is a big torsion spring that connects the suspension from one side of the car to the other.

This displays your current lap time, as well as your best ever lap and your last lap. Will also overheat and lose linearity in brake pedal feel when worn out, but In a more predictable way and after much longer stints. In terms of tracks, all of the included tracks in ACC range in terms of difficulty. Try our car setups designed for specific track conditions, weather, car, qualify or race. Again, don’t block other drivers. Run the car as stiff as needed to maintain stable ride height. If the car is correctly setup, the car lap faster & also easy to drive regardless how bad is your inputs. After practice comes the qualifying session. It is important to point out that suspensions are tightly connected with ride height. There is an optimum zone, so don’t go too far one way or the other. There are a plethora of options, not common to most main stream racing games. This is where all of the cars will be grouped closely together. Not if you want to be fast anyway! You should give yourself plenty of time to brake, accelerate cautiously and follow the racing line. There is a lot to get your head around as a new ACC player. However to start with, you don’t want to jump in to a wet session. Your traction control setup combats wheelspin by cutting down the engine or retarding the timing of the engine. This doesn’t feel natural, and wont let you feel the true limits of the car. We've decided to try stretch our service for one more year, while waiting for ACC, in case we will get some support from our community. You also gain safety racing by completing clean races against the AI.

These flags indicate an event has happened or happening and give you the heads up. Use the tyre temperature telemetry to tweak camber and toe setup. Get used to the feeling of the force feedback through the wheel, and pay attention to when it is happening. In this Assetto Corsa Competizione beginners guide, our goal is to give you all of the knowledge you need to get started in your ACC career. Basically, high caster is good when you are corning in, but too much caster can cause understeer during the middle part of a corner. Functionality of the brake duct is to bring more or less air to the brake discs and keep them in a temperature range that can be effective. Below is a complete write up of this guide, along with the original guide in its image format. YES, setup make a major difference in a lot of cars. Pedal modulation almost always good and linear, good feedback while overheating and gradual wear. Max braking performance, extremely aggressive disc and pad wear, bad cold performance. If you currently don’t own a racing wheel for your Xbox or PS4, you can dip your toe in the water with a cheaper wheel. Lower the value and you will get a faster top speed, but you’ll have a less maneuverable car, with less grip during cornering. In a race, this will show other drivers as well, and will indicate your position in a race. If you want to increase your involvement with ACC, why not join a community or a racing league. Link to original post. Your caster angle will impact the stability of your car and how heavy the steering feels. More rebound, lower speed of rebound. Optimal pressure for a wet race is between 30 and 31 psi. ABS works by modulating brake pressure to prevent locking up. Multiplayer ratings. And also what you should be aiming for in a good tyre setup.

One of the most appealing aspects of ACC, is racing against other drivers. Over time you will want to turn this off to add to the immersion of the game. I say it only offers a glimpse, as the technology in the Logitech racing wheel is fairly basic.

Try not to get in to any accidents as this will only hinder yourself, and race a clean race. Never to be used in a real race, but added for simracer’s gratification. During the race there are a few key parts to focus on. This premium racing wheel offers the best force feedback in its price category, is extremely well built, and you can customise your steering wheel to suit your taste. If you turn this on, it will add an artificial stability control to stop your car from spinning. Before you start with Assetto Corsa Competizione, you should look at this racing sim in a similar fashion to the F1 series of games. The final option before we can jump in to our first practice session are the driving assists. This bottom right corner also shows your fuel levels, which is key during a race. In the bottom left you will see your driver’s name and car number. As a general rule of thumb follow these tips; This is a system that gives the ability for the wheels to spin at different speeds and rotate independently of each other. And then there is the scray prospect of customising your car setup. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Gran Turismo Game, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, Kunos Simulazioni or

These come in the form of ratings. It will also show you where you should be on track. This will give you a chance to drive any track with any car, with nothing at stake. Below is a quick contents of information, so if you are already familiar with certain aspects of ACC, you can skip right to certain sections. You will have to brake much earlier than normal as it takes longer to slow down. These give all drivers a chance to get out on track and learn the track and their car. That is why they are influenced more by asphalt temperature. Running through them, in the top left corner you will see your lap times. With the simulation aspect of Assetto Corsa competizione comes the recommendation to use a steering wheel peripheral. ACC is looking to replicate that success with this GT3 racing simulator. Too much will slow down the car, but it helps with not spinning out. Instead, it just tells the driver that a faster car is approaching. This means you are driving too hard or your car is setup badly. You should slightly slow down a little as well to ensure you don’t get in to any trouble yourself!

After the yellow flag zone has been passed, you will see a green flag. A forward brake bias means more stable under braking. Or the multiplayer lobbies if you want to race against other drivers. This website is a community platform to share his setups of the game Assetto Corsa Competizione.

The safety car will drive at a set speed and all racers will have to follow it slowly. This gives marshals the time to clear the obstruction that caused the safety car. Head over to the diver customisation and setup your name and customise your drivers look. This has led to an influx of new players, and first time sim racers, which is fantastic for the ACC community! A wheel such as the Fanatec F1 Esports wheel offers a fantastic experience for the price and is our recommended racing wheel.