Its symbol is the lion. Embracing & expressing one’s true self & doing the necessary work to do so. Diet and health are priorities. *Unfavorable Activities (that can cause difficulties/challenges): Traveling, litigation, activities that require (quick, swift action), speculation, gambling, lending money, extreme physical movement or exertion. (Tony Romo, Seth Rogen, Renee Zellwegger, Shirley MacClaine). They are scrupulous, prosperous, obedient, truthful, and obtain all comforts.

They are long-lived, involved in socially accepted jobs, religious, truthful and help those who have helped them.

They work for the underprivileged, and spread their knowledge through teaching. This Palace is related to the Goddess Minerva; therefore, this Palace rules all form of learning, music and arts. It often blesses individuals with wealth and stability, which stems from a well-grounded career. *Animal Totem: The animal totem that rules over this phase, is the Ram.

The Brahmin Cow also helps those who are looking to transform their lives into something much more meaningful.

It grants one the power to link people together by connecting and guiding them towards their appropriate path in life. Each Star is named for the “ruling” Roman/Greco god or goddess (also called angel) through whose constellation the Moon traveled, for approximately one day during its monthly cycle. (Patrick Swayze, Dennis Leary, Tipper Gore). The problem with Tropical astrology, is that it is flawed.

Sol people have difficulty forgiving others; they hold onto their routines and their dogmas. They are known to always attack their opponents as they suffer continual negative memories of their past. This alone plays a huge role in healing one’s self through self-care and love. The veil of the dead opens and this full Moon grants the ability to interact with deceased loved ones. *Taurus or Vrishabha (Vedic Astrology): May 16 - June 14.

Again, its symbol can be seen as one reclining in a luxurious bed. It is an Air sign and is ruled by Saturn (and Uranus in Western astrology). It speaks with great power and is fearless, which is what it brings forth to those undergoing this cycle. The Rabbit can help strengthen our personalities, making it even easier to network and establish new friendships.

Devotion to one’s spiritual practice. Therefore, they will be covered only in brief here, for the purpose of a quick reference. Accordingly, one can rightly decipher the musical inclination of Muses people. This phase also brings forth success, new beginnings & the manifestation of new ideas. Those born here must watch their tendency to overwork, especially when it springs from feeling that they aren’t being recognized for their contribution to a cause. The full Moon in Hades indicates Halloween. Recognizing, welcoming, & accepting that things will result towards greater fulfillment & happiness. It provides one with a deep understanding on a subconscious level, allowing one to understand the some of the difficulties they are currently undergoing. Its symbol is a virgin or a young girl. *Asterian Star: Prometheus (Pro-me-thee-us).

The Python is very powerful, bringing forth many rewarding abilities. ", -From Sphudjidhvaja in "The Yavanajataka". Now, with that being said, one can also expect to face delays that force one to take the time, to look over the details & strategize. Enduring every obstacle, they manage to reap their fruits of labor. Truly, it is common for Libras to make their mark in the world in whatever endeavor they focus upon. The Horse is in alignment with what this cycle represents, strength, motivation, and new beginnings.