This is all happening due to Rahu’s transit through Gemini sign in 7th house in United States Astrology Chart. Trump will look even more guilty in the eyes of the public.

There is no doubt Donald Trump has a very powerful astrology chart, but Trump just happens to be in a very bad Jupiter mahadasha.

In his negotiations with Democrats, Donald Trump is not going to get a good deal on his border wall. On Thursday Congress unanimously passed resolution 420 to nothing demanding that the Justice Department should fully release Mueller Report to the public. Talk To Astrologers On Call @ AstroSage Varta. Republicans are so obsessed with this wall on the southern border. The period from August 3 to end of August this year is slightly better period for Trump, as Congress will be in recess during this period. We may see more Mueller indictments during these eclipses. The unemployment numbers will be high. But Donald Trump’s most difficult and challenging time is yet to begin, from Christmas this year to April 1, 2020, according to his Vedic Astrology chart.

This time it is not the economy stupid, it is the coronavirus stupid, that is why Donald Trump will lose the presidential election.

Finally, Kavanaugh will be replaced by another right-wing candidate. Mueller is working with New York State Attorney General to bring state level charges against the Trump’s co-conspirators in the Russia scandal. In my 2019 Trump astrology predictions, more than 2 years ago I had predicted that Donald Trump and the GOP party will be at loggerheads after June 2019 over some policy issues.

Now in 2020 Presidential Election Trump is using Black people to scare suburban whites. Even people with very powerful astrology charts also hit some weak times in their life. Certainly, this current period in Oct / Nov this year is not one of the lucky periods in Trump’s astrology chart, that is why Biden is beating Trump in all polls by double digits. In my December 17, 2019 Trump Astrology update, I had indicated that I am expecting new damaging evidence, documents, and new witnesses in next 4 weeks, that took us to January 15, 2020.

There is no doubt Trump is going through a very difficult time according to his astrology chart right now. This is a big setback for the Trump Presidency, and now Mike Pence is also in deep trouble. But Trump will not do this, because his political campaign is primarily based on division and racism. If we use the time of the traditional chart (18.30) we get Sagittarius rising, though a little later gives us Capricorn rising: Republican Party Chart II – 6/7/1854, 19:00, Jackson, Michigan. But if Trump’s poll numbers plummeted further, then GOP may force him to step down, to save their Senate majority. Biden now has a significant lead over Trump, with election just 100 days away. My astrology prediction is coming correct now. We are approaching the solar eclipse on February 26th, that will again be problematic for Donald Trump. I will post my thoughts and astrology predictions as we get closer to the election date. If Joe Biden can control his gaffes next 6 months, he will be on his road to victory on November 3. By pardoning Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump was testing waters, and signaling to his co-conspirators in the Russia scandal that he’s willing to pardon them as well. Boasting a wide selection of science fiction oldies, cult favorites, and new picks, Netflix takes you down a deep rabbit hole. This is another indicator that makes me believe that Trump will be in trouble during the Senate Trial. 8. Astrological Psychology and Asklepios Connection, Ideals of our Founding Fathers - David McCullough, September 2020 Mars: The Music of the Spheres, Trump and the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2020, Remembering the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire, The Riddle of the Sibly Chart for American Independence, The Ten Worst Presidents (not incl. A very important Trump Astrology update on Feb 5, 2020 evening (stay tuned). ", "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson." Steve Bannon is out, and today being his last day at the White House. Let us see if Trump faces impeachment by August / September this year or else we may have to wait until 2019 for impeachment. There are signs people in the administration are preparing for Trump loss in the presidential election. [In 1973] the Republican Party made opposition to abortion a key plank of its national party platform and grew its support among evangelicals.’ (Wikipedia). The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question on everybody’s mind right now is ‘Will Donald Trump fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller?’ In my opinion Donald Trump has missed that opportunity after this recent FBI raid on his lawyer Michael Cohen’s office, home and his hotel room. But I will again put all my money on 2019, when Donald Trump will either face impeachment or resign between June 2019 and April 2020. However, it remains in conjunction with Rahu. Mueller did not find evidence of collusion, but he didn’t clear Donald Trump of obstruction of justice because it is possible Trump did obstruct justice because of his interference with the investigation. Will the postmaster general re-install the mail sorting machines before the election date? Finally! The answer to this question will become very clear by last week of October this year that is why I am waiting until the last week of October to make the final astrology prediction. (November 2020). And that unusual event in Japan was very quickly followed by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Indonesia. We also learnt that Republicans are mostly focusing on the leaks rather than the Trump Russia investigation.

But I don’t think Democrats will impeach Trump at this moment. The solar eclipse on December 14 is falling at 29 degrees in Scorpio sign, very close to Trump’s natal Moon, natal Ketu and opposite his natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign. 3. I had also predicted in my 2019 Trump Astrology predictions that we will be entering next recession after June / July 2019, and it will be happening on Donald Trump’s watch. In my update on January 18, 2019, I had indicated Mueller Report will be released in March / April 2019. ii. The planetary energy will again turn negative for President Trump after mid-July. Rahu and Ketu are approaching the ascendant degree and the 7th house cusp. The KP astrology system that I use works only if the birth time is accurate and has AA rating. Donald Trump’s Vedic Astrology chart indicates the Senate will reach a verdict between March 3 and March 30. Avenatti is going through Mercury mahadasha and Jupiter Bhukti at present, according to his astrology chart. The trade war will push all of us into a global recession by summer of 2019, as I had already predicted in my Trump astrology article on Jan 20, 2017. But certainly not a good news for Donald Trump. This was Donald Trump's wish and his goal to install Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and today Trump got his wish fulfilled. Here, he may ride the storm just as well once more! His Birth details are June 14th, 1946, 10:54 Am, Jamaica, Newyork. In my opinion Donald Trump will resign some time during this period, my analysis says either in November 2019 or March 2020.

But now Jupiter is moving into Libra sign on September 11th, while Saturn is still in Scorpio sign, right on natal moon and natal Ketu in Scorpio sign and its aspect on natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign in Trump's astrology chart, will be very powerful (Difficult) between September 11th and October 24th this year. The sub case B2 says “Trump poll numbers slip further, below 30% before 2018 mid-term election. Not once did I see a Democrat predict Trump's victory nor did a Republican predict Clinton's.

Ardra (Rahu)           Moon          Sept 28, 2019 to Oct 18, 2019            Earthquakes, War etc. Since impeachment doesn't mean removal from office, I hope the process at least starts soon. What Trump is trying to do now, the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi tried during emergency in India 1975 – 1977. This election, I'm going to give my own take on 2019's election. Donald Trump will either resign or face impeachment between June 2019 and April 2020, most likely either in July 2019 or in November / December 2019, prediction given by me on Jan 20, 2017.

therefore getting involved in many controversies. Donald Trump's October surprises for Joe Biden have not worked, because there is no evidence that Joe Biden has done anything wrong. Trump has started the trade war, will not be able to stop it now.

I am trying to fine tune Trump’s birth time as well.

Even more so, since three of these progressed planets are all in Leo, the sign of the lion and king of the jungle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As I'm writing this, I'm still not sure—it might even be Trump (I hope not)! My guess is firing James Comey was a big mistake. Honestly, the problem with Donald Trump is he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, because he has no political or military experience. Kamala Harris has a good chance, but again you can never be sure, because I have not compared her astrology chart with other candidates that are vetted for the VP role. There will be more indictments.

Saturn being a malefic planet, can deliver some indictments by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, between November 22 and December 2 this year. Robert Mueller continues with the investigations. The economy is doing fine right now, but some mistakes will be made between now and summer of 2019 that will lead us to global recession. It doesn’t matter who the chief of staff and communications director are. Now we see protests, looting in many major cities all over the country, over Police brutality. Republican Party Chart I – 20/3/1854, 18:30, Ripon, Wisconsin, ‘The GOP was founded in 1854 [and] … originally subscribed to classical liberalism and took ideological stands that were anti-slavery and pro-economic reform … After the 1912 election, many [Theodore] Roosevelt supporters left the Party, and the Party underwent an ideological shift to the right… The liberal Republican element in the GOP was overwhelmed by a conservative surge begun by Barry Goldwater in 1964 that continued during the Reagan Era in the 1980s. I also wish a speedy recovery to the people who are injured during the Pittsburgh shooting incident. Kundali Matching - Online Kundli Matching for Marriage in Vedic Astrology, Kundli: Free Janam Kundali Online Software, सिद्ध कुंजिका स्तोत्र - Kunjika Stotram: दुर्गा जी की कृपा पाने का अचूक उपाय, बजरंग बाण: पाठ करने के नियम, महत्वपूर्ण तथ्य और लाभ, Govardhan Puja Special: Rules To Perform Govardhan Parikrama, IPL Match 57- Team Mumbai vs Team delhi (05 Nov) Today’s Match Prediction, Five Raj Yogas Kundli For Immeasurable Success & Fortune. However, this conjunction may put Sun in a debilitated state and the amalgamation of both these planets is forming a Grahan Dosha in the Kundli. These are very difficult transits indeed for Kavanaugh.

Democrats won the House and Republicans will keep the Senate. The public testimony of former FBI Director James Comey will be the game changer.

( Log Out /  But I am more concerned about the period from April 1st to May 15th, 2017 that looks very difficult and challenging.

We are heading towards June / July 2019, and Trump Impeachment or Impeachment Inquiry is on the cards, as predicted by me more than 2 years ago. Dow and S&P tumble amid fears of a full-blown trade war as Beijing targets food imports. 2020 is unlikely to be as smooth a ride as it has been, however. Now Trump can’t get the Healthcare reform bill passed that is acceptable to majority of the Americans. Democrats are demanding the release of the full Mueller Report to the American people.