Suppressing Trickbot: cyber warfare and cyber lawfare. In Baltimore, protesters threw water bottles and vandalized a city van around 9:30 p.m., even as others urged them to stop. The US Comptroller of the Currency…, Spyware version of Mirai detected in the wild. “The reason you’re seeing that is not because it’s a new thing. Rick Howard looks at containers and serverless functions. Rampant Kitten, an Iranian surveillance operation, is described. ESET describes two distinct spyware campaigns in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Huawei may be losing ground in Europe. “Tomorrow we … Iranian threat group exploits Zerologon in the wild. GRU, Qods Force sanctioned. Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young on Saturday warned demonstrators during an afternoon news conference to act lawfully, saying, “I have zero tolerance for anything that approaches chaos and lawbreaking,” while acknowledging that “there’s an incredible amount of pain running through our city and our country right now” and that he felt it, too. Protesters initially scattered, seemingly fearing police response, but the officers remained in place. Complex medical devices such as CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and ultrasound machines are controlled …, Energetic Bear is back, and maybe getting ready to go berserk in a network near you, Mr. and Mrs. United States. Also on the scene at local protests has been artist and activist Aaron Maybin, a former pro football player who teaches art at a West Baltimore elementary school. “I was just angry. Microsoft resolves authentication problems that briefly disrupted services yesterday. Crooks use captchas and padlocks, too. CISA and Cyber Command describe a new RAT.

How they knew that Iran dunnit. While they try their best, the shared kernel is a disturbing attack surface: a mere kernel vulnerability may allow containerized processes to escape and compromise the host. Mike Benjamin from…, Zerologon is being actively exploited in the wild.

Seedworm is said to be ‘retooling.” Caleb Barlow from Cynergistek o…, TrickBot came back, but so did its nemesis from Redmond--Microsoft and its partners have taken down most of the new infrastructure the gang reestablished. Republicans Maintain Edge in Governor Races.

The Baltimore Police Department tweeted late Saturday that the Maryland State Police was sending members downtown, and they would be arriving by Humvee. Cyber rioting along the Blue Nile.

Transit, Police Reform and Drug Policy See Some Big Ballot Wins, A Lesson in Learning to Live With Fire, and Each Other, Ballot Curing: An Election Protection Tool for 2020.

Data breaches, and the importance of prompt disclosure. [Career Notes], Election 2020: What to expect when we are electing. [Research Saturday]. Nitro discloses a “low impact security incident.” A breach at a law firm affects current and former Googlers. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. We were alone then. Published each weekday, the program also includes interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.

In fact, Carole is the CyberWire's UK Correspondent. Go ahead, Lefty, give ‘em your fingerprints. “People expect that reaction from Baltimore. Rosa shares how she always knew she wanted to be involved with computers and how being a big Star Trek nerd and fan particularly of Spoc…, Bitdefender researchers recently uncovered a sophisticated APT-style attack targeting an international architectural and video production company. The Rev. Among vandalized sites were at least two convenience stores on East Baltimore Street.

He said the department was “in a constant state of planning” and “adjusting” in response to changes in protest activity. Early Sunday, civil rights activist and onetime Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson appeared in an interview with MSNBC, saying members of Congress called him for help in problem solving. It appears Fancy Bear was the group that hacked the US Federal agency CISA warned about recently. A botmaster goes up river.

German police want ransomware operators for homicide. Glitch suspends trading in Tokyo. — Baltimore Police (@BaltimorePolice) May 31, 2020 During a press conference Saturday, Mayor Jack Young urged people to protest peacefully. The Maryland National Guard was on standby, according to a spokesman. And a botmaster g…, Another look at Pyongyang’s Kimsuky campaign. Phishbait uses current events as chum. BALTIMORE (AP) — Hundreds of protesters marched and drove through Baltimore to protest the death of George Floyd, as city leaders pleaded for peaceful demonstrations. Awais Rashid from the University of Bristol on privacy concerns of contact tracing apps. Baltimore Sun reporters Liz Bowie, Luke Broadwater, Phillip Jackson, Wilborn P. Nobles III, McKenna Oxenden, Kevin Richardson, Talia Richman and Christina Tkacik, Capital Gazette reporter Brooks DuBose and The Associated Press contributed to this article. Tracking trends in cyberattacks--the sophistication seems to lie in the execution.

Johannes Ullrich tracks Mirai Bots going after Amanda backups. Election rumor control. A mural of local anti-violence activist Kwame Rose on a wall in West Baltimore. ... 2020 at 11:59 pm. Two more indictments in cyberstalking case. A warning about fraudulent unemployment claims. Rumors swirled that some votes may have been changed or influenced by state-sponsored actors. The first demonstrators, most wearing masks, arrived by foot or in cars about 3 p.m. at a parking lot on North Charles Street that was a meeting point for the rally.

Ceasefire founder Erricka Bridgeford has been a fixture of the city’s activist community. Mike Benjamin from Lumen looks at the Mozi malware family. • Caleb Barlow rethinks a T…, Cyber ops accompany fighting in the Caucasus. The key to winning with honor is decency and courage." DDoS in Hungary; malware in Texas. “That was the third warning. Bing backend exposed, for a bit. Ben Yelin l…, The US Treasury Department sanctions a Russian research institute for its role in the Triton/Trisis ICS malware attacks. Lots of coordinated inauthenticity, but a small return in influence. Sanctions and accusations followed. It doesn’t hurt to be a Hathaway to become a judge in Wayne County. Officers, including SWAT, responded to the scene and the fire was put out within several minutes. A Twitter outage is due to an error, not an attack. As the US elections enter their endgame, observers point out that the appearance of hacking can be just as effective for foreign influence operations as the reality. Phishing with bogus Google Docs. At least two threat actors are operating the site, providing ransomware that can be used to target Windows, macOS, and Linux…, SlothfulMedia is the new RAT in town. The US looks to reduce dependence on foreign microelectronics. Patch by midnight, and reply by endorsement. I knew the cops wouldn’t hurt a white guy. Destination aion. Maryland reports 1,198 new coronavirus cases— most since July and second straight day of 1,000 or more, As coronavirus surges in Maryland, at least one county considers tightening restrictions, Maryland Rep. Mfume defeats Trump-endorsed Kim Klacik; all other state incumbents win congressional races, Kevin Plank announces he’ll cease Sagamore Racing operation, says move is unrelated to Under Armour woes. Ben Yelin on a cas…, Attacks on maritime shipping organizations raise concerns about global supply chains. In Wilmington, Delaware, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, protesters made their way onto nearby interstates and shut them down temporarily. TikTok and WeChat both get reprieves. Chris Novak from Verizon considers whether investigations should be performed under attorney client privilege and if that privilege …, Ransomware gangs continue to look for an opportunistic payday. Shattered glass was scattered on the ground from the revolving door entryway of The Gallery at 111 S. Calvert St. After midnight, one group surrounded First National Bank at 300 E. Lombard St. How to decipher the status of your Maryland vote-by-mail ballot. Our guest is Jessica Gulick from …, Updates on influence ops and campaign hacking show that the opposition has its troubles, too. Cyber conflict in the Caucasus. Another look at North Korean cyberespionage. ET | Register Now >>, Protests in Baltimore Resume as City Leaders Plead for Peace.

Authorities in Washington state have reported two state troopers were injured after one trooper crashed into another’s patrol car as they were responding to a single-vehicle accident on a rain-soaked highway. Johannes Ullrich …, Emailed election threats to US voters are identified as an Iranian influence operation, disruptive, and so more in the Russian style. Sources say the CIA has concluded that Russian President Putin is personally involved in setting the direction of operations designed to influence the US elections, The deal to spin out TikTok Global to avoid a US ban may not be enough, Europe looks for mor…, CISA tells the Feds to patch Zerologon by midnight tonight. As the episode outside City Hall shows, the city’s police has managed to avoid using the escalation techniques that many other departments have deployed, and its messaging during this crisis has been more sure-footed. Trends in phishbait. “I didn’t know what I was doing that day,” Rose says of the night he got in Rivera’s face. US Cyber Command’s defend forward doctrine. Microsoft takes down cyberespionage operation. What happened? LokiBot is back in a big way. Yet despite all the fantastic offers and promises being made by vendors, the sober reality persists that spending has not equated to improved security. Protests Friday night in Baltimore were generally peaceful, though police say they are investigating a video showing an officer punching out a woman after she struck another officer. “Attacking members of the press is absolutely unacceptable,” he said. The real-estate industry is highly competitive, and information exfi…, Phishing through redirector domains. In the announcement, Jones and Atterbeary, both of whom are black, noted that they are mothers of sons. Supporters of the imprisoned Davis have been fighting for his acquittal in a controversial, years-long homicide case that includes three previous unsuccessful prosecutions. [Research Saturday].