Yellow Rock, NSW .

Boosted Adverts. Page Transparency See More. Purebred Silkies : $18 each £30 for the two. However, the ladies are egg-ceptional setters and lay tiny creamy tinted eggs. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY, JUST TURN UP DURING OPENING TIMES!

Pair of Bantams free to a Good clean Healthy Birds. Leghorns are busy active chooks, fantastic flyers, and fabulous foragers.

Pure Pekin bantams trio: $150,laying at moment

You will also receive random blue or olive green eggs from my Easter Eggers! These unique chickens, originally from China, are … I am particularly interested in frizzles,bantams,silkies,d’uccles,Sussex, Raised with dogs and children. 10 pounds per bird, Gorgeous Pekin Millefleur Frizzle Cockerel.

Sweet natured Pekin Bantam Cockerel ready for a good home with some nice girls ! These are the best of our whole stud

He is approx 24 weeks old and a very large boy.

Aged from 1-2 years.

NOTE: all enquiries must be by telephone only or text on

They are beautiful, intelligent,... Not sure whether your eggs are fertile? Have Blue & Pure White, 2 left of each only.

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Find bantam chickens ads in our Livestock category from Newcastle Region, NSW. All BLACK no gold ones no white ones. Horsley Park NSW 2175 Phone: (02) 9620 2555.

Wyandot, 1 Sussex hen 1 year old approx $50 4 bantam white/ splash leghorn pullets $30ea 4 Cockerells left 14 weeks old, wormed and powdered Look for bantam chickens for sale when purchasing chickens for your backyard flock.

Medowie, NSW, Australia 2318. This extensive online course shares useful advice on choosing the right chickens for you as well as size & frequency of eggs laid. They cost less to keep, are easier to handle, take up less space and... What are they? From bantams to standard chooks, deciding to become a chicken parent is the easy part. 10 chicks for $100 unsexed mix crossbreed hatch from blue eggs, olive eggs, brown eggs, white eggs.

This handsome young man is looking for a new home as he has started fighting with his dad! All stock between 12-15 months of age Cluckily, our friends over at Chickenpedia have created an amazing Chicken Breeds Course. They are small bantams, just the photo is detailed and look big. We breed birds to both show and sell to the public (mainly to keep funding our chicken addiction!)

We are a small professionally run Australian family owned Chicken breeding farm.

I have lots of fertile bantam chicken eggs for sale!

Thanks, Young pekins colours Inc buff, white, black, partridge, mottled, chocolate laced, blue/Splash, and a few others. Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. I have this lovely little chap looking for a new home.

-FREE RANGE ✅ We have some lovely you pekin pullets looking for new home please msg for more Info or visit our Facebook page nunstainton Grange poultry Bradbury or purely Pekins for more pictures and reviews Pick up only, Cessnock. Bantams chickens for sale. Very beautiful colouring, some dark green on tail and copper ruffle.

Viewings welcome, social distancing and covid guidelines observed. That’s quite a lot of omelets! They're really sweet so would love to find them a home. There are two silkie cockerels: one white and one white and grey.