What’s the Scoop? – Best PS4 FPS Games You Should Play Just don't forget that it's also about survival, meaning there are certain creatures of the deep who aren't too warm with you snooping around their natural habitat. In stark contrast to the light-hearted art, Don't Starve constantly keeps you under pressure where you'll have to race against time in building, hunting, eating, and other activities.

Whether your special snake is flying around in the wind or you’re a cartoon that looks like it crawled out of a Tim Burton pitch meeting, survival games are a lot more eclectic than people give them credit for. Developer Naughty Dog simply outdid themselves with this game. What takes the place of the original bare-bones space exploration sim is a new emphasis on survival and base-building, where players can build bases literally anywhere in the universe – including under the sea.

Those looking for action a minute need not apply; The Long Dark is all about appreciating the somber nature of solitude and scrimping along to simply stay alive. The aforementioned horse mask game, Death Road To Canada is very silly in its nature, though with a dark twist here and there. Single-player/Multiplayer: Multiplayer.

It's essentially Far Cry but without the guns or action movie nonsense.

Publisher: Endnight Games Moving on to the open-world is Dying Light and its numerous downloadable contents (DLC) and expansions.

Those simple pleasures involve riding a kangaroo creature around. It will pull you in and have you worrying about the correct balance of condensed milk and beef jerky in your inventory without you even realising.”, Developer: Endnight Games You play as an undercover agent in a shady organization committed to fixing the zombie infestation in the city of Harran. Fortnite is a battle royale game primarily, which means you’ll take part in a massive melee of 100 players from which only one can emerge victorious, but it still has some pretty in-depth base building mechanics. Your email address will not be published. Single-player/Multiplayer: Multiplayer. We cover gaming news, movie reviews, wrestling and much more. This is a customizable subscription pop-up to sign up your visitors to your newsletter, 11 Best PS4 Survival Games You Should Play, Fortnite Stark Industries Jetpack Stats and Location, PSA: PS5 Launch Day Sales Will Be Restricted To Online-Only, Rogue Company To Receive Xbox Series X|S Enhancements, Golden Arm REVIEW – Full of Wit & Friendship | MFF 2020, 50 Best Zombie Movies of the 21st Century, Let Him Go REVIEW – An Emotional Rollercoaster, Truth Seekers: Season 1 REVIEW – Spooky Scary Nick Frost, 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Publisher: Rocketcat Games Explore, find resources, craft bases and generally build a life for yourself in the 2D wilderness. There’s even a second game, though that doesn’t quite have the same magic. While more of a slow-burn creation game than outright survival, it’s not something you should take lightly, despite appearances. No!

Exploring a water-based alien world is seriously fun, especially the deeper you go and the more ominous things become. Sorry, Timmy, I am one with the trees now.”, Enjoyed our quick look at the best survival games on PlayStation 4? This sandbox survival game here is all about doing what you want and need to be a conqueror. Das Survival Game spricht uns in zweifacher Hinsicht an, denn wir mögen Minecraft und DayZ. Who Should Be The Cover Star Of AEW’s Video Game? Single-player/Multiplayer: Single-player. Check.

Publisher: 505 Games As you reach new survival milestones, you get to unlock other characters with special capabilities, giving the game high replay value.

RELATED: 10 Tips For Fallout 4 Survival Mode. At first glance, ARK: Survival Evolved appears to be a mad scientist's wet dream in terms of concept. To shorten your scouring time for such games, we have here a list of 10 the best of them, here you go Sony loyalists! You probably expected this one already. It just so happens that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is one of the coziest gaming devices you can have since you get to sit back far away from the television or monitor on your couch with your arms more relaxed than on the PC.

Developer: Mojang Developer: Beam Team Games

“The Long Dark sets a fine example for other survival games to follow.

RELATED: 15 SCARY Survival Horror Games That Made You Cry. While it's more scripted horror than survival, Until Dawn is still about who outlasts the mysterious and bloodthirsty killer in the random cabin in the woods. Initially, you get to play as Wilson, a German scientist who gets trapped by a demon to a mysterious wilderness world. Because when the night comes, there's not much you can do against the unseen creatures of the dark. It does this by taking plenty of elements from horror movie classics such as the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even The Blair Witch Project. Each day some new challenge is thrown at you, making each day of progress feel like a miracle.

One of the latest original entries for the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a back-to-basics reimagining of zombie game formula.

Imagine The Organ Trail and Zombies Ate My Neighbours had a baby and you’re not that far off. Our very own dark history of warfare has often given birth to real-life survival situations. However, what makes ARK stand out is its local fauna or creatures... dinosaurs. Lovely aesthetic aside, its enemies learn and adapt to your actions, so if you go full aggro, so will they. Updated January 13th, 2019 to include even more unmissable Survival Games. We’re not saying it isn’t.

It gives the game a goofy and comical look, but make no mistake — this game is difficult. What are yours? Single-player/Multiplayer: Multiplayer. 0. Some of the best games around for PS4 right now involve base-building elements, and many of them rely entirely on this aspect.

RELATED: 15 Dumb Things Survival Horror Games NEED To STOP Doing. It wasn't until Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation that the franchise showed its potential for horror and atmosphere once again, proving that Xenomorphs are just as scary in video games as they are in the films.

While the wolves and bears might be threats to fear, Mother Nature herself is the big bad in this gripping survival game. We’re inclusive sorts here, though, so we don’t see why this can’t apply to everyone of every nation, persuasion and place of residence. To shorten your scouring time for such games, we have here a list of 10 the best of them, here you go Sony loyalists.

The base-building aspects of the game are in-depth and intuitive, too.