In truth, the Bengal is a cat bred for stunning exotic wild coats to mimic the look of wild cats, yet with the temperament and needs of a normal domestic cat and is now one of the most popular and sought after breeds in the UK. Sort By : Boosted Adverts. Litter trays are essential if your cat lives indoors.

She might take to a quiet dog and enjoy the company, I can’t say for sure though. Willow is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. We think she would now prefer a calm home with the calm and loving presence of the owners with outdoor space and no other cats or dogs to compete with for territory as she enters her later years We believe that in this environment she will continue to be a lovely pet for someone.

Currently North Carolina State University is attempting to identify genetic markers for HCM in the Bengal Cat. What we do know - the kittens have been seen by a vet on numerous occasions, certain test have been done which have come back clear, they have had a course of antibiotics and a further stool sample has gone into the vets today. She much prefers a quiet life as a single cat. Bosely will need a home as the only pet, unless someone is looking for a companion for a friendly F.I.V. positive cat, and he can be homed with children 8yrs and over.

Therefore, female early generation Bengals of the F1, F2, and F3 are bred to fertile domestic Bengals. She is very happy drinking from a fountain (which will come with her). Do not admonish them. She loves to climb, have cuddles and loves company so would love to be homed with someone who has time to enjoy her. Sara is now leaving the country to work so we were asked to step in to help. [27] The only way to determine the suitability of Bengal cats meant for breeding is to have the cat's heart scanned by a cardiologist. My son left home and I then moved house. You will have to prove that the Bengal belongs to a lower generation that is beyond F5 or F6 to even be considered for a permit. This is a scale of one (emaciated) to nine (obese), with four to five being the ideal weight.

The rescue have tried to find the right home for him but to no avail and time is running out for him. Body Condition Scoring is another excellent method of monitoring weight. Water intake is important in cats because, as a species, they are prone to urinary issues including cystitis and kidney disease. Responsible Bengal breeders learn which recessive genes their breeding cats carry. Bengals are extremely clever and will learn how to use a litter tray from their mothers at a very young age. They are both go outdoors although rarely venture further than a few gardens away.

They are both very good with Children and Dogs.

He is TICA registered. Tigger is a very loving cat and enjoys snuggling. Bengals are amongst the most interactive cats you can acquire, which makes them excellent pets for families with someone who stays at home during the day, or that have other pets. Alleged hypoallergenic breeds thus may still produce a reaction among those who have severe allergies. Even within the Brown spotted/rosetted category a Bengal can be: red, brown, black, ticked, grey, spotted, rosetted, clouded. I’m the only person in the household and Willow has become fixated with me.

If they are given things like felix or dreamies treats, they will get the runs. 5 ... (2005 - 2020) - … Consequently he’s scratched my 5 year old and she’s now very frightened of him. They were bred at Tobysden Bengals. We are sadly in the situation where I have to rehome my beloved Bengal cats due to separation and relocation. Whereas wet food is more palatable, as well as it encourages water intake which improves urinary health. Maureen was rescued two years ago so not all her medical background is known. Rana is an indoor cat, she has shown no interest in going outside even if the back door is open.