The first of two special Best Of programs showcases the most enthralling and much-loved stories. The lifeguards will need to act quick to save lives. Despite Yatesy’s valiant efforts, Alex proves a prickly customer. A shark scare only adds to the drama. Today he's overcome harsh criticism to become a lifeguard; meanwhile, up at the tower a BMX rider has a fractured cheek and broken nose. Brought to the beach, Chinese student Leo appears out of danger, but then takes a serious turn for the worse. Sydney is in the midst of a heat wave, leaving lifeguards praying for the southerly, as heat, bad swimmers and huge crowds exact a heavy toll. A drunk woman goes missing in the water so the boys bring the chopper to help find her. Gonzo and Whippet spot a man doubled over in the sand and the team races to his aid. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. But despite the youngster's best efforts, Box is intent on pranking him with a crafty trick. No one knows how long he was underwater, and lifeguards work desperately while the man's girlfriend watches on.

Poor conditions create an exhausting day for the lifeguards. In the first instalment of a two-part season finale special, we take a swim down memory beach as we revisit the very best moments from seasons past. Lifeguards are called to the north end of the beach where a man has dislocated his shoulder. Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. It's the start of summer and the lifeguards are trying out for a job on the busiest beach in the world. Plus, lifeguards Jethro and Corey spot a bag thief on the beach. 2:29. Kids use the hot weather and public holiday to full advantage, taking their chances in the pumping surf. It is operation jewellery rescue as the lifeguards search for a missing wedding ring.

An aerial-surfing contest comes to Bondi, attracting an extra 20,000 people to the beach. Will the record-breaking heat and crowds prove too much for the lifeguards? Under the guidance of Corey, Reidy finds redemption in the surf when he overcomes his big wave fear.Its been a big season, and lifeguards take time to reflect by surfing together after work. If the early stages of summer are anything to go by, lifeguards Whippet, Deano, Hoppo and Box are all in for a busy season. However, calling them "imbeciles" and "idiots" puts him in hot water. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Onshore he declares Reidy his saviour as being like “Jesus”. The dangers of the surf are also experienced by a beginner surfer from England who is washed up the rocks, breaking his ankle in two places. Now a new trainee is on the block, and Max now faces a do-or-die season. Irish tourist Michelle is more than a little embarrassed when chief lifeguard Hoppo rescues her from the water. Deano sees an opportunity to test the youngster’s skills when he sends her out for a boy and girl caught in a rip at North Bondi. (Summary from - Permission granted), There�s madness and pandemonium at Bondi on a busy Sunday when a flash rip sweeps dozens of swimmers out of the flags and into deep water. Rate. … Days later, a man comes to the tower reporting a shark bite but lifeguards doubt his story. … On the first sunny day, the Jet Ski is overrun by drowning tourists. From a man under the influence of amphetamine GHB to extremely venomous sea snakes swimming amongst beach-goers, the lifeguards can never be sure who or what will show up on Bondi. The lifeguards go into secret and not-so-secret training for their own iron man challenge. Two girls bring a mysterious cylinder they find in the shallows up to the tower. Maxy's opening gambit is the rescue of an uncle and daughter from Mauritius. After a record long service, oldest-ever Bondi boy H retires at 45, the gang prepared a Hawaian festive send-off with competition, princely triumph, parody and award. Their commitment is commendable, but they should keep in mind it's a long season ahead on Bondi Beach. Meanwhile the Lifeguards are given a very special Christmas gift by a local legend. During the festive season, Bondi swells with international visitors. Plus, Glick offers some sage advise to Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! The silly season brings all and sundry to Bondi. There are 2 thousand people on the beach and not a towel in sight. Senior lifeguard Terry decides to test trainee Maxi's mettle. It's a busy day, ideal to test the trainees who prove zeal and efficiency, while Ryan rather lays back to let them. Trainee Tommy learns a valuable lesson when he completes one of the funniest rescues of the season. Thieves are at large and anything unattended is always at risk. While most people clear out of the water some of the lifeguards head in for a dramatic display of power surfing. She is pulled from the water unconscious, and not breathing. A little girl goes missing at the north end of Bondi; a young boy's birthday is anything but a celebration when he suffers a spinal injury; Whippet, Harries and Deano bring their new bubs to the beach. Plus, how will the boys react when international supermodel Heidi Klum visits the lifeguard tower? Mubaracksuckerfest2 . Parchedclerk. Santa comes to Bondi and he's brought the South Pole with him. Just 14 he has taken speed and marijuana. Alcohol fuelled fights break out and large numbers of police arrive to quell the agro and eject trouble makers. Meanwhile a teenager has broken his arm in the nearby skate ramp. But while it’s a party for most, celebrations turn sour for others. View production, box office, & company info. Jessie rescues an American tourist from relatively calm waters, which results in a CPR effort from not just the lifeguards, but also paramedics and the Jewish Medical Response team. 15,000 revellers descend on the beach front for the Shore Thing Concert.

New Year's Eve was his maiden voyage - watching fire works in the harbour, but things went wrong when he decided to head for open water. The same can�t be said of slightly built Penrith local Blake McKeown, whose board skills come under immediate scrutiny. The Jet Ski can?t get close enough, and a rescue board would be deadly. Young student Dan watches in horror as the lifeguards pull his unconscious friend Ryan from the surf and begin chest compressions. It’s a bad day for kids at Bondi, with one young boy losing his belongings and another swept out to sea. Hollywood Heart throb Zac Efron arrives to a frenzy of teenage girls intent on watching him go surfing. Lifeguard, and former world number 6 pro-surfer Rod Kerr, is ecstatic about reliving former glory when he surfs with old sparring partner Slater in the celebrity event. No two days are the same at Bondi Beach, and for good reason!

Of course, you don’t have to be a star to grace Bondi’s stage. Maxi puts his life on the line to rescue two fishermen from a capsized boat. Tonight, we get an inside look at the quest to find a young man that went missing off Bondi Beach in November, marking the first Bondi drowning in nearly a decade. This year's Christmas presents are getting a workout in the skate park, but the fun hits a snag when 17-year-old Jack dislocates his shoulder. It is Harries' most challenging rescue of the season as he and his patient are slammed repeatedly into the rocks.

Two young boys are swept from treacherous "flat rock" leaving them with a bloody momento of scrapes and cuts on their backsides ? It's all hands on deck as they go to the rescue. A quick strip reveals just who the victim is.

Lifeguards on Jet-skis are kept busy doing water safety for the event, as well as managing the massive crowds. The lifeguards have had some incredible experiences and in this second episode of a two-part season finale special, we take a swim down memory beach as we revisit the very best moments from the past. Just 16 years of age, Coffs Harbour trainee-lifeguard Temika Wright continues her exchange program at Bondi.