In 480 AD an extraordinary woman called Brigid established an abbey and a church in Kildare Ireland.

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Brigidine College acknowledges the Jagera and Turrbal people as the traditional owners of the land.

These changes should be rare. Methods of payment other than those now customary in contemporary business can be discussed with the Business Manager. No girl is able to go on any excursion without a signed permission letter which has communicated to parents information about the excursion.

The College has established classroom practises which aim to reduce risk for …

Parent/guardian contacts the school office immediately with details. Brigidine holds information nights to discuss the specific needs of a year level.

These annual events are the TAS night, the Art Show, the YR12 Design and Technology Major Works display and the Musical and or Concert. In the afternoon your daughter should wait for her bus in the designated area in the school grounds where she is supervised by Brigidine Staff. Anzac Day: Saturday 25 April) Term 2. At this stage we will not conduct any large gatherings such…, Brigidine College St Ives

School fees at Brigidine College.

Congratulations to Flora Tucker, Year 11, runner up in the NSW Plain English Speaking Award. Some schools may include additional costs beyond tuition fees. The Brigidine Student Diary outlines the “consequences” for student behaviours that hinder the personal growth of students rather than helps it

If she is late for no good reason she will be given an afternoon detention. School Hours.

PREPARING YOUR DAUGHTER TO BE A STUDENT OF BRIGIDINE COLLEGE RANDWICK (public access) Brigidine College acknowledges the Jagera and Turrbal people as the traditional owners of the land. It is the responsibility of any school to make available to parents comprehensive information about itself. YOUR DAUGHTER IS GOING THROUGH A DIFFICULT TIME. Attend all meetings and training sessions. If there is any kind of an emergency it is best to involve Brigidine staff in its communication. Phones should be zipped in pockets or locked in lockers. 325 Mona Vale Road, St Ives NSW 2075 (02) 9144 1577. This understanding is crucial for the development of decision making ability. We appreciate the opportunity to improve, remedy and resolve. It is essential that parents make an appointment if they wish to see staff. 18.

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REPRESENTATIVE SPORTS All locks used must be school issue and lockers must always be kept locked. Click Here. Contact the Coordinator of the subject and communicate specific details about your concerns.

At Brigidine we encourage girls and parents to tell staff members when a girl may be challenged by something that is happening for her. It is counterproductive for parents to bully  or intimidate Brigidine staff. Thursday 9 April – TERM 1 ENDS (Easter: Friday 10 April – Monday 13 April.

Brigidine College is a girls secondary school, serving years 7-12. This will explain the procedure for getting a replacement.

To seek to identify and nurture the unique talents of each student is the aim of our dedicated and professional Staff. Prompt payment of fees is the responsibility of all Parents/Guardians of Brigidine College students. When your daughter returns a note is sent from the parent/guardian.

If an event is to be cancelled or postponed,  all parents will be emailed via the College's "Sentral" administration system. Brigidine College belongs to a system of schools that is governed by the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Office.The Executive Director of Schools is responsible to Archbishop Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney. ABN 15 085 694 695, 325 Mona Vale Road, 7. Legend has it that St. Brigid wove it from rushes growing by a stream. . The following can be downloaded for your convenience: (07) 3870 7225| (07) 3371 8525 (Absentee Line)|| (07) 3371 8936 53 Ward Street, Indooroopilly Qld 4068.

The College has established classroom practises which aim to reduce risk for students and staff and these will be maintained. 5.Develop in her the ability to speak about her aspirations and her needs. From our Celtic origins, the St Brigid’s Lamp of Learning is the sign of the light of Christ and the light of learning igniting the sense of hope and purpose that education brings. YOUR DAUGHTER WISHES TO LEAVE CLASS FOR ANY OTHER REASON Your daughter asks her teacher for permission to leave and she either goes to the bathroom or the student office. Wednesday 29 January 2020 – Friday 3 April 2020. If you visit Brigidine College in Randwick you will meet young women, and the staff who care for them each day, who are generous and open hearted people still living the legacy given to them by Brigid and the Brigidine Sisters.

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The Uniform Shop Paying Fees: Brigidine is a Catholic systemic secondary school and as such carries fees for parents. The uniform is compulsory and enforced. YOU ARE VERY ANGRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR DAUGHTER AT BRIGIDINE. Brigidine College Indooroopilly and Brigidine College St Ives have a long history of healthy competition with the annual sporting exchange program..

2. Many girls attending Brigidine have strong traditional family ties with the College and there is a close liaison with the Brigidine Ex-Students' Association. When your daughter is unable to participate, a note is required to be excused from the activity  which must be handed to the Sports Coordinator during recess.

Front Office Telephone: 9398 6710 The Brigidine website gives a general overview of the history and present operation of the school. Details of  which form  you need: New Brigidine Attendance Rules and Form Information, When you have decided which form you need, please see: The Forms. 2017 Term Dates for Students. It is an expectation that parents will pay their fees on time and will make the payment of their fees a very high priority in their household budgets.

3. If your daughter cannot wear her correct sports uniform, she will wear full College uniform and change into appropriate sportswear before her lesson.

School Fees cover all educational costs associated with your daughter’s learning.

The College Uniform Shop is located in the Undercroft area. Letters of explanation covering each day of absence must be brought to the student's home room teacher on her return to school as it is a legal requirement that the College monitors student absences.

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YOUR DAUGHTER FINDS SOMETHING Your daughter should take it immediately to the school office for Lost Property.

Otherwise students must pay the fine as directed. Formal Parent Teacher Interviews.

When a student is absent it is expected that parents will phone the College.

Brigidine has land and buildings which were purchased and developed by the Brigidine Sisters, the school is administered by Sydney Catholic Schools; generally the staff and students are Catholic.

Term Dates for Students.

Term 3. With such a large number of girls to care for, parents need to communicate factual and concise information to the school at the most appropriate time when their daughter is in need of special assistance.