But the real reason for the cost difference is the labor in grinding the katana bevels. SBG: Finally, we do live in ‘interesting times’ to put it mildly.. Do you think that the need for these swords as a practical last line of defence is imminent? to mild befuddlement to looks of relief. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

Come on, we're not talking rocket science here. Warrior has the most DPS of all sword classes and is second to Knight in terms of natural defense. Has there been any destructive testing? traditional swords than what is typically seen on the market. about them from showgoers? Which is best. Common weapons sold for 1,000 Beli at Pirates starter Island and Marines starter Island [Note that both swords have the same moves.] Some will be designed by Gus, others internal and I have some hopes for more collaborations as well. Unlike the CSword, the A.S.S.’s slow rate of fire and high damage allow it to gain an advantage over other swords when enemy defense is very high. I saw what you posted in the other topic about the dude's corrupted save file. For many people, attacking from a longer range buys safety and thus the ability to maneuver and get more hits in.

The Colo Sword will start to outdamage the Pixie at 28/21/31 DEF. some light on the design concepts behind these swords? The difference is subtle to the eye but not in the hand. You are using an out of date browser. My character doesn't swing his cleaver with both hands. Well i've always liked the katanas but it is up to you. The fact that it fires two shots makes it very powerful, but it also means the DBlade is twice more affected by enemy defense than tiered swords and the CSword.

LordSkippy 10 years ago #1. Demystifying sword making in the 21st century: how your sword was REALLY made.. Damascus Steel Sucks: Why Cheap Folded Steel Swords are a BAD buy.. We settled on 4 Like the topic says, which one is best? There is a healthy amount of debate on what sword is the clear-cut best of all. User Info: KimahriRonso. line..! I guess it comes down to that saying; “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. The Crystal Sword has low damage but compensates for it by having a range of 4.5 tiles. Paladin has an ATT cap of 50 and a DEX cap of 45. DPS drop per DEF point: 0 ( Ignores defense of target) currently available – the designs and original prototyping were the brainchild But those DEF values are astronomical and there are few (if any) enemies that can possess such a high DEF to allow for such an occurrence. SBG: At first glance, the two APOC Tactical Swords look fairly similar – but have quite different price tags. "How does it feel? The Cutlass will outdamage the Splendor until 93/70/104 DEF. I mean he’s on the west coast and we frequently have a chat about 8 AM ET… and by that time he’s already made a few swords. (Augments and big slow weapons aside of course). Because of this, there is a gap in this sword’s range where you will not hit your target if you aimed the sword directly toward it.

His shield does not provide a boost to his weapon damage, but it does provides a good amount of burst damage and can stun enemies. with each that can easily be used as part of a bug-out system.

The Stone Sword will begin to outdamage the DBlade at 151/113/169 DEF. Made The main drawback with this sword is that it only has a range of 2.8 tiles. This is why some swords with lower damage output than a tiered sword are still popular. 2-foot long blade, straight & singled-edged. Tiered swords have a range of 3.5 tiles and a projectile speed of 10 tiles per second (t/s). We could have made this section flat like everyone else of course and saved some money… but that’s not what we were aiming for. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sword, the first two blades in this series are pretty awesome.. Can you shed Extreme Sword Collections: The 'It Starts With One' SBG Collection Gallery. The cutlass is basically a finesseable scimitar, but with a reduced crit range and lowered off-hand penalties (and the cost of a basket hilt added in to the weapon price). Katana only because Cutlasses seem scarce and Katana are pretty fast. The A.P.O.C. DPS drop per DEF point: 8.75 / 5.8333 / 5.4 It has a projectile speed of 15 t/s and provides a 2 DEF penalty and a +3 SPD bonus. DPS (0 DEF): 5740 / 2863.78 / 3977.28 It has a projectile speed of 13 t/s and the projectiles have a range of 3.38 tiles, but the shot spread reduces its true range to 1.37 tiles. The grips on these sword

Since I'm always looking for good information on oriental weapons for my game, where did you get this info? Their use only by ninja is a cultural thing, not a sword-usage thing. We’ve kept all of Gus’s main design In DPS (0 DEF): 5022.5 / 2509.89 / 3485.16

The shorter KimahriRonso 11 years ago #5. feature more of a rounded profile for comfort and we’ve included a scabbard The Indomptable is the only sword with the ability to pierce enemies ( Shots hit multiple targets), and it also does the most damage per shot of any sword. A Katana is a really good sword because the sword smiths making them had to perfect using one of the crappiest Irons in the world into swords and now they have the option to use one of the best ones. individual swords… But I will say that when we first started discussing the For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. With the damaging buff, Paladin’s DPS sits between that of Warrior and Knight. But think of this.

I suspect it is the "best" based on your criteria, but have no data to support this observation. The differences between these classes are important because it makes different swords or other equipment more practical for one class than it would be for another. Any DEF values above 150 are improvised based on formula calculations using the numbers that Pfiffel’s DPS tool provides as a baseline. All three classes are equipped with their respective T6 ability and the. DPS drop per DEF point: 17.5 / 11.6667 / 10.8 Compared to a Splendor, the Pixie loses its edge at 51/38/57 DEF. how big of a deal is it for a short sword to be classified as "slashing or piercing". of the legendary Gus Trim and the final product made by Dragon King, who under survivalists, hunters, backyard cutters, martial artists and sword collectors Cutlass vs Katana - Type 2 keywords and click on the 'Fight !' DPS drop per DEF point: 2.8875 / 1.925 / 1.782

His DEF caps at 30, but his ability, the seal, does not provide additional passive defense. Gotta love 9260 Spring Steel. As nouns the difference between katana and cutlass is that katana is a type of japanese longsword, ) having a single edge and slight curvature while cutlass is (nautical) a short sword with a curved blade, and a convex edge; once used by sailors when boarding an enemy ship. In this article we’ll compare all of the swords for each of the sword classes. In addition, the high damage makes it beneficial when the user is persistently affected by the weak debuff. The winner is the one which gets best visibility on Google. In addition, the amount of DPS lost per point of DEF is listed for each of these classes. The Legendary Katana Daichi is arguably the best sword in the game performance wise. In North Africa, an unusual sickle-like sword, the shotel (similar to the ancient Thracian falx and sica ), was even designed for hooking and thrusting behind an opponent's shield. It will outdamage every other sword, even the Colo Sword, at 103/77/115 DEF. Master Katana, personally i like the katanas because of the speed.

Not only does the blade change thickness towards the point (distal taper) the back is one long swedge creating a rhomboid type cross section not unlike higher end Japanese katana. Fast and agile, powerful and authorative or somewhat neutral? You're tripping extreme balls Lancer. What was the most common reaction or comment While this is not Cas Iberias first venture into producing a Tactical this article we interview the product manager of Cas Iberia, Blake Pogue to get the lowdown on the APOC Many players do not find the Indomptable to be particularly useful because of its low DPS compared to other swords, even with its ability to pierce enemies. Archon Sword