Carl (Nicholas Bailey) is Amy Franks's ex-boyfriend.

The Archers is famous for its silent characters, who often play important roles in the narrative despite not being played by actors. He makes cider and kept a pig called Barbarella. He subsequently sold the enterprise to Ed and "retired properly". In January 2006 Lynda was elected to the parish council alongside Lilian Bellamy. Usha, her step mother, discovered Carl's marriage but failed to warn Amy about him, which caused a serious rift between them, and to a lesser degree, her father. Hayley worked at Lower Loxley as nanny to Freddie and Lily Pargetter, and then as a rather amorphous children's visitor specialist. Now a silent and seldom mentioned character. Robert Snell (born 5 April 1943) (Dr Graham Blockey) was employed as a computer expert. He was famed for his legendary quiche.

In April 2016, after the secret intervention of her friend, Kirsty Miller, Helen met secretly with Jess, who revealed the true nature of her marriage with Rob, before stabbing Rob in a moment of clarity,after he placed a knife in her hand and goaded her to commit suicide, as he refused to let her and Henry leave the house. Jack Archer (Denis Folwell) (John Archer), son of Dan, elder brother of Phil and Christine, first husband of Peggy, née Perkins, later Woolley, father of Jennifer, Lillian and Tony: died 1972 of liver failure. After this information was brought to the attention of Rob's new boss, Justin Elliott, he was sacked. Two members of the gang, Spanner Bridges (so called because he used a spanner (wrench) as a weapon) and Craven, were charged, and while Craven pleaded guilty and got a lesser sentence, Spanner was convicted and sentenced, his bike being sold and the proceeds given to Usha. However, she stands tall and has a proper body physique. He was widowed before moving to Ambridge and is the father of Amy, currently studying midwifery in Manchester. Joe has participated in some of Eddie's money-making schemes; at other times he scolds his son: legality never dictates his response. Elizabeth is highly critical of the way David manages the Brookfield estate, and is very concerned to ensure that her family receives its due portion of the estate. Betty was a popular villager who supported the family even when Mike was violent and depressed. In 2004-05 Lynda ran a campaign to renovate the former Cat & Fiddle pub, but despite recruiting the help of Griff Rhys Jones, the scheme failed and the building was earmarked to become flats. Jack and Peggy managed (and later owned) the Bull, and Jack had suffered increasingly from alcoholism and excessive gambling. Many listeners considered Ruth's behaviour during this storyline to be entirely out of character, and therefore unbelievable. Numerous animals have been repeatedly referred to during The Archers' run – usually played by the special effects department as necessary: Last edited on 24 September 2020, at 12:16, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "BBC Blogs - The Archers - David Troughton is the new Tony Archer", "William Troughton takes over as Tom Archer", "BBC Radio 4 - The Archers, Ben and Ruairi get caught", "Heather Bell returns to Radio 4's The Archers to reprise role of Clarrie Grundy",, "The Archers - Ruairi Donovan - BBC Radio 4", "Sara Coward, The Archers' Caroline Sterling, dies at 69", "Beatles' song inspiration Eleanor Bron joins the cast of The Archers", "The Archers: An everyday story of topical folk", "BBC NEWS - Entertainment - Archers' Mrs Antrobus dies at 94", "The Archers: the faces behind the names", "Desert Island Discs - Castaway : Mollie Harris", "BBC Radio 4 - The Archers Revisited - Amy Franks", "Simon Pemberton: Plot Summary, March–April 1997",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 September 2020, at 12:16. Mike subsequently discovered the truth, Helen paid for the driving course that Tom was sentenced to attend, and Tom and Brenda moved into one of the holiday cottages at Home Farm. [27][28] They were both born on 12 December 1999 via Caesarean section because of Elizabeth's heart condition. Miriam's son, David, is determined to enlist in the Navy, which terrifies her. Fallon Rogers (born 19 June 1985) (Joanna van Kampen), Jolene's daughter from her first marriage (to Wayne Tucson). Elizabeth and Nigel developed their stately home, Lower Loxley, as a conference venue. Much later, when she discovered that Locke had slept with her best friend Shula Hebden (on an occasion when Shula was vulnerable and he took advantage of his position as family doctor) she ended the relationship and threw him out, also ending her friendship with Shula (whom she told off with relish, they are now arch-enemies). In May 2007 Constanza gave birth to a cria which Lynda named Salieri, reassuring one acquaintance that the legend of Salieri murdering Mozart is a myth. In 2013 she was attracted to the recently arrived dairy unit manager, Rob Titchener. Upon Jack's retirement, she and partner Oliver Sterling managed to raise funds to buy the hotel and she became the proprietor. Jennifer has endured Brian's series of affairs over the years, partly by having one affair with her ex-husband, though Brian has long suspected John Tregorran as having rivalled him for Jennifer's affections at one time.