However, Jim physically attacks Dwight just before he goes in, and the two had a wrestling match to which Jim finally concedes. Dwight will often engage in jokes and games to impress Michael, but usually fails due to Michael's perception of himself being a joker. When Dwight starts talking about his farm, Michael tries to explain that no one can connect with his experiences as a farmer, only for Isabel to become interested in Dwight's horses.

Dwight also speaks High German, but his knowledge of it is "pre-industrial and mostly religious", as might be expected if the language was learned exclusively in an Amish church or context. He claims to have been born weighing 13 lbs 5 oz (6.0 kg), rendering his mother, Hedda, incapable of walking for three months and two days. In "Michael's Birthday", Ryan discovers the relationship between the two when he overhears a coded conversation between them in the kitchen, while in "The Negotiation" Jim discovers the relationship while coming out of the office bathroom after quitting time, to find Dwight and Angela kissing (he then tells the documentary crew that, with his silence, the debt he feels to Dwight is repaid), although, on an earlier occasion, he unwittingly glimpsed Angela dressed in lingerie, lying in Dwight's hotel room, but mistook her for a prostitute. Dwight attempted to visit him once, but his travel visa was protested by the Shoah Foundation. Dwight establishes a strict management style, from making the employees say The Pledge of Allegiance, to setting up firewalls and long passwords to use the office's various machines, and installing antique punch clocks. In "Crime Aid", Andy and Angela set a date for their wedding. In "Goodbye, Michael", Dwight is still frustrated with Michael, but his hostility turns into heartfelt appreciation as Michael hands him the recommendation letter. And he takes himself very, very seriously..."[38] E! In the episode "The Whale", Dwight openly tells Pam that he considers her his friend. Jim often supports Dwight when he is genuinely hurt or in danger (such as in "Money" and "Last Day in Florida") and occasionally compliments his successes (such as in "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager"). Defeated, Dwight walks out of the boardroom and lends Jim a hand up and returns to Scranton.

[6] Dwight then resigns from his volunteer position at the Sheriff's Department, because he feels that he is no longer worthy of working there. In "Money", Pam refers to a TripAdvisor page for Dwight's bed and breakfast. While Angela is excited by the reconciliation, Dwight doesn't share her romantic feelings. [2] In an interview, he said that he went to a barber to get "the worst haircut possible".[3]. [46][47] Rainn Wilson appeared on The Tonight Show on May 14, 2008, and read to Jay Leno a list of demands from Dwight in exchange for being vice president. He also advises Pam on how to keep her daughter, Cece, from crying, during "Viewing Party", by relating his child rearing experiences.

In "The Job", Dwight offers Pam the position of "Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager", and following Jim's advice concerning any offers from Dwight to be involved in something secret, she accepts.