These affiliate links help support this site. I have been very lucky getting useful items by driving to the back of small shopping centers. That was an awesome find. It is a Magnum glass greenhouse and I purchased it locally. Don’t forget that ranchers also have large plastic buckets “molasses tubs” that the cattle lick the molasses out of the tubs. I work for Lowes (in the Garden Center) and we recycle the pots. Other pots I pick up off the streets, use all kinds of items for pots in my container garden. I got a whole bunch of large to xx-large plant pots from someone who was selling his property and had tons of these planters on his property. buckets are school kitchens. Great score! If you have landscaping friends, you might be able to score larger pots from trees like palms, etc. Have you scored any awesome freebies lately?

He was telling me just come look. I send packages of FREE-bies and CHEAP-ies to my oldest DD in the San Juan Isalnds.

I know, cuz I worked for such places for years! I refuse to pay for boxes. I am also shocked at how much those Orange 5 gal buckets are at HD and Lowes.

They feed minerals to their cattle and it comes in these big tubs. Thanks for the info! The big ring of cinnamon rolls is awesome for the “larger” pots, plus you get cinnamon rolls. Please email me @ Not only did I get a boatload of large black plastic pots for the greenhouse from the Home Depot, but I also stopped by the Albertsons bakery department and asked if they had any cookie or frosting buckets they wanted to get rid of. Our county extension office even has a water saving workshop you can take as a homeowner and they give away a free rain barrel (with spigot), water drip systems, compost set ups and compost thermometers.

), and everybody says, “Gardening is the way to go!” Well, for me, gardening seems expensive! Any tips for getting the actual plants for free? . other things are plastic bags with snaps like sheets I just bought, ribbons, foam from packages, etc. They decorate the inside of businesses with plants, like the ones you see in the malls and other businesses you go to.

Well, not perfectly level, but good enough. I’ve also used the same method and brightly colored construction paper, then use permanent magic marker to print the plants name on it…makes the buckets look much nicer. I worked for a Florist that used to do custom installs of Annuals and I got more than enough of 3″-4″ [for starting plants or transplanting seedlings], plus got tons of bigger pots to put bigger plants into. Ya know what you could use in a pinch, if you don’t need anything *too* strong? November 2012 A bonus was that they were painted yellow, the same color as my stucco home, so they’re perfect. Very good ideas for recycling. I’ve been looking for days i live in detroit and i am starting an organic business.

She was kind of a little standoffish about it also. I’d take the tops off, remove the rubber gasket in the lid and bring that inside, then leave the buckets and lids exposed to the elements for a couple months.

I save large prescription bottles and was having an awful time with the labels. Light and free. We have volunteer rasberries and dill.

I drill two small holes in the top of the feeder about 6 inches apart. I would never give away plastic frosting buckets(or sale) them as a person whom had been given a free bucket used it for food purposes and had sued for getting his customers ill. what a contradiction.. its already being used for food purposes.. makes ya think huh? Now its based on home much is out of the bag. If it will leach into the soil, why wouldn’t it leach into the food being stored in it? Warm hair dryer. I have shipped stuff from the UK in these and nothing got broken. But 2-3 days later I found someone giving away a bunch. I have lilac bushes I want to put in them to give them a good start. Most people with cattle are happy to get rid of them. Hello, Holly! I’ve spotted chipped planting pots (the expensive decorative type) at my local Home Depot store.

So what do you use the stock tank for in your greenhouse? would give her a crate of greens like outer lettuce and cabbage leaves, Overripe or, soiled vegetables for her chickens every Saturday FREE..It was not a chain store as there was only one by same name in town. Lucky you to get that catch! Paul, MN, and the large supermarket grocery stores there also give away throw-away vegetables to pet owners. You can also try WD40. As I was waiting for my order to be processed, I headed over to the flower section to see if there was anything I was interested in. I suppose I could soak them in my bath tub. I tried your technique once at Walmart in late spring 2013 when they were throwing pallets of sad looking pack of flowers. I also drill two 3/4 inch holes in the bottom side of the feeder to keep water from accumulating too much. Wash out first dry and then i add backing soda and often spray then with white vinegar, swish around rinse and dry same with the lid. Yes, Lowes also recycles.

You can find deals online as well.

Nestable bins and totes can sit inside each other when they are not in use, which greatly saves space when transporting and storing empty containers. Does anyone know what the rule is today?

SMS Terms & Conditions So in stealth like fashion I quickly scooped up all the buckets I could carry {I didn’t want to leave the pots unattended to look for a cart} and headed over to the cashier stand. I have not seen any illnesses. document.write(theYear); I hauled away three truckloads of plug flats, 2, 4, and 6 inch pots, 3,4,6 and 9 packs and nearly new 12 to 16 foot 2x4s. One of the requirements for raising Longhorn Cattle is to make sure they get plenty of minerals. This is the first time I’ve read your wonderful blog, so you may already be privvy to this, but I noticed you have some chickens… My mom found out that the grocery store in her town tosses “old” produce very regularly, and they are happy to give it away to people for their animals. I also noticed a couple of pallets there, and found more on the sidewalk in front of my local feed store. That is not cool. Lowes also recycles pots. If cattle are overconsuming, move mineral sources further away from these areas. In the gutters I am growing, lettuce, carrots, radishes, spinach and strawberries. May 2014

For free. Packaged primarily in the 225 pound size, they resist the elements, not digestion. There was alot that want bad, that we ate. Highly effective and non-toxic. Your email address will not be published.