This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Mod Central 1.0.3 – general bug fixes and server side optimizations. So are we thinking they will fix this or was this all a ploy to ban the strikepack. Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Mod Central 1.0.3 – Fixed rare instances of reset to default not working on some mods. Mod Central 1.0.3 – “Reset to Default” now resets everything in the Tournament Mode Remapper section. Mine doesn't work either. Let me know if it works for you. NOTE: We wanted to get this update out to everyone as soon as possible so you can enjoy the PS4 Strike Pack FPS Dominator to the fullest extent. Re-Mapper feature exclusively for Tournament Mode. Paddle Mapping in both Tournament & Mod Mode now supports multiple buttons mapped to a single paddle including Triggers.

Fixed bug with selecting Battlefield and Fortnite game layouts in Mod Central FPS 2.0. ", CONTACT US / POLICIES / TERMS OF USE / © COLLECTIVEMINDS. ), "My husband loved it! I've been messing around since last night trying to figure that out too and that's what I came up with is the update no longer makes it work. It is not compatible with games that launch without Steam, like Fortnite or Overwatch on PC. For some reason it would show config loaded on the steam screen but when I got in game nothing worked. Creates massive input delay so not possible playing warzone but fortnite works like a charm. ), View the revised PS4 Strike Pack FPS 2.0.4 CM85 Dominator Manual HERE. Although the update is technically in BETA, we have spent exhaustive hours testing. To make it even worse I'm pretty sure this is the crappiest time I've ever seen the servers they already sucked before they added war zone now I can't keep a stable connection even though I have a high-end internet connection. Glad I'm not the only one. (but not sports). Improved Auto Run Class 5 Mod 2 for COD Series. You can no longer turn on Weapon Swap in the Secondary Menu unless you have at least Class 1 or Class 2 already enabled. Your Windows PC MUST have the latest updates installed or the updater will not function correctly. Mod Central 1.0.3 – Improvements to the consistency of text and presentation. I'm glad it's not me I thought I was doing something wrong. The Mod Pass subscription is tied to your individual Strike Pack device. Can't play with no paddles, Yea man been tryna play war zone but can’t without my paddles, I just made the switch from PS4 to PC today and tried using both SCPToolKit and Steam to have my PS4 controller connect and had no luck. I've tested it through Steam and blizzard and it works fine tested it in my PC settings and it works fine but when I play the game nothing I can hear everything but nobody can hear me. I use the PS4 verison of the strikepack by going through steam and launching battlenet. Automatic Login upon connection for easier device pairing. Dual Charge Xbox Series X/S; Cronus; HOT! Revamped and Improved QuickScope for COD: WWII. Menu Entry extended to 5 seconds to prevent accidental Menu usage. But I do not want to play if I can't use my paddles. Is anybody else having the issue with their strike pack not working on the PS4? Just to test to see if it was a fluke, I unplugged it and put it back in a normal USB port just to see if it still worked. Mod Central 1.0.3 – New feature for “Tournament Mode Remapper” section of Mod Central. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 31/05/17 – COD Jitter Fire (Class 1&2 Mod 3) – Update 1.23 to Black Ops III has effectively disabled the Jitter exploit we use in the Strike Pack FPS Dominator. It’s ridiculously fast and people rage when I kill them with it lol I’m not trying to get banned though. Have you tried your strike pack on the PS4? Now instead of playing it on the $1,400 gaming desktop setup I just got literally a week ago I'm playing it on my PS4 Pro just so I can use the mic. The update definitely messed it up. Watch how to setup and use the Mod Central Configurator Tool. If you want to use it on Steam, do note that no 3rd Party applications for controller detection ought to be used (DS4Windows, etc...), your PS4 or Xbox One controllers are enabled in your Steam settings, and that the game must be labelled by Steam as controller friendly. We thank you all for your support and patience. Use Mod Central to manage any existing or new remaps. This exploit has long remained in the COD series, but there are no guarantees a Jitter Mod with the same effectiveness can be achieved. It hasn't been working on my PC since they updated it but I noticed today I can't get the anti recoil function to work. A subreddit for (almost) anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. Page 9: The Strikepack F.p.s. These exploits may be patched rendering this mod ineffective in the future. Support for new Strike Pack Configurator Tool. Scout layout is not supported. JITTER requires certain game exploits. ), Download the Mac Updater Beta HERE (Please Note: this Updater REQUIRES a Mac with OSX Mountain Lion or higher. FPS Dominator Strikepack On Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (PC) Not Working My strikepack was literally working yesterday for COD MW on pc, but after an update on cod, the strikepack does not get recognized in game. Online Manual button added to the top of every ModPack and GamePack configuration.