Vista, Ca. Multiple fin options depending on your wave of choice: Twin fin, thruster, quad, or even asym 1 fin toeside, 2 fins heelside. A traditional longboard suited to small and peeling waves, beach breaks or points –  Robert August’s What I Ride has a 60/40 rail configuration which, in combination with a  tear drop concave conveniently placed under the 18″ wide nose, helps with nose riding. Overview. Make sure you check out our in-depth reviews and buyer guides.

The Seed model is an 8’6″ pintail longboard which is suited to mid-sized waves and effortless glide. I think they’re a better deal for $100 honestly. Do they surf differently than a wavestorm?

Fin box (FCS II) configuration allows for multiple fin setups – Single Fin, Single Fin with side bites (2+1), or quad fin. Gerry Lopez Costco Softtop vs Wavestorm Went to Costco to get a wavestorm (reserve your judgements, they’re great for what they are) and was surprised to see only 8’ white soft tops bearing Gerry Lopez’s surfboard logo and his face in the packaging. If it's just a foam board, you can punch holes in it and make the pink fin work. Picked one up today but haven’t ridden it yet. Maneuvering it is not too hassle as well because it doesn’t give any bobbling turn, thanks to its soft edge-rails. (and Soft Top Surfboards too!? “A lot more than a wavestorm”... OK. Haydenshapes; Gerry Lopez; Donald Takayama; Walden; Sharpeye; Surftech; NSP; DMS; Channel Islands; Stewart; Robert August; Mickey Munoz; Dick Brewer - View all - Sup . Your email address will not be published. That was weird on a couple levels. An extra long concave in the nose, for trim speed and paddling that’s perfectly blended into double concave vee in the tail for speed and quick rail exchange. Wide range of surfers equally from beginner to advanced. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Gerry’s design has been formed from 20 years experience riding waves behind boats and in rivers.

Anyone know what’s up? Gerry was once widely recognized as the best tube rider in the world. Not the lightning bolt one. The Surftech Soft Top / Stewart combination have created the Funline Soft Top, a forgiving and versatile mini-mal. Staying with the classics here, we have the Takayama Egg Soft Top. The large red bolt on top is outlined in a thin black pinline and this board is signed by Lopez on the bottom. Wide and flat, this is a great paddler and easy to get into waves, together with a rounded tail is easy to control. Jerry was alway been a personal hero.. Did it have Gerry’s name or the lightning bolt logo? Unfortunately I can confirm that it is not illegal branding. My friend picked one up and I personally like it a lot more than a wavestorm, they’re a slightly different shape and a little lighter. ©2020 Get Foamie | | is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Feel free to share your thoughts on the boards if you have any experience with them, or if you have any questions just drop us a comment below! Gerry Lopez. Given that Gerry is on Patagonia I'd wager what you're seeing is some illegal branding.

92081. Learn-2-Surf / NSP Soft School; Surf Foil - View all - Brands . Surftech have been at the centre of surfboard technology for decades and a Surftech soft top is nothing new – they’ve been successfully selling soft tops for a long time but mainly geared towards the beginner market and surf school variety. Checked out a few stores in Orange County and I'm still seeing Wavestorms here. Mass-produced Chinese factory foam boards and what I think Gerry stands for don’t mix in my mind. I should’ve taken a photo.... Maybe these were 'Jerry Lopez' surfboards? The Surftech Gerry Lopez River Boat Soft Top is designed for non traditional surf breaks – think wave pools, river waves, boat wakes. New to MF Softboards: Mick Fanning Catfish, Almond Surfboards R Series Review (Updated). - Gerry Lopez designed shape with his signature deck and logo graphics. The price point for wavestorms is what makes them great, it's not like they are the best foam boards around, there are better foam boards, they are just like $400 and most people think it's dumb to waste that much money on on a foam board when a wavestorm sucks just slightly more and is only $100. Are wavestorms a thing of the past?

soft top surfboard designed by Gerry Lopez, aka Mr.

Gerry Lopez took over the styling on the rocker and the bottom part of the board, which provides exceptional stability as you ride any wave-condition. The softboard version of one of the most highly rated surfboards of the last several years, the Hypto Krypto Soft Top mixes modern high performance and fun into a versatile board. Wow. The overall board weight is very light for the durability and strength I found. Wow, I’m late to this. Anyone still seeing new wavestorms at any other Costco? Felt slightly heavier than a wavestorm too. California Board Company.

Fins are removable/different from wavestorm’s. Top 5 critical surfing tips for beginners! This design has been tried and tested over the years and it’s great to see a soft top version. The Scorpion goes amazingly cruisy point break waves and hollow beach break barrels alike. Maybe not as good to learn on though. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Gerry shaped the blank, Scott made it a foam board and our business partners at the factory did the rest.

It is a great new shape and template for the era. Will report back. The Hydro Glide is as easy to paddle and forgiving longboard shape. Catch Surf: The pioneers of the modern soft board? Can't wait. Suite 200 Went to Costco to get a wavestorm (reserve your judgements, they’re great for what they are) and was surprised to see only 8’ white soft tops bearing Gerry Lopez’s surfboard logo and his face in the packaging. 1203 Activity Drive Their Tuflite boards are what first come to mind for me when I think of a tough durable board that will more or less last forever. Built with an Internal Parabolic Carbon Fibre Frame, a Full Grip Textured Deck, and shaped rails based on the original Hypto. (A helpful guide for beginners). Suited to wide variety of waves from small beach breaks to decent and hollow surf.

Was on sale down from $179.

The employees didn't seem to think they were getting the Gerry Lopez boards in either? The gloss and polish finish is top shelf, eye-pleasing and seldom seen in our new world of disposable everything.

All Rights Reserved. Suited to softer /mellow alternative waves ie rivers, Supports most sized surfers across the 4’10” and 5’4″. Pipeline, world renowned surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii. 760-295-9600 Suitable for beginners through to advanced surfers. The Gerry Lopez 8’ Surfboard, exclusively available at Costco, comes with 3 surf fins, surf leash and attached traction pad. Suited to variety of surfers but perhaps not the ideal board to beginner – better for intermediate to advanced surfer looking for a softboard with classic, chilled vibe. The Surftech Gerry Lopez River Boat Soft Top is designed for non traditional surf breaks – think wave pools, river waves, boat wakes. Best suited to softer mellow waves but can handle a range of wave types under experienced feet.

I don’t... should’ve gotten one. Gerry brings a deep knowledge of consumers, food and beverage, distribution, entertainment, and hospitality to his work with the with Vision Fund. Anyone surf one of these Gerry Lopez soft tips? The Sole catches waves easily and provides a smooth flowing ride. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. A board created over 20 years ago, however it was rarely ridden. I can not confirm..but strongly suspect...that they are made by the same factory. Noted! However, in 2020 Surftech has released a really exciting range of high performance soft top collaborations combining their unique construction with several big name shapers including Gerry Lopez, Hayden Shapes, Robert August, Takayama, Stewart, NSP and Sharp Eye. Gerry’s design has been formed from 20 years experience riding waves behind boats and in rivers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Rail: FullBottom: Single to double concaveIdeal waves: 1-6ftLevel: Beginner – Expert. The SecureCell EPS core is fully encased in a durable fibre epoxy shell and wrapped with a textured soft-top and slick bottom to soften any bumps. The Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Soft Top’s construction features – Machined EPS for perfect shape replication, single lamination/foam gluing process, FutureFlex internal carbon fiber frame for flex with soft deck and bottom. A great board for beginner/intermediate not comfortable with a shorter board or for advanced riders. I’ve got a pink fin that I put on my old wavestorm and it made the thing surprisingly fun/able to hold in steeper waves.

The Hydro Glide Soft Top suited to intermediate surfer looking to progress their longboard skills. I guess it depends on the cost difference more than anything. Surftech’s softboards and their full range of surfboards in general have a reputation for durability, ease of use, and proven shapes.