This is gonna be wierd since my oc's are normally a shapeshifter but ahh well, You can make your oc into one if you want. Status: Favorite subject: Care of Magical Creatures, Worst subject: Defense Against the Dark arts, Friends: good friends with Ron, Harry, Hermione and Aela by this time is Kahl’s girlfriend, Other: Aela now goes with Kahl and Vahl into the forbidden forest during full moons and, Worst subject: Defense against the dark arts. How others describe their personality:

I didn't follow the template exactly but I hope it still makes sense :)), Wand: Pine wood, Phoenix feather core, 13 3/4", Pliant.

Social standing: Middle to lower class.

Their back story should influence their personality and way of thinking about the world around them), Wood: holly, sycamore, ebony, hawthorn, fir, hazel, pear, oak, cherry, vine, rowan, cedar, ivy, rosewood, blackthorn, willow, elm, ash, mahogany, yew, birch, aspen, and elder, Core: phoenix feather, dragon heartstring, Veela hair, unicorn hair, Thestral tail hair, Kneazle whiskers, Troll whisker, and Kelpie hair, " Wands are only as powerful as the wizards who use them", (Consider ball attire, winter clothes, any added accessories to school robes such as a prefect badge.

Significant Other/Crush Maggie Lightbody was only 14 at the time. Go ahead, I would be happy to see it when it's done if you want to share it, I named my oc Elizabeth lol, except her last name was Scamander. Getting an idea of gender identity. Additionally even a bender can have non-bending fighting skills too) Coworkers: Full Name: Height:

Shes a 4th year on her bio but I can RP her as whatever year.

Longbottom escorted Lola to Diagon Alley, and guided her as Hagrid did to Harry. The tradition of banking resurfaced in the last three generations leading up to Lola's birth, with her great grandfather, grandfather Joseph and uncle Anthony all participating in the economics/finance field. ), (List the grades made in each 5th year subject), Outstanding (O)      Exceeds Expectations (E)     Acceptable (A), (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test; 7th Year), (List the grades made in each 7th yeah subject), (What role does your OC take in society? Wand reaction when first held: Shimmering silver flowers grew from the tip, and the petals gracefully fell to her feet and dissapeared, one by one. Gender:

Nobody's stopping you. House: Mother- Accessories: Will wear sun-glasses if venturing into the Muggle world, to hide her greenish eyelashes. Any distinguishing marks?(i.e. Uncles: Anthony Nightingale, a muggle finance professor born 1977. He recognised that a Muggleborn who was unaware of the recent war would potentially be outcast from her cohort, and so bought her a copy of British Wizarding: A History - 20th Century Edition.

For example: Muggle-born OCs are not likely to have magical names. Think King Princess if she didn't get a haircut during quarantine. The uncle, Derek, is a muggle, which makes Ryan himself also an half blood wizard, since everybody on his mother's side is a muggle, is that clear ?

Expecto Patronum: Least favorite subject: Charms for a change. Needless to say, he survived. Allies Information Officially started going by Bennet. -Ibro. LOLZ!! Not poor, but not comfortable either. Just hit me up if you're interested and I'll respond when I can.

Marriage Status (Single,Married To,Dating)- Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

Also i'm not the most serious of HP fans so i might get things wrong. Old Partner: Occupation: Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more.

Nationality:   Name: Begin vent painting. Groups | Active Commisions | CL Team | Masterposts, Roleplays | Misc.

Lola's middle name was chosen in honour of her grandmother the following year. Weaknesses: Ambition: Becoming a succesful professional potion brewer.

Skin Tone:

Appearance Description:

Dislikes: death eaters, You know who, bullies, werewolves. by Harry Potter Addict on DeviantArt .


Featherine, affectionately shortened to Feather by Camryn Reid, spent her younger years at the Reids’ house because her father was ashamed of what he’d created and her mother refused any ownership to her. And past that, Green and Blue both go together well with my Golden Tan Skin so its cool Ill be in SlytherClaw and be a boss at it! If they don't play, are they a fan? Wand reaction when first held: dust surrounded her as her hair blew in the wind. Remember that what era you're in will affect this), (Does your OC play for a quidditch team? Hobbies: Reading, especially at Hogwarts where her film collection is not accessible. Physical Characteristics:

| Intro to VS | Writing, Mental Health Resources | Profile Resources | Writing Prompts | Roleplay Resources, Fandom Templates | Misc | [D] Detailed Templates | [S] Simple Templates | [M] Moderate Templates. Personality: Contributor. Even more hardworking than her daughter, her eyes have had bags and dark circles since the day Lola was born. Just happened to like those the least. The main creative hub for roleplaying, writing, art, and more!

-Ibro], Boggart: [Sorry, don't know what this is.

), Wand reaction when first held: [Sorry, don't know what to put here.

Apply to Hogwarts! Her brother also kept trying to spy her.

Fears: failure, not to mention fear itself.

Published : … Age- The main creative hub for roleplaying, writing, art, and more! Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The next thing I do is either going to be a Hogwarts OC tutorial or a Tutorial on making your own Oc templates.

Ever an overachiever, Lola grows similarly frustrated whenever she does not understand something or gets what she considers to be a 'subpar result', though this disappointment is very often repressed. Literally put in everything that went against my natural instincts to get that one. Scars/tattoos:

Posture: Height: Weight:Standard clothing: (what they wear all the time, Basic Information

Mannerisms: Species:


Of course, he was accepted and there we are. Hogwarts Student ID base. Sexual Orientation: Personality Nickname/s:

Other outfits (Copy form as many times as necessary):   Be sure to review here or pm me :D. Any other interesting stuff about your character? She began studying animagus spells at the age of 9.

She also has a brother but hes kind of a mousy guy and I get bored with him because hes so shy....but it is a challenge to R.P.

Are they treated well?

Quidditch: - Not in team - , didn't even see the games.

Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Alias/es?

Non-Bending: (If non-Bending what are their special fighting skills? Gender: Eye color: Basics:

Any Other Enemies (Includes Other OCs)- Eye Color:

Basically anything involving the mind and the exercise of her intelligence.

Distinguishing features: Tell us if they'd be a fan of Harry's or if they'd try to stop him. Ben began doing research on human transfiguration to change his gender permanently to male. Skip if sensitive to depression. Other: Practically studyied every second of his free time for the O. W. L. Least favorite subject: Arithmancy ("I don't like it, and the only reason i haven't dropped it is beacause it will probably be usefull when brewing potions"), Other: The battle of hogwarts took place that year, he hid in one of the castle's towers untill it was over, transformed as a Crow.

LOLZ!!    Shoes:

However, Maggie is extremely optimistic and Lola's biggest supporter in her ventures into the magical world. Will occasionally be the commentator/scorekeeper if no one else is available. Any Other Allies (Includes Other OCs)-

Elective subjects: potions, care of magical creatures, Hogsmead: went with Draco and his cronies, Christmas holiday: went away from Hogwarts, Other: Her and Draco were secretly dating. And thats exactly what my OC is. Dislikes: Receiving even remotely average results on exams, OWLs or NEWTs, ignorant and obnoxious people, loud noises and the smell one finds when wandering down suspiciously dirty alleyways on the hunt for the aforementioned Edinburgh bakeries. Age: She said yes on the condition he could perfect his reassignment spell. Father: David Lightbody, a muggle EMT born in 1979. She has a thick, high-pitched Scottish accent that many of her teachers struggled to decipher during her first terms at Hogwarts. As a city resident, she didn't spend a lot of time outside, and instead turned to books and movies for entertainment at a very young age. Likes- The common members of this crowd include her parents, her uncle, Headmistress McGonagall and Minister for Magic Hermione Granger, who she admits she has never met.

Hair color:   Form of Riddikulus: Feather is unafraid of many things, but she is terrified of people knowing what she is, she fears the other witches and wizards will not be as kind and excepting as the Reids.

So maybe Ill make him too. PERSONALITY I was wondering, what is the Polyjuice bit about? Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Mental arithmetic and writing her many essays for DATDA. Attempted suicide, changed mind last second. contract marks, scars, brands, etc. If you balance he or she out, then they could be good, yaaas now i can finally flesh out my character cassandra roseluck. Basics

Your review has been posted. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

Eye colour: Deep brown doe-eyes that match her hair.

Bad at: being emotional, casting spells that aren't transformation related. Goals: Also she does not walk around. ): Elective subjects: Arithmancy, Study of ancient runes.

), "A witch or wizard that elects to morph into an animal", (What animal can your OC morph into if they have learned this skill?

I think that's about the potion's color.