While there is always a small risk with anesthesia, the risk of death is greater if a thorough examination and needed tests [such as blood tests or radiographs (X-rays)] are not performed to properly diagnose and treat your pet.

Unfamiliar or loud noises prompt hedgehogs to take a defensive posture, ducking their heads. Musculoskeletal Disease: Traumatic injuries such as sprains, strains, and fracture may result from a limb getting caught in water bottles, exercise wheels or wire cages.

I've been cleaning the cage and bathing him. They can't hear low-pitched sounds as well as humans can, who can hear down to 64 Hz, but it's much higher than the human range of 23,000 Hz.

Shape The World. These guys are always sniffing as they walk, able to pick up the scent of dinner under as much as an inch of soil.

Their sense of smell is their most important and used sense.

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Learn more. Our sweet hedgehog is a 3 year old female who seems her normal perky self except as of last night, one eye is swollen and bulging -- really looks dreadful. Obesity may lead to fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis), an increase in fat in the live.

The most common hedgehog health issue is mite infestation, Dr. Wilkinson says. “Over time this progresses to affect the front legs, and eventually the animals start to feel poorly, become weak and lethargic, and stop eating,” she says.

Prognosis is excellent if properly treated.”. Hedgehogs are prone to a myriad of possible internal problems, especially things such as bowel obstructions.

Hedgehog Central – Hedgehog pet care & owner forum. To help keep your hedgehog from developing the problem in the first place, isolate new hedgehogs for at least two weeks so you know they are healthy before you introduce them to your resident hedgehogs. “Treatment will involve antibiotics and, potentially, supportive-care measures— syringe feeding, fluids, nebulization, etc.—if the animal isn’t eating or drinking,” Dr. Wilkinson says. Respiratory Infection Providing dry crunchy food as the primary part of your pet’s diet is the best way to prevent the disease. Oral abscesses are also seen and may be due to an infected tooth root but may also be associated with inner ear or eye infections. You may need to supply an elderly pet softer or smaller foods that are easier to eat. Solid wheels are safer for your pet. Teeth & Gums Be Her Village. Sadly, veterinarians do not have a cure for WHS.

Physical exam findings may include drolling, bad breath, tooth discoloration, reddened gums, missing and/or loose teeth.

The easiest way for me, was to inject the medication into a freeze dried mealworm. As poor as their vision is, it's fine for them because hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, emerging from their nests at night to forage for food. eye lid?

Hedgehogs can have tooth and gum disease.

Their ability to hear high frequencies means they can hear prey as well as potential predators.

With hedgehogs, the food often has to be rationed to prevent obesity. The eyes should normally be clear, dark, and free from any discharge or swelling.

Antibiotics often are necessary, and prognosis usually is good when the animal is not severely systemically ill. Any time you suspect your hedgehog’s health is not optimal, give your vet a call or you’re your pet in for a visit.

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8 / hedgehog + % % % % % % * * and Hedgehogs”* Hedgehogs * - - British Hedgehog Preservation Society, For example, bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, are common.

Please enter a valid email address for yourself. A great habitat, the correct foods, and proper care go a long way in keeping a hedgehog healthy. Caitlin UltimoMarch 2, 2019Health / Symptoms & Solutions. Their eyesight is poor, but their keen hearing and sharp sense of smell help them get by quite well in the world. According to Louisiana State University, hedgehogs have a hearing frequency range between 250 and 45,000 Hz. “Most commonly used is Revolution (Selamectin) topically, but Ivermectin can also be given by injection as long as the dose is properly calculated by a veterinarian.

Hibernation can be dangerous for your pet and sometimes even fatal.

Your veterinarian should examine any abnormalities immediately. Keep an eye on your hedgie's eating habits, and on their droppings [9.2]. Healthy hedgehogs are bright, alert and responsive, says Stacey Leonatti Wilkinson, DVM, at Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Georgia, Pooler, Georgia. 

It's quite the challenge getting the syringed medicine into her! Treatments include systemic antibiotics and supportive care. A hedgehog treat that’s lower in fat might be Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Crickets. Another common hedgehog health issue is gastrointestinal infections. The Adaptations Sugar Gliders Use for Survival. Especially Hedgehogs that are up in age they are more prone to these type of cancers that they need attention from specialized exotic veterinarians. Empower Her. Your veterinarian must diagnose and treat both skin and ear mites. If your pet should become this fat eliminate all treats from its diet but do not reduce the amount of dry food - the primary source of necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. The item can get lodged in the stomach or intestines and be potentially fatal.

The pro to this method is that you don't have to force the medication on him, the con is that if they don't eat all of the serving, their not getting all of the dose. The following errors occurred with your submission. Get emergency medical care if you have sudden changes in vision or an injury to your eye. Their sharp noses sniff out supper as well as intruders, picking up scents in the breeze. Sounds like you guys are on the right track and doing good now. Hedgehogs will eat a variety of items and sometimes an item is not food. There are 15 species of hedgehogs, most of which are found in the wild in Africa, Asia and Europe. Louisiana State University: How Well Do Dogs and Other Animals Hear? Hedgehogs can die from untreated respiratory infections. Depending on your hedgehogs personality, some will work better than others.

Hedgehogs have up to 44 teeth in their tiny, V-shaped mouths. As well, good hearing helps hedgehogs orient themselves as they take on tasks such as crossing roads. Although a nose may bleed profusely, once you get the bleeding to stop it will often heal quickly. Second is the administration by syringe.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Our sweet hedgehog is a 3 year old female who seems her normal perky self except as of last night, one eye is swollen and bulging -- really looks dreadful. Hedgehogs may not have giant ears, but their ears are positioned for picking up important sounds.

Obstructions We took her to the vet. My Oliver loves mealworms so this was a one step simple way to get him his meds. While a hedgehog in its normal trim will be a bit chubby in these two locations, an obese specimen will have a double chin and "ham-hocks" for legs and sometimes even rolls of fat under the arm-pits. Respiratory Disease: Symptoms of respiratory disease include oral or nasal discharge, sneezing, coughing, raspy breathing, and an increase in respiratory effort especially when the hedgehog is stressed. You may or may not need to scruff during this method. She's recovering well, and none of this seems to have bothered her in the least. Causes of eye irritation can be from by dust or other foreign objects, a scratch or an eye infection. Diagnosis is the same as in any animal but effective treatment is compromised as hedgehogs ball up and hide their faces. A good antibiotic choice is Trimethoprim/sulfa. Eye prolepses may occur as a result of crushing injuries or in situations where pressure is exerted near the eyes.

Treatment includes decreasing the fat in the diet, increasing exercise, and supportive care. Nose

Undeniably cute, the spiky hedgehog is a terrific and interesting pet. If you have experience with this, any advice on what it is, what to do would be wonderful. A general anesthetic is needed to diagnose the problem and dislodge the foreign object. Abscesses behind the eye (retro bulbar abscesses) may also cause a prolapsed or a swilling. Hedgehogs are particularly prone to eye injuries and corneal ulcers.

Bloody feet may also be caused by a ripped or torn nail. Here are some of the most common health problems in hedgehogs: External parasites; Uterine cancer; Dental problems; Neurological disease; Eye problems; Overweight and obesity; Respiratory infections; Wobbly hedgehog syndrome; Most veterinarians aren’t trained to care for exotic pets, so you may need to find a specialty vet to care for hedgehog. “And encourage plenty of exercise by keeping a wheel in the cage and allowing supervised time outside of the cage.”. Respiratory problems can also be secondary to heart disease and other chest tumors. Dental Disease: Thorough examination of the teeth and gums of hedgehogs usually requires sedation. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

Just about any such problem is something for a vet to deal with, rather than yourself.

“It can only be diagnosed by ruling out all other causes of similar symptoms.”.

Most common in young hedgehogs under 2 years old, Dr. Wilkinson says symptoms typically start with neurologic deficits in the hedgehog’s rear legs as she struggles to place her feet normally and becomes off balance. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Signs of this problem include anorexia (not eating), decreased appetite, and pawing at the mouth. Signs of dental problems include anorexia (not eating), halitosis, visible blood around the mouth, and pawing at the mouth.

Hedgehogs have several unique problems Understanding these problems will allow you to better care for your pet and minimize future health care problems. Your vet must diagnose the problem. If they hear something of interest, they'll stand very still to ensure they can hear even better, as their spines rustle and make distracting noise when they walk. They also can detect other hedgehogs by scent.

“Mites can be treated with three doses of medication two weeks apart,” Dr. Wilkinson says. Symptoms include hair or quill loss, flaky or dry skin, scabs, redness, and excessive itching. Causes of eye irritation can be from by dust or other foreign objects, a scratch or an eye infection.