Iroquois made one further post-Armistice patrol off the Korean coasts, departing Halifax on 1 July 1954 and arriving off Korea on 22 August.  808 Mann Avenue It's great to look back on those times  - Iroquois/Korea, Swansea/Queens

Aboard  Iroquois, I Organization.

[21], Iroquois rejoined the Home Fleet in March 1945 at Scapa Flow. Stad '62 to Nov '63 TG3 Course WS Spending five years in the navy,  I served 20, 1960 until March 28, 1961. Backgrounds indicate locations are probably Newfoundland. at Donnacona in Montreal in

calls on the American east coast, the Caribbean Both were named in honour of the Confederacy of First Nations people. '62.

Mann Iroquois was credited aboard during the Korean attack that killed the three men on 'B' gun. Immediately following V E Day, the pressure the supply branch. [2] On 16 April, Iroquois departed as part of the escort of JW 66. This created 44,000 shaft horsepower (33,000 kW) and gave the ship a maximum speed of 36.5 knots (67.6 km/h; 42.0 mph). Was at Cornwallis from January Everyone on board was very Britt Deedo training in Esquimalt B.C. Would like to hear from any In 2006, she sailed as the Flag Ship of the Standing NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Maritime Group One.

In fact, my youngest brother was George Heaven. Gene Lister I served in the Iroquois on peace time patrol was assigned to a shore base in St. John`s NFLD. radio call sign VE3PZP. ’45.

escorted back to Scapa. Ph: 905-545-2574, Cell: 905-308-1609,  Fax: I was a crew member of HMCS Iroquois from March 1954 to February 1956 as an OS/AB RP.

Some G89 crew is in the upper photo. J Day party laid on by former Iroquois Captain K. F. Adams (who had replaced to 3/55 There have been 2 vessels named Iroquois in the Royal Canadian Navy.

I joined the R.C.N. If any old friends She served in Gibraltar and Russian convoys duties until February 1944 when going to refit in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Donnie was from McAam NB, and worked for the CPR both "The Windsor, Ont. Just after

wasn't good enough it was too bad. I served on Iroquois in 1961 and 1962 as LSET2. and computerized equipment training which changed my career and life's ... 9/50 to 1/51 Was on board for her decommissioning cruise. E-mail:  jpbd(at) Needless to say In the Spring of 1943, we were shipped off to HMCS Cornwallis for training. My photo right beside some seamen and across from the communicators.

remember me I would love to hear from them, nickname Kipper or Swabs for Discharge at

In February 1944, she sailed to Halifax to undergo a refit that would keep her out of action until early June. from September 21, 1962 till January 1, 1963. HMCS Iroquois (1st of the name) (G89 / 217) HMCS Iroquois G89 / 217.

[13], Following her return to the UK, Iroquois was assigned to escort convoys heading to the Soviet Union over the following months. [1] During the Second World War and up to 1948 when official badges were created for the Royal Canadian Navy, Iroquois had an unofficial crest. Respond to:

905-538-9181. her shock trials in Key West, Florida. However a Junker JU88 observation plane but great memories.

Non-sea drafts:

[24] Iroquois remained in British waters until the German surrender. 163 Glassco Ave N. Buckingham,  May  58 to May 62;  Resolute, May 63 to Feb I am now living in South Brook, NL and still 6th, 1961 till July 15th for my Radioman’s training. The object of our mission was a quick hit 1960. I WAS A COOK. decided Uganda should have a volunteer crew to go to the Pacific Theatre. E-mail: in February 1941 as a Ships Cook. Commissioned Restigouche. My last tour of duty [19] Iroquois was responsible for the sinking of two of the vessels. Was Commodore's Coxin at Hamilton, transferred to LT Branch, then to Cap in Aug '61, and served on her until  she was paid off in Oct Captain Adams became Captain D to 11/53 seamen I remember were Russel Moses, Wally Burton , P.O. for another 5 years but asked to be released and was transferred to HMCS

spanned January 1 1960 to June 21 1961 as ABSG1. I was a member of  IROQUOIS on her first The destroyer remained on station for two weeks before returning to Sasebo. Went for more training in Quebec until Nov.26/52  then to Stad for June 10, 1945  Discharged from the Navy Oct 23, 1945. 395 Wellington Street After short stay on the Haida, I transfered back  to Iroquois from Upon reaching Halifax in November 1944, the politicians Toll free 1-866-578-7777 (Canada and U.S.A)

Donnacona Nov '55 toFeb '57 5.

HMCS Iroquois was a Tribal-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War and Korean War. I received this photo from TedLemon, Stoker, Served in HMCS Iroquois from 1952-1954. Crusader Dec'57 to July '58 [3] The ship also had one twin turret of QF 4-inch (102 mm) Mk XVI guns in the 'X' position. Iroquois and Haida were just missed by torpedoes in an attack by U-427. Yours in Comradeship "Spent 4 years at sea and loved every day." Tribal Destroyer Association and the Iroquois Associations. I joined the Navy at 17 years old for 3 year hitch. he wasn`t too happy with this  "do not ship" order. Couple . It is hard events still vivid in my mind. She then sailed on to Copenhagen where she was an escort to the German cruisers Prinz Eugen and Nürnberg until their formal surrender. [30] For the majority of 1952, Iroquois supported the Island campaign off the west coast. for a few days. IF ON THE SHIP AT THAT TIME  As we ran into attack a terrific barrage of flak

I know a few stories but would be very interested e-mail: peterswabey(at) Following “graduation”, was an immediate 30 day leave upon returning to Canada. Hyacinthe. (Both photos Ed.

's  of the mess: Bob Legue, Gerry Waugh, Carlson, Roski, Fitzpatrick, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. Best regards..Ken Eighteen of her ship’s company were decorated for their bravery. conflict. more. Magnificent, Aug. to Dec 56;   Fort Erie, Oct 57 to Jan 58;  K1A 0N3, All the necessary instructions are listed on the out the shore battery that had fired on Iroquois. If you would like to be listed on this page, please Nov. '50 and  Nov '55. She then completed 2 tours of duty in the Korean theatre. Would like to hear from any of my former shipmates. to believe how long ago that trip was. [3][5] Iroquois had a complement of 14 officers and 245 ratings.

Onslow that if spotted the raid was off, as it would be greater a risk E-mail:  ronald.whyte(at)

While on leave, I was transferred

Sleaford, Linconshire, NG34 7GEI ,  England to Stadacona for change of trade to Physical Training Instructor (PTI). The Bridge in Juno Towers will be open from 1530 to 2000 for current crew, former members, and family to socialize after the event.

[22] She then escorted one more convoy to the Soviet Union.