Right away the sound of falling water caught my attention. I want to spend the entire day exploring the lake. Lake Level Projections. Be prepared to hook into some heavy fish! Campers can expect temps to be reaching 55.77 today, with light rain and wind gusts up to 5.73mph.

paddled this lake along the Chattooga branch, photo album with all of the Lake Tugaloo photos. Lake Tugaloo limits the size of the boats, but I know from experience that the landing can be a zoo during the height of river rafting season. Listen to "Authentic Mixtape #12" and enjoy! Lake Burton Fishing Report. This was another nice little cove with a waterfall. It is relatively isolated, but does have some summer cottages around its shoreline. Yonah is downstream from the Tallulah Gorge and Lake Tugalo and is fed by both the Tallulah and Chatooga River. Most of the South Carolina side is in the National Forest.

I rounded a bend and approached the power station for the Tallulah Gorge. Fishing pressure is light on this lake, which is subject to severe water level fluctuations from power generations.

and then again back down the small lake our ‘Cherokee armada’ went. Lake Yonah Fishing Report. And here’s the top of the boat house. The border between Georgia and South Carolina is made up completely by water. The scenery along the Tallulah am was spectacular.

Fortunately, with the pandemic most of the rafting companies aren’t operating, so there was no traffic and plenty of parking at the ramp. My recent visits have been on week days, so these impressions could be quite different on a busy weekend. We suggest. Lakes Yonah and Tugaloo offer many of the same things that attract folks to Lake Jocassee – clear water, mountain views, spectacular scenery, and even a few waterfalls. Lake Yonah has approximately 85 residences spread out along the 9 elongated miles of peaceful shoreline, the lake did not feel crowded at all. Another tributary to this great river is the Seneca River, which flows into it from South Carolina. The bass fishing has been a little tough the last few days. Tom Haynie (bacshortly) The lake is created by the Yonah Dam, which is owned and operated by Georgia Power, and generates 22 megawatts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It has over 9 miles of shoreline with a 325-acre lake that is formed by Yonah Dam. KLICK FOLLOW and don't miss the next release! Water Temp: 75deg Clarity: Clear Level: Full Pool Bass The bass fishing has been a little tough the last few days. I had paddled this lake along the Chattooga branch, but had not explored the Tallulah Gorge branch. As a group we have paddled together before on the Chatooga River (section II), today’s trip would be a simple flat-water paddle just a short distance away. However, there is a small section formed by the Tugaloo and Chattooga Rivers. Just down from the dam I found a nice beach area where I could stop for a rest. This video is unavailable.

I’d paddled right at 10 miles on this trek. Back out past the dam and on the main body of the lake I had one more place I wanted to explore. May 16, 2011 @ 06:12:19, I had a great time paddling Lake Yonah with the group. We have also been catching a few Brown Trout free lining Blue Back Herring. I arrived early on a Thursday morning to find several vehicles parked at the ramp, but no activity.

somewhere in here I took a plunge, the water felt great even though I was air-dried in short order. There are two public access points on Lake Yonah. Here the kayaks are docked at the boat house of someone that Anne knows. I think we probably paddled at least three miles or further. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

No kidding. Watch Queue Queue Lake Yonah County Park features non-reservable first come first serve campsites perched at an elevation of 697.0ft within the state of Georgia. What stuck out for me was the fishing potential of the lake. Lake Seed, Lake Burton, Lake Rabun, Lake Tugalo, and Lake Yonah are Georgia Power lakes and they are deep. Required fields are marked *. Lake Yonah does allow most types of boats. Here’s a link to the album from that trip.

Lake Tugaloo is the northern most lake on the Georgia-South Carolina border. We have also caught a few fish drop shotting Bass Shinnners. Apparently NOC is the only group running the Chattooga right now. Water Temp: 75deg It is pure isolation in some spots! We had it rough for the few minutes that we stopped. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). On the Georgia side there was a campground with a boat ramp. With a little research I found that Lake Yonah is part of Georgia Power's Tallulah River 'chain of… I wondered if this might be another good launch spot, or if it would be just as hard or harder to reach than the South Carolina side. Lake Yonah offers such varied outdoor activities as boating, fishing, picnicking and camping. I’d like to come back in the fall when the colors are out. I had planned to paddle up to Longnose Falls with a couple of friends. Lake Harding's Attractions, Fishing, etc. Hope you can join us as we are planning to paddle Lake Tugalo in the near future. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. fotosimile.com This was Beth’s first time out with us, and she loved it. After resting and cooling off, I headed back. From the reports I have read the fishing is excellent, probably because it is in a little known corner of Georgia. It is fed by the Chattooga River to the northeast and the Tallulah River from the west. Your email address will not be published. Recreation and Fishing Info for Lake Rabun, Lake Seed and Tallulah Falls, Lake Seminole Camping and Parks Recreation, Lake Tobesofkee Fishing and Recreation Info, Richard B. Russell Lake Recreation and Fishing Info, Walter F. George Lake Parks and Recreation, Dating is complicated these days especialy if you are past your teens or twenties. Georgia Lake Fishing, © 2020 Lake Lanier Fishing Guide & Lake Burton Fishing Charters: by Wes Carlton | Links | Admin, Lake Lanier Fishing Guides & Charter Service, Lake Lanier Fishing Guides/Lake Lanier Fishing Charters, Lake Lanier Walleye Fishing / Walleye Fishing In Georgia, Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing Guides/ Charters. I pulled up and cooled my heels for a bit.

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. Along the way, though, I spotted several undeveloped campsites on various points.

The deep sheltered coves and overhanging rocks provided some relief from the heat. Tugaloo has many more tributary streams than Yonah, so I decided to explore a bit.

Lake Burton Fishing Report. Gene Thomas A group of friends and paddlers from the neighborhood gathered to paddle ‘Yonah’ (which is Cherokee for ‘big black bear’) to help and solve this mystery for me. I kept hearing water from the other side of the lake, so I decided on one last detour. With the cooler air temps it seems like most of the bigger fish are deep. Fishing at Lake Yonah, Georgia.

The Drought Monitor focuses on broad-scale conditions. Try letting the baits out 60 to 80 ft behind the boat. The cove led out past some very nice lake houses, then past the Yonah Dam to the main part of the lake. Thanks so much for the photos of the ‘lil ‘ol lake where we had a cabin in the early sixties, one of yours sure looks like the spot I remember, but my older bro’ says I’m dreaming. It is accessible by two launching ramps on the Georgia side of the lake. Its source is the Tallulah and Chattooga Rivers.

Bass Aug 05, 2016 @ 16:51:58. There was another tributary stream and make-shift camping area. This was as far as I could paddle. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Brown Trout Jake Kuniansky riding on lake Yonah. on twitter. Lake Burton is the first Lake of the Tallulah river-bed, then Lake Seed, and then Lake Rabun before joining up with the Chatooga river at Lake Tugaloo.

I was tempted to abandon my boat and just float in the cool water for a bit, but still had lake to explore. Walleye Even so, these two lakes are now a couple of my favorite paddling destinations. Being a smaller lake (325 acres) I continued to break-away in search of the quiet coves and any sound of running water, all the while admiring the individuality of each boathouse along the way, little wooden islands. I love this photo and don’t care that it was taken with the baby Nikon that can swim underwater. It is 525 miles of shoreline with a 29,500-acre lake. It’s not a long lake, but the scenery was quite nice. BE PART OF THE JOURNEY and follow Yonah on So

Jun 27, 2011 @ 21:10:23. yonah has been called the dead sea for fishing.

8 Comments. I drove cautiously. Capt. That left me with a car already loaded with gear, so I decided to do a solo trek. Lake Weiss Fishing Info: Lake Yonah is in Burton. Lake Seed, Lake Burton, Lake Rabun, Lake Tugalo, and Lake Yonah are Georgia Power lakes and they are deep. I went for the ‘opportunity,’ along with the welcomed change of enjoying some of the fun and fellowship that a casual group paddle provides. I got the boat ready and launched into the cove around the ramp. You can now see a recurring 10-day projection of lake levels in the Savannah River Basin for Lake Hartwell, Lake Russell and Lake Thurmond. lambwatch.co.uk Jumping Rock is the place that Sharon Morden uses as a diving board and the rest of us just sit and watch in amazement. Lake Yonah - Ga/SC Border @325 acres Water Clarity - 7+ Natural Quality - 8 (fewer folks) Perception - weekday (Lake Yonah fishing report) . The route became rocky and there was no way past the power station. I like to explore little coves, especially if there is a tributary with a waterfall or at least a babbling brook.

He would let the line go slack then just ride the wake without the boat really pulling him. I made it back to the ramp, having paddled 6.5 miles from end to end. Lake Yonah Fishing Report. Here’s Anne and it is probably at this point that I began asking what we were going to do about dinner! There is only one boat ramp on the South Carolina side of the lake. The “seed” lakes are all in a chain and feed into one another. September 14, 2017 – 12:25 am. Lake Hartwell is where the water goes from Yonah – after passing through Hartwell’s dams it continues to the Atlantic Ocean as the Savannah River. Lake Yonah … Plus, I was there very early and any rafting companies that were operating wouldn’t be there until later. One small fishing boat came by, but didn’t linger.

Bear Creek Lake – NC, Tom Haynie (bacshortly) Foreign Singles Reviews, an international dating review site. I’ve been on Yonah for 40 years and the lake is not stocked. When the dam is open and the current is going try fishing the tops of shallow structure or loosely around deep structure with fast moving lures such as spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and topwaters. Follow Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Most of it’s paved, but there is a long dirt section. We have been catching some Spotted Bass on Drop Shot over a 28 to 30 ft bottom close to brush and rock ledges. Of course the first thing our armada attacked was the ‘peace’ of it all, but that’s just one of those sacrifices you unintentionally make with a group paddle. "Never own the same car twice" – BackShortly.com, Lake Burton – Ga. ( Log Out /  This chart is updated weekly and shows both the actual current lake levels and the projected pumping schedules for inflow and outflow. Boat traffic was starting to pick up.

May 16, 2011 @ 16:01:03, “Up the creek” is what I’m searching for, Tugalo just might do…, wesley brooks Most of it is the Savannah River and the lakes formed by damming said river.