[12], Ferid excuses himself into the conversation Guren, Kureto and Shinya are having regarding the first. Mika realizes what is about to happen, and Yu asks if this was a trap. He wears a black collar that originally has a pair of two white stripes lining it in the first chapter, but he replaces it with a similar collar with one stripe afterward. Salomón Villada Hoyos better known as Feid is a Colombian singer and songwriter. Lest then urges for Ferid to continue. Sometime in his childhood, he saw his father with a sword through his chest and calmly saying hi to his mother, who was horrified at the scene, Ferid raised another sword as he said he loved her.[2]. Ferid tells Mika that Guren is a member of the Moon Demon Company, which is elite even among the humans' vampire extermination units. Mika refuses, but Ferid says he cannot save Yu right now. Louie Anderson joined "Family Feud" the second time it was revived, in 1999.

He greets Krul with compliments and tells her how much he loves her, but she claims he only loves her power. Personal status [6], Ferid stands nearby with Crowley as he listens to Guren and Kureto discussing Saito.

Second Progenitor Urd Geales is irritated with such a display and orders for them to stop acting foolish and to state the important details.

It is split down the center and reaches his mid-calf. This fixed sign is known for its ambition and determination, but above all, Leos are celebrated for their remarkable bravery. Yu begins to cry when he calls out for Mika, and Ferid calls it an adorable reaction. He also sung at college parties, birthday parties, and reunions. This is replaced with Ferid startlingly asking whether he just heard someone say "brother." Ferid sits up and asks why Crowley stomped on the breaks. Krul appears as well and stops them from finishing off Mika. Ferid says he is cute and bites him on the neck, drinking his blood. His sister Manuela Villada Hoyos is currently a graphic design student.

He is also a Michaela, who was sired by the former second progenitor Saitō.

[7] Mika says he will save Yu. Ferid grabs Mika's shoulder and orders him to retreat. Ferid appears again lurking around the streets of Sanguinem and looks at the children. Ferid approaches Mika and advises him to get some sleep, but Mika states vampires do not sleep. is a seventh progenitor among the vampires and one of the main antagonists of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series. Mika is desperate for blood, sweating and gasping while feverish.

Ferid says Mika is still barely at the age Ferid finds most beautiful, so he should halt his growth at his best spot. Status At least that is what he taught his son, but if he is somehow wrong he wants Saito to show them what meaning there is to life.

Later Ferid meets Saito and claims he has been waiting for him. Saito is also looking for him and Ferid feels it's best they get there before he does. He is super powerful and if Urd wants to kill him then he should come give it his best shot.

Unnamed father and mother (Deceased)Saitō (Sire)

He would like Mika to drink human blood and stop aging as soon as possible, and he frequently brings up the topic when alone with him. Feid‘s source of wealth comes from being a world music singer. Occupation Even though he is a reggaeton artist, he prefers hip-hop and R&B and follows artists like Drake and Chris Brown. His sister Manuela Villada Hoyos is currently a graphic design student. Asked by Wiki User. He guesses aloud that the transformation will not stop, but then proceeds to share that he in fact knows how to stop it.