(I know for example that in league of legends it's 100, in DotA it's 16.66...). (Also remember Crit Rate rune goes up to 58% but Crit Damage goes to 80%.). Thanks! Always Crit Rate. Is it better to raise Attack Power, or Critical Rate? Many people blindly stack hp in pvp or try to evenly distribute hp and defense for pve and the goal of this post is to show people a better way. Put in some thresholds like Crit = 70%, desired minimum HP values and so on. Summary: Optimal distribution of hp and def is 119% hp and 81% defense.

I think this is one of the big differences between g3 players and conqueror players and it's also one of the few differences where you are in control instead of praying on summons. You'll have to excuse me (like you said it's late), I could be totally wrong but unless there's diminishing return on defense, an optimal hp vs. def ratio should exist regardless of the incoming damage. (Rounded off.). For some (darion) this is more important than others (briand). Press J to jump to the feed.

Healers like bella and colleen are different than chasun in that they heal effective hp instead of flat hp. Lushens and bombers don't care about your defense. ; Buff Bonus is the total buff amount for the relevant stat. USAGE. Since Crit Damage starts at 50% already, you need to attain 50% Crit Rate first before you should consider raising Crit Damage. Or massive 98% Crit Rate but a measly 50% Crit Damage? 10000 * (1000+(1000*3))/1000. Say you theoretically have 100/200/300% worth of stats to distribute between HP and Defense, this part of the guide will show the best ratio of hp to defense for the highest effective hp with and without defense break. In other words, if you have 20,000 hp and enough defense to take half damage from everything, you have 40,000 effective hp. ; Multiplier is the skill's damage multiplier value, as shown on the monster's wiki page. Since Crit Rate caps at 100% (remember to account for leader skills, buffs, attribute advantage, and whether or not you're comfortable relying on those things), once you attain 100% Crit Rate, then you can feel good about raising Crit Damage beyond 100% also.

Simply plug in the values and look for where y is the max. If you look at the examples provided above, you'll see that the ratio of optimal hp to defense changes drastically as you are able to allocate more of your runes stats to hp and defense. Working with filters: this function lets you differentiate the good builds from the exceptional builds. I. If the monster's skills include damage increases, those should be added to the CD value. Defense almost becomes as good as hp when you are allocating of stats to effective hp in pve. Yeah, they are taking 1/4th the dmg they would without any defense. It's when d(dmg)/d(cr) = d(dmg)/d(cd), or in this case, Therefore, average damage will be highest when they are equal. For example, Lushen's skill three: Amputation Magic improves by 30% with skill ups, then his balance would change from, in the previous example, 140% ATK and 140% CD, to ideally 155% ATK and 125% CD. The difference will be small though vs lushens either way.

III. I've got a lushen on fatal/blade with 98cr, 155 cd, 3.1k atk and he hits for about 9-9.5k per card (with 12 cd totem). Cookies help us deliver our Services. The optimizer will include these stats into its calculations and suggest the most suitable builds. The defense 30.7% comes from understanding that we were distributing 100% worth of stats to hp% and def% so if hp is 69.3% hp then defense is 30.7% to make it 100%. The amount of damage you receive is measured by 1000/(1000+(Defense*3)) in this game. Here is proof that the skill up damage is in the same term as the critical damage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, effective hp = hp*(1000+(Defense*3))/1000, effective hp when defense broken = hp*(1000+(Defense*1.5))/1000, More posts from the summonerswar community. If you can get good Crit Rate from substats and Blade rune sets, well and good. So for example, it answers the question how much effective hp will you get from 90% hp 10% def vs 50% hp 50% def vs 10% hp 90% defense. Specifically, as you get more hp and defense to distribute, defense seems to become way more important relative to when you have little hp/defense to spare.

; Rune Bonus is the total bonus provided to the relevant stat by runes. Some monsters, like Seara, get benefit from both Crit Rate (skill one) and Attack Power (bomb from skill two). The more defense they have, the more effective hp chasun heals. The x and y int(?) Whichever is lower, raise that one. However, thrain wants 218% hp and 82% defense for optimal effective hp. If you need to use Crit Rate on slot 4, then do that.

The modifier for damage received is 1000/(1000+(Defense*3)) therefore you can create an equation for effective hp by dividing hp by that modifier: To maximize effective hp, you want to plug your total hp and defense into that equation and choose the build that has the highest number. II. It's worth noting that bernard and belladeon have a similar distribution of base stats. Wolfram alpha tells you what value of HP (X) and therefore Defense that gives you the highest effective hp. So that last 333 only added a third of eHP to the previous total while the first 333 doubled your eHP. For the example, i'll be using Veromos who has medium base hp and high base defense. If you compare this ratio to the one found in 100% distribution and YES defense break, you'll see that hp runes are king in pvp for mons that are receiving little hp and defense but defense can start to play a real major role for tanky bruisers. You'll find that if you use the second equation I gave that having a bit of defense can really help increase your effective hp. I don't understand the 100/200/300% distribution part -_-. Make sure to get rid of the brackets. Don't forget about your leader skill and arena gp towers when calculating. $ Damage = TotalAttack * Multiplier * (100% + SkillUp + CritDamage) $ For skills based on DEF or SPD or MAX HP or what-have-you, replace "TotalAttack * Multiplier" with the appropriate Multiplier damage term as seen in the monster's page. Always, until you reach 100% CR. How do you calculate effective hp WITH defense break? Although you might take more damage from lushens, that might actually help your vero/healer steal a turn if you have nemesis so that can actually improve your win condition as well. How the math will be done for optimally distributing it, For those who want to min-max without a rune optimizer, Examples of how to best distribute defense and hp at different rune qualities with and without defense break for veromos, 100% distribution between hp and defense and NO defense break, 100% distribution between hp and defense and YES defense break, 200% distribution of hp and defense and NO defense break, 200% distribution of hp and def and YES defense break, 300% distribution of hp and defense and NO defense break, 300% distribution of hp and defense and YES defense break, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the summonerswar community. In the long run (PvE), average damage is given by the combination of critical and non critical hits (for the sake of simplicity, discounting glancing and crushing hits). For proof, see this reddit article entitled Guide: ATK or CD for your substats. Just because defense is cut in half in pvp by defense break doesn't mean stacking 100% hp is the answer. Use your best judgment. The more defense they have, the more effective hp chasun heals. Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe. The moral of the story here is that mons that are getting little hp/def from runes like a spd/hp/acc pvp galleon does way better with a hp rune instead of def. If you look at the graph, where the x value is 1 is where hp is 100% and defense is 0% and where the x value is 0 is where hp is 0% and defense is 100%.

The formula is something used in a lot of games, because it's a great way to incorporate diminishing returns on defense. A calculator tool to help players of Summoners War figure out how many monsters of a certain level they need in order to evolve.

Healers like bella and colleen are different in that they heal effective hp instead of flat hp.

The importance base hp/def plays in optimizing for effective hp. If you are using the equation for pvp or giants where defense break is involved, divide defense by 2 (or multiply by 1.5 instead of 3 for a clean equation, it's the same thing) to get: effective hp when defense broken = hp*(1000+(Defense*1.5))/1000. Theoretically, you have 100% worth of stats to distribute between hp and defense. I am pretty decent with it but cannot figure out how to solve for the "global max" that WA uses. I will be showing the optimal hp to defense ratio for a 100/200/300% distribution of hp and defense for with and without defense break. It doesn't make much sense to have only 15% Crit Rate but a whopping 180% Crit Damage, right? Once you've reached Crit Rate = 100%, or close enough that you're satisfied with ignoring non-crits; then to attain the maximum damage dealt by a Critical Hit, Attack Power and Critical Damage values should be equal. For example, every natural 3-star monster has stats which add up to 1812. It'd be nice if one day rune optimizers could tell us what our effective hp is with/without defense break for various builds and also calculate non-crit/crit damage before the skill modifier, buffs/debuffs, and enemy's defense.