This article highlights 10 tips to help you celebrate your long distance anniversary while far apart: 1.

Try soup or velouté as a starter, a lovely meat in sauce for a main - maybe a homemade sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice, and then your favourite dessert!

Anniversary is that one day when you want to celebrate all the memories you’ve shared with your partner. (Examples: Which celebrity did we see at that bagel place on our third date? You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, I Can’t Compete With My Husband’s Porn Preferences, 10 Sex Positions That Guarantee Their Orgasm, Men Share What It's Like Getting a Penis Tattoo, Why You Should Consider Using a Penis Sleeve, Why Narcissists Watch More Porn Than Other People, Why It's Hard to Set Boundaries With a Narcissist, The Real Difference Between Attraction and Love. So how can you go about planning an epic anniversary in quarantine? Modern Wedding PTY LTD. All Rights Reserved.

"I even made my husband Kelly an anniversary card!

Check out some of our favourite anniversary ideas below! 8) Head to the bedroom (or wherever) and play the Wheel of Foreplay. Of course, we also looked at our wedding photos!" Your email address will not be published. Writing a letter to each other. Truly commit to making it an experience.

It means that you can find some more unique gifts and also potentially make something from all the bits you have at home! Here are ideas for how to celebrate an anniversary in quarantine. Candles, confetti and other items you can find in your home that can be used for decoration don’t think much and decorate it. Celebrating my anniversary with my husband is my last good memory of the "before time." If you’ve never heard about this creative, romantic solution before, think no … Do the whole thing - starters, mains, dessert and some nice wine. Enjoy one night away from it and just you and your partner - together and healthy. So I'm going to do my best to re-create the experience. Seeing what you remember, what you don’t, quickly turning into tears and laughs. A little long-distance sex toy action? Better, in some ways, than an elaborate celebration in a non-pandemic world. Getting out of your comfort zone with your significant other can more often than not, bring you closer. It's time to celebrate without being sad because staying home is the utmost important thing and only go out if you need something essential. Which right now, being honest, the smaller things are sooooo important!" You can leave a comment on our social media platforms and get a chance to win gifts from Talash. If you both are away from each other and stuck in different cities then, the best way to celebrate your anniversary is to record a long video message for each other. Make your virtual dinner date extra special by paying attention to ambience … Copyright © 2020 Make the effort to set the table with your best crockery and china. It really was a memorable anniversary.". Get dolled up and put on your wedding shoes. We may earn a commission through links on our site. We are growing to appreciate how much of a support we can be for each other not just in the big things, but also in the smaller things.