Our 1st book is out now • Find out more & order a copy », A quick and easy Queen of Hearts costume! The design also features pockets with…. [url]http://buzzybeesworld.blogspot.co.nz/2010/06/trench-coat-collar-draft.html[/url] This one is pretty darn good.

Try wearing a red or black dress if possible, the awesome cards collar will do all the rest ;). it it the same as craft foam? The only part of this costume you need to "make" is the collar. Also no falling collar, just the collar stand :). Wicked costume @breannacooke. it's as stiff as a place mat!" - CLOTHING - Hi, I've been busy with a new project and I'm 1 step away from being finished. To clean finish and close the stand collar, apply a slip stitch along the folded edges of the facing, connecting it to the neckline seam line as shown. Do both sides and fold in half to make sure the pins match.

It ought to stand up like you want it. Copyright © 2019 Breanna Cooke. You are now ready to pin the collar onto the top, finding out where the back seam on the collar will be. Subscribe today, now up to 50% off newsstand. There will be a part of the back of the collar beyond the back seam. Here is the [URL="http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140116112227/dramaticalmurder/images/4/49/Bu蓮_通常_normal.png"]character design[/URL] and cosplayer therawrinside [URL="http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/228/2/8/ren___dramatical_murder_by_therawrinside-d5ba6of.jpg"]cosplaying the character[/URL]. Measure down 3 1/2 inches from the shoulder seam to the center front and make a mark. It stays up in the opposite direction to the above collar though. Required fields are marked *. Add wire as on picture for collar height. She is 3 1/2 but knows what she wants, and that is a Maleficent costume! Using the white paper as a guide, start placing the cards around the neck area and staple them together. You can hand-sew the edge of the fabric to the wire, or make the collar two layers and insert the wire between the layers, stitching close to the wire to enclose it. That will be your stitching line. Turn the top over and measure how much the back of the collar is over. Open the collar and measure the distance and mark it. You can spray it on to the fabric and it's stiffer when it dries. That will end up being your stitching line. Thank you everyone for the suggestions! Now draw the bottom edge of the collar. Sew from back to front and up to the back. The all-in-one collar pattern can be used for Kenneth’s ingenious half-lining technique, explained step-by-step in “The Smart Half Lining,” Threads #198, Aug./Sept. And it is a lot of fun. Put your pencil at the top of the neck line you traced. - CLOTHING. I was so excited, but I didn’t have a new costume finished…and how could I go to Fan Days without dressing up?! They’re made with reticulated foam, craft foam and electrical tape! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. All must be pretty smooth. Thanks. Thanks guys! I tack through most layers to get all the seam allowances on the jacket side of the seam line. As you approach the center front, bring the curve up … [QUOTE=Space Invader]Ok. Collars like that are equal parts the shape of the collar piece, and the appropriate interfacing. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the amazing post! I wish I had a pattern off the top of my head to recommend that would have that shape for the collar - it does sort of have a basic mandarin collar shape to it, but a mandarin on steroids. Can anyone at Threads tell me what I'd used? - CLOTHING .. (Mine not serged as this is an example). Draw a 2-inch horizontal line to the left. the sleaves and collar could be attached to a shirt worn under the dress. Make three small holes on the top part of the collar (I used my staple remover to make the holes) and insert a bobby pin into each hole. I used a variety of products to create the Maleficent face. Over time, this task can aggravate or even cause osteoarthritis of the hands and…, Make It With Wool (MIWW) is an annual competition that strives to highlight the natural beauty and versatility of wool fabrics and yarns.

The rest is just pieces from my closet. The robe for my costume wasn’t going to support the weight of the collar, so I made a base from EVA foam (you can use those interlocking anti-fatigue floor mats, visit my Resources page for where to buy it). Or painting a thin coating of glue that dries clear....might give it some stiffness? Press.

I hot glued and sewed the individual collar pieces to this foam/fabric base, then loosely stitched it to the robe. After I used several patterns to get the top and darts I wanted, I dug out this book. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I work my way down the front and do the same on the other side. But I found these and was told they are made by Pfaff.

Make Threads a part of your holiday. Build in a little space to keep the pull and tab covered. She used cardboard and wire to hold the collar upright. if you want to make the collar yourself, cut out the shape of the collar. // ]]> Breanna Cooke is a Dallas-based graphic designer known for her award-winning body paint and costume creations.