Packaged Liquid Biofuel. So burn, baby, burn! With that and normal fuel you can make turbofuel. Edited again. (Though supposedly that bug was fixed according to patch notes.). Blitz Recommended for you. So it's pretty easy. Its more expensive to create and provides no benefit to power output in coal generators. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In my opinion this game needs a major overhaul to the power features. The wiki made it seem like it would cause an output boost but I think what it was trying to convey is that it provides more power over the longer burn time but the output is the same. As a freelancer, you can weight into my work more than you can think, Each piece of compacted coal lasts 8.4 seconds (7.14 /minute) in a coal generator. Turbofuel lasts a bit longer than normal fuel.

The recipe for compacted coal is just the same as for blackpowder (sulfur+coal). Leaves. Did you knew that you can support me on Patreon? Research Coal Power as Soon as Possible There’s no global warming in this game yet. to add sulfer and run assemblers to make the. Smart Plating. I read about a bug for unlocking recipes so I'm trying to figure out if I'm bugged or missing something. So from the perspective of coal generators you use less coal but you need just as much in sulfur. Also if you use it in a car it doesn't burn as fast as bio-fuel, but it's half the stack size so you still need to refuel just as frequently. I don't remember the exact recipe but its something that you wouldn't really want to unlock. No I wasn't. Regular Fuel isn't quite as efficient as biofuel but it's pretty close and far more easily aed in mass quantities. Satisfactory Water Coal Generators balanced setup, Fluid Dynamics, Pumps and Head Lift - Update 3 - Duration: 15:42. So it's pretty easy. Built The Unlimited Energy Source With Coal in Satisfactory - Duration: 21:16. Special ; Power Shard. Compacted Coal. Have you actually done all of the unlocks in the hub for the sulfur stuff? 106k members in the SatisfactoryGame community. They last over a minute each in a vehicle guaranteed (except the cyberwagon, but we don't count that).

That means if you have a single Pure coal node (120 coal per minute with a mk1 miner) then you can afford 8 coal generators. Versatile Framework. A place to discuss the game by Coffee Stain Studios currently in Early Access. The recipe for compacted coal is just the same as for blackpowder (sulfur+coal). I am getting the "nothing left to research here's your hard drive back" message. Liquid fuel in a car doesn't seem to provide much benefit either. You may have to actively unlock explosives. And yes, you need more than double the water, to add sulfer and run assemblers to make the compacted coal, but it's still a net win. Iodine Infused Filter. A place to discuss the game by Coffee Stain Studios currently in Early Access. But honestly compacted coal is better than you're giving it credit for.

You could pretty much get the same effect with 2 coal nodes which seem to be more plentiful. You get double the output of coal but at a much greater cost of production and setup. I have everything possible researched right now. Packaged Turbofuel. Please refresh your page / browser cache to make sure you'll get the latest fixes and features. There's only so much biomass on the map and the only infinitely respawning source of it is killing monsters. Gas Filter. Edited. Which I mainly use for my vehicles, since it does not fit in the jetpack. The advantages are that in a world with limited resources (including coal), you can use less than half as much slightly less for the same number of generator. Packaged Heavy Oil Residue. Getting upgrades until you get to the coal generator is essential to the early game. Do you have to unlock the new recipes in the HUB before new ones show up or is researching them in the m.a.m. Yeah you need to build more generators but that's hardly an issue by the time you're able to make compacted coal. Fuel generators don't seem much better. For vehicles I wouldn't recommend biofuel anyway.