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fluid in my jack? The third photo shows the tool in use. Check the yellow text boxes.

Carefully turn the screw plug until the valve assembly bottoms out. With the development of unibody construction and the elimination of metal bumpers on automobiles, ratchet jacks faded from use in favor of scissor jacks which had a lower profile, allowing for them to slip under the unibody and access designated lift points. gland nut that allowed users to re-tighten every so often to That same author also said most safety overload screws are about two turns looser than the bottoming out point. Capacity – represents the maximum load that the jack is capable of lifting, usually expressed in tons or pounds.

Image credit: Mikhail Abramov/Shutterstock.com. Scissor jacks are compact jacks that use a mechanical screw whose rotation results in the raising or lowering of a set of scissoring arms that extend or retract depending on the position of the screw mechanism. Bottle jacks feature a vertical shaft, which supports a platform (called a bearing pad) that directly bears the weight of the object as it is lifted. I bought a short bolt 5/8 inch in diameter. very likely the next time you go to jack up something you'll find

CHEVRON or VEE SEALS, while arguably the best, most durable Be aware that additional oil will pour out of the jack in coming steps. jacks). Understanding Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lifts. - Set the release valve closed and PULL THE PISTON OUT or UP, open release valve and push back down. This video shows how to remove the bottle jack unit from the frame. Update: After using my jack a few times, it tends to throw off extra oil through the felt filter in the reservoir cap. Image credit: Mikhail Abramov/Shutterstock.com. }

Second photo--The parts kit includes three ram seals.

Removing the main nut was a chore - I needed to bolt it to a section of I-beam then use a 3/4" drive socket on a breaker bar with a 4 foot cheater bar. load weight: 1500KGSLifting Range: 14.5cm-34.5cmMax. I left the jack in this position for a few minutes. Some suggest saving money by simply buying a few new "O" rings at a local hardware store, but that would not be a sufficiently complete rebuild. See the text boxes for ball sizes. // -->

I will also watch for signs of leakage.

repair Very very good posting on rebuild of floor jack.Will be helpful with much detail for anyone wanting to complete a jack rebuild Thanks for all your suggestions, KneeWalker, 8 months ago

your shop) or dust. Online Books & Manuals

to but 'it's not working right', you 'don't want to chance it...' on Step 2, How can I get the diagrams for the ya700 snap on two and a half ton floor jacks I need them badly, Answer Unless you are a hobbyist and like to tinker/gamble your time and money, I don’t find it worth my time trying to repair a jack not knowing for sure it will work or be safe when I’m through.

Lazzar's HCRC is a leading supplier of repair parts and seal kits for floor jacks, air hydraulic pumps, hand pumps and rams. The upper end of the universal joint is a piece of hex stock.

The manufacturer no longer makes this part, and there's no substitute part #4. Tighten the nut more and more until the plunger appears it may become sluggish to return. on Step 12.

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3 months ago.

(KG) N.W.

This extra oil may also be due to the jack evacuating air trapped inside the jack. I drilled a hole in the center of each of the metal plugs. The main cylinder, sometimes referred to as the ram, is driven upwards extending out of the hydraulic jack body by the pressure of the hydraulic fluid, creating the needed lifting force and lifting the load. This one has two slots for a special spanner wrench. Some are of neoprene molded to special shapes. At this link you will find one man's description of how he rejuvenated his twenty-five year old jack by flushing its insides with a solvent, letting it dry completely, and filling it with fresh hydraulic jack fluid. Can Your Company Help Provide Critical Supplies?

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The cylinder would normally be removed for a rebuild. The jack's release valve was open. On my jack the nut was stuck on very hard.

I do not remember many details from rebuilding this jack eight years afterward. There actually are no "O" rings or seals below the cylinder on this jack.

Near the end I ground the diameter down until it fit nicely inside the recess for the screw.

lawyers are nastier than yours, try and play the game if it won't The company supplies repair parts, kits, accessories and also new equipment for major hydraulic jack brands, pumps, tools, and rams. 405 sold. out in the open while the handle is in the upright position -

I tried the largest screwdriver I had (3/8 inch wide blade) with a wrench on its square shank. Here there is a son-in-law who will lend me a floor jack when I need one, but that has not happened. ico-arrow-default-right. lower view of the diagram shows the pump stroking downward. 3 months ago


Others vary between just covering the cylinder with oil to slightly below the fill hole. Failure to maintain proper pressure in the cylinder, which can exacerbate fluid leakage from seals. It would not loosen. Use the special screwdriver made from a hardened bolt to tighten the screw plug with a wrench. ALSO - for a couple of years (2003-2004) Lincoln was sold as a 'Marquette'. 1 year ago. Working orientation – indicates the intended use orientation for the jack (vertical or horizontal) based on the design of the unit. In the video from step 3 showing a man taking the ram nut off of a bottle jack, the ram nut came loose quite easily. up - and there's no one answer.

About: I miss the days when magazines like Popular Mechanics had all sorts of DIY projects for making and repairing just about everything. How does a bottle jack work?

Even then, I am not sure draining the old fluid and refilling the jack with new fluid would have removed all of the dirt I found.

Just below it is the replacement part my jack requires. Jack Diagram. To get the product you must order online and give the details of what you need. us today, along with their slightly more effecient cousins, the The original jack is about four feet long, a foot wide, and weighs around 200 pounds—they can lift 4-10 tons. Description: Floor Jack Parts And Ton Walker Floor Jacks Parts Diagram for Hydraulic Floor Jack Parts Diagram, image size 1050 X 512 px, and to view image details please click the image.. Read carefully and understand all ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS before operating. As much as you'd like to - DON'T LEND OUT YOUR JACK!

I am enjoying posting things I have learned and done since I got my first to…, step-by-step procedure for rebuilding a hydraulic jack. and tried jacking it upside down.

Occasionally I pumped the yoke for the handle. were. Phil b thank you for your info on this nice jack, I have the identical jack had problems finding out much about it.

Check for leaks.Conclusions--I did not find any clearly damaged seals in my jack, other than cracks in an "O" ring on part of the release valve, but it was a non-critical part. recommended as a general purpose fluid.

I will check the fluid level again after I have used the jack several times. But, I worked carefully and found my jack completely safe when finished.

introduce air INTO your system!!!. The closest, Mobil Oil, from moving around and being distorted in their usually square The third photo shows how this special tool is used. I will discuss how tight to tighten the locking nut after treating how to install the spring assembly onto the plunger body.

See the text boxes again.

That is a fairly typical price for a rebuild kit.

11 months ago As with any jack the user wants a failsafe of sturdy blocks in case even a new jack fails or leaks down in use so the user is not pinned under a vehicle. loaded pumps dust covers are used so the exposed piston is not on Step 2, I'm having trouble rebuilding 2 ya700 snap-on 2 and a half ton floor jacks, Question

: VE4105Inupt voltage: 12 VRated load weight: 1000 KGSMax.

The reservoir or buffer tank is a vessel that holds hydraulic fluid or pump oil which will be used to transfer applied pressure from the pump to the ram. on Introduction. So that we attempted to obtain some great hydraulic floor jack parts diagram graphic for you.

General Motors Power steering fluid or FORD Freon, but their

I did this several times until I could no longer feel anything gritty with my fingertips. The safety overload valve should then be set very close to the original factory calibration.

A new ball is included in the parts kit.

document.write(' ') Mechanical jacks, such as the commonly used car jacks, lift heavy equipment and are rated based on the lifting capacity, which is typically expressed in terms of the number of tons that the jack can handle. Second photo--Install the parts in the order shown in this photo from step 8.

Downloads At first this oil was cloudy. (This photo was made before the plunger and the release valve were installed.) I placed a pair of pliers under the head of the screw and pounded against the pliers with a hammer to pull the metal plug out of the jack's body.


It would be tough enough to remove the residue, but would not scratch the machined surface. into the resevoir so the jacking cycle can be repeated. See it and how it is used in the second and third photos at step 10.

Some of these things would be very helpful for the proper assembly, too.