Kenney acknowledged how common coyotes are, but said he had not seen them in his country orchard much before. The Oregon and Washington state wildlife departments welcome more eyes on the woods to monitor the spread of wolves, even though a good number of the citizen sightings are probably mistaken. We hunted central Idaho and had several problems with wolves. Kenney reported his observation to Washington's Department of Fish and Wildlife. Call 208 245 2458 us to discuss this hunt and to plan a wolf or wolf combo hunt of a lifetime. Gray wolves from the Middle Fork pack in Wallowa County, Oregon. I was pretty thrilled.". Some of non-wilderness national forest area is heavily developed for timber and some is

So I'm thinking 80 to 100 pounds — one of these beautiful gray animals like you see in the pictures.”. the national parks) a total of 21 packs produced >89 pups In the non-federally listed eastern zones, wildlife managers and ranchers have some latitude to kill wolves that attack livestock. Wolf page is a special feature of Pinedale Online! The sighting joins several hundred other citizen sightings this year from every corner of the state. Montana Wolf Recovery Area (279K, 1 page PDF, Monitor, Current News, Sightings, Legal Action, Wolf Pack Maps, Continue Reading Here A Wolf, There A Wolf, Everywhere A Wolf, Wolf. As the pups become older the pack typically moves them from the den to “rendezvous sites”, which are usually wet meadow areas within a pack’s territory where the adults can leave the pups while they go off to hunt. The web site form provides the most convenience for those who report as well as for biologists. In its most recent annual report on wolves and wolf management, Oregon's Department of Fish and Wildlife reported it too is getting increasing numbers of wolf sightings from the public. Asked about Kenney's report specifically, Maletzke said it cannot be ruled out as a wolf. I think your best bet is the locals. names with the exception of the newly discovered cross-state pack in the West It does not have the

Public Sightings Abound In The Region This map includes all of the known 2000 packs, with their official of pups surviving to 31 December 2009 was 4.1 pups per litter in Wyoming (2009), Greater News about wolves in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana by reporter and author Cat Urbigkit. "All of a sudden I thought, 'Oh my God, that's a gray wolf!'". and ranged from 2-14 pups (14 pups were a double litter), For Sponsorship info please call: 307-276-5699 or 307-360-7689, Packs typically consist of a breeding pair—the “alpha male and alpha female”—and their young from previous years. 2/19/10), Central

Click on the image below for a larger, better reading map. Wolf A permit must be obtained from the director to control (remove) wolves not molesting or attacking livestock or domestic animals. Wolf collar header photo by National Park Service. "We've had dispersers go 400 to 600 miles up into B.C. Monitor, Current News, Sightings, Legal Action, Wolf Pack Maps, Fish The silver area represents land that is mostly national forest. With tens of thousands of extra pairs of eyes in Idaho's wild lands this time of year, valuable information about the location, numbers and activities of wolves can be added to the scientific monitoring biologists do year round. No reproduction other than personal copy without my specific permission. Yellowstone Wolf Recovery Area, Northern Hunters who see wolves can help Idaho Fish and Game with management of that species by simply reporting their sightings. On May 5, 2011, wolves in Idaho were removed from the list of endangered species, and management reverted to the state under state code 36-1107, and guided by Idaho's 2002 Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. Wolves may use several rendezvous sites during the summer months until the pups are big and strong enough to travel full-time with the pack, generally by late September or October. Idaho Wolf Recovery Area "It took awhile for me to realize that it was a wolf," Kenney said. This This page is archived for your convenience. Wolf Packs (Outside Yellowstone National Park) (26K and (unnamed) in Montana. Photos, Wyoming This information can be mailed or called in to any Fish and Game office or can be directly entered on a wolf observation report form found on Fish and Game's website at: Not all packs have radio-collared animals and new packs are being initiated in new and previously unoccupied habitat. Idaho Code states that wolves molesting or attacking livestock or domestic animals may be controlled (killed) by livestock or domestic animal owners, their employees, agents and animal damage control personnel. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Nez Perce Tribe, is asking hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts to please report wolf sightings.

Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf Distinct Population Segment Area, Northwest Management Understanding Predation Management in Idaho – [PDF, 385 KB] Wolf Management