Maricopa County spokeswoman Cari Gerchick says that's the finding from an autopsy conducted Thursday by the county Medical Examiner's Office. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report. On May 11, 2008, The Hell Warriors wrestled in Toryumon Mexico's Dragon-Mania show.

The Road Warriors made appearances in the video games WCW Wrestling, WWF WrestleFest, WWF European Rampage Tour, the SNES version of WWF Super WrestleMania, Legends of Wrestling, Legends of Wrestling II, and Showdown: Legends of Wrestling as well as in the THQ wrestling games WWE SmackDown! At SummerSlam 1991 in Madison Square Garden, the Legion of Doom defeated The Nasty Boys in a no DQ street fight to win the World Tag Team Championship, becoming the only team to win world tag titles in all three of the top promotions of the 1980s. The Road Warriors, also known as the Legion of Doom, were a professional wrestling tag team composed of Road Warrior Hawk (Michael Hegstrand) and Road Warrior Animal (Joseph Laurinaitis)[1] They performed under the name "The Road Warriors" in the American Wrestling Association (AWA), the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and the name "Legion of Doom" (LOD) in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). [17] The title change was a controversial one as referee Teddy Long performed an excessively fast count. The 54-year-old wrestler's given name was James Brian Hellwig. [8] The Road Warriors' last appearance in the AWA was on April 20, 1986 at WrestleRock where they defeated the team of Garvin and Michael Hayes in a steel cage match. The three were announced collectively as the Road Warriors, using "Iron Man" as their theme music. The Most Memorable Tag Teams in Wrestling History", "NWA Great American Bash Results (1986 #1)", "NWA Great American Bash Results (1986 #2)", "NWA Great American Bash Results (1987 #1)", "NWA Great American Bash Results (1987 #3)", "NWA Clash of the Champions Results (VI)", "NWA Clash of the Champions Results (VIII)", "WWF In Your House Results (Canadian Stampede)", "WWE News: WWE updates status of drug testing program, Heidenreich released", "WWE News: Sabu vs. Cena, RVD vs. Rey, Animal released, Rock movie update", "Kensuke Office Show Results (Featuring ROH Title Match and....Road "brother" YASSHI?) The Road Warriors had hoped to get a full-time contract with WWE but nothing ever came of it.

Paul Ellering also joined Crush and Animal in some six man tag team matches. On August 18, 2005, Heidenreich was officially made part of LOD and was presented with his own "Road Warrior spikes". Their face paint and spiked armor were inspired by the Mad Max film The Road Warrior; they were the first wrestlers to bring a theme from a movie into the wrestling world. [24] They both made their TV debuts on the July 15, 1990 episode of Wrestling Challenge. [16], In 1988, Hawk and Animal turned heel, attacking substitute partner Sting during a defence of the Six-Man championship. ", Election Live Updates: Battle for the White House hinges on a few states, Biden: "We believe we will be the winners" when counting is done, Trump sues over ballot counting in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan secretary of state calls Trump lawsuit "frivolous", Here's what would happen during a recount in Wisconsin, Latino vote "can't be ignored" after Trump's projected win in Florida, Democrats' path to Senate leadership looks increasingly unlikely, Prominent Republicans condemn Trump's false victory claim, 2020 Election Live Updates: Biden projected to win Wisconsin and Michigan, The races that could determine who controls the Senate, The pivotal post-Election Day dates you need to know, Mitch McConnell wins reelection in Kentucky, Sarah McBride becomes first transgender state senator, Lindsey Graham wins reelection, CBS News projects, QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene wins House seat, Ocasio-Cortez projected to win second term in House. The Road Warriors won the NWA International Tag Team Championship on March 12, 1987 from Jumbo Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu[8] and would hold them for 15 months before losing them to PWF World Tag Team champions Jumbo Tsuruta and Yoshiaki Yatsu to unify the titles as the AJPW World Tag Team titles, making the Road Warriors the last defending champions of the NWA International Tag Team titles. [35] The Legion of Doom also became 2-time WWF tag team champions on October 13, 1997 when they defeated The Godwinns. A Warrior's Death - *You are here* /way Swamp of Sorrows 80.80, 78.71 Talk to Saurfang and protect him, receive Worn Cloak Queen's Favor - Talk to Saurfang, then go to Grommash Hold in the center of Orgrimmar /way Orgrimmar 48.33, 71.16 Lady Sylvanas. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Jake tipped his head to the side in confusion. [4][5], Animal had briefly competed as the Road Warrior before Ole Anderson paired him up with Mike Hegstrand to form the Road Warriors in 1983. This article is about the professional wrestling team. He would have made a great leader in the end if he avoided the fire.

This and subsequent dominant victories garnered the Road Warriors a lot of Japanese wrestling media headlines and front-page stories. They dropped the titles to the Twins three months later in their last televised appearance on June 29, 2003. On special occasions, Sasaki would break out the "Power Warrior" persona, similar to Keiji Mutoh and his "Great Muta" persona. The angle played off Hegstrand's real life alcohol and drug issues, going so far as to faking a suicide jump off the top of the TitanTron.

Download the client and get started. [6] Animal reveals in the Road Warriors: The Life and Death of the Most Dominant Tag-Team in Wrestling History DVD set that the name "Legion of Doom" was taken from the Super Friends cartoon. Back when we first met him, Cassie helped Jake's children, Brandon and Lori, escape from a dangerous dog, and the two became fast friends. [8], LOD would return a short time later with their original manager Paul Ellering at WrestleMania VIII. "He started talking to me!" [26] Bill Eadie (Ax) was having health issues and an agreement was made to phase him out and eventually replace him with Crush (Brian Adams), while Barry Darsow continued in his role of Smash. Once again they returned to Japan competing in Fighting Of World Japan Pro-Wrestling defeating The Shane Twins for the Tag Team titles on March 1, 2003. He turned and headed for the forest. [40] The Road Warriors had hoped to get a full-time contract with WWE but nothing ever came of it. Long would be fired from his job due to the count but the titles were not returned to the Road Warriors. They would make one final appearance on the March 29, 1999 Raw challenging Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett for the tag team titles but failed them; they left the WWF afterwards. [37], After leaving the WWF, the Road Warriors would appear for various independent federations. In this storyline, Hawk was seen by his partner Animal as unfit to wrestle and Puke was tapped to take Hawk's place in the tag team as an official member. The group consisted of the Road Warriors, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, ... Second return to WWE and Hawk's death (2003) The Road Warriors' last US TV appearance as a team occurred on the May 12, 2003 Raw episode in a tag team match against the World Tag Team Champions, Rob Van Dam and Kane.