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This caused the French to abandon _______________________ and, by 1760, ___________ and _______________, the last two French strongholds in North America, had fallen. What was the name of the Native American culture/people that the Wampanoag were a part of?

Essential Questions- answer completely using American Journey. Again, this is for yopu to decide.Here is a short bit of info given only as ONE example of an answer. This can be turned in EARLY [+10 EXTRA POINTS] NOVEMBER 4 and 5.It is DUE Friday,NOVEMBER 10  or it is LATE.

•         The British sent a party to construct a fort on the site of _______________ __________________. Crash Course and is the brain-child of vlogbrothers Hank and John Green.

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•         Spain gave up _________________ to Britain. The _____________ force was _______________ by the smaller French force and their Native American allies.

17. The society these women were used to back in England simply did not yet exist. What did Kunta and the other young men of “15 rains” have to go do in the forest? Mission [religious building definition],, B. 2. 1.

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originated from a movement for reform in the Church of England, which had a profound influence on social, political, ethical, and theological ideas of the, people's national character of being hard-working and thrifty, and made them bear a strong sense of mission. Tobacco Saves Jamestown In 1612, John Rolfe developed a high-grade tobacco that the colonists learned to grow. They spent their days searching for gold rather than building houses and growing food.

14. 3. Use this. 2 Describe the impact / experience of the middle passage on the kidnapped Africans / slaves. •         Both the British commander, _____________________, and the French commander ________________________, were killed. Settlers were not to establish themselves west of the “__________________ __________”. This disease made the colonists sick with fever. Watch/Study/Learn [or RE-Learn] by using this link: what 2 colonies did the chesapeake consist of? •         These acts lead to a rebellion by _________________, a Native American leader who united Indians _______________ the British, •         The uprising lasted from __________ to ___________, •         Massacres and atrocities occurred on both sides— most notably, British General ______________ ___________________ gave the Native Americans blankets infested with ____________________. Women spent their days cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, collecting firewood, tending the vegetable garden, dealing with domestic livestock, and caring for children. 15.

Most women resumed their domestic duties soon after giving birth. •         The French held _______________ and __________ ______________ in the _________ _____________. How much did the Lenape Native people get for the island of Manhattan according to legend?


Do you think the slave economy increased sectional tension in the antebellum period? As the 17th century progressed, more colonies were founded: Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island joined Plymouth in New England.

. Write at least one full sentence for each.

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While east-coast society had started to resemble that of Europe, farther to the west, on the frontier, life remained a matter of brute survival. 4. 3. It quickly became very popular in England. They sailed up the James River until they found a spot to settle. Chapter 3 pages 66-97  OR some other RELIABLE source.

Later that year. What impact did tobacco have on Jamestown and in England both economically and socially? How so? the first winter of massachussets, why did half of the people die?