The only thing this bill does is make our schools and our communities safer and healthier for everybody. Our Newsmaker Interview for this week is KVI host John Carlson. Inslee appointed her to the bench earlier this year. We're saying yes to all seven amendments to the King County Charter. We know you're practically harassing your mail carrier for your ballot so you can vote right away. His coalition includes Eastern Washington conservatives such as Republican Senate Leader Mark Schoesler, Yakima state Sen. Curtis King and a slew of agricultural businesses headed by the Farm Bureau. Despite the short session, Johnson passed bills to expand access to dental care and mental health services and to establish an environmental education program in high schools across the state. Trump's presidency forces the left to spend too much time and energy putting out unnecessary fires. Republican Matt Larkin, who opposes safe-injection sites and who thinks the state did too much to fight COVID-19, has yet to beat him or even to challenge him to a game, so far as we know. But in 1996, when America was snorting pure, uncut, racist "tough on crime" laws, Republicans came along and stripped that power from the Council. And when we do vote on a Sheriff, it's not like we're getting to pick between a progressive reformer and an obvious psychopath, if we even get to choose at all. Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Raul Garcia speaks to the crowd during a Stand For Liberty Rally in Ellensburg, Kittitas County on June 14, 2020. During his eons in this seat, Chopp has consistently—to borrow a phrase from his fellow lawmakers—"Chopped" pieces of progressive legislation to build and preserve a majority that Democrats then refuse to use to its fullest extent. The alternative would be to wait another ten years, and that's not an option." If we could take Rep. Heck at his word, his name wouldn't even be on the ballot. 2. The rest of them are "fiscally conservative" New Democrats or Republicans. 2. Those straight ranks of posts cradling speakers were long gone, replaced by an FM radio frequency you tuned into. 45 Representative Position No. In the 10th Congressional district (parts of Pierce, Thurston and Mason counties), write in Marty McClendon.

Literally, the only thing listed on his issues page is that Democrats and Republicans should stop making things Democrat or Republican issues. In the Legislature she plans to continue her focus on education, which involves following up on a bill to mandate 20-minute sit-down school lunches statewide (thanks for making it hard, "local control" freaks! 48 Representative Position No. (Hudgins has admitted to supporting those policies too, now that he has a primary challenger.) We're disobeying the explicit instructions of our therapists and saying yes to everything. How about just no gouging anywhere? As it was, this time Nancy had loaded up on snacks. (Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut). She's spent her whole life in local government, auditing city budgets and now state budgets. 8am hour -- GUEST: St. Rep. candidate in Bellevue, Vic Bishop (running as Republican in 48th Leg. He's confident that with a Democratic majority he'll be able to preserve the social safety net and protect services to vulnerable populations. 7am hour -- Republican candidate for WA governor, Loren Culp, tells KVI he's running against Jay Inslee because of career politicians in Olympia, Culp can be a check and balance on Seattle politics over-taking Legislature, for the first time in 48 years Pittsburgh PA's biggest newspaper endorses a Republican (Trump) for President, the Trump endorsement keys on the energy economy jobs and fracking, will Lady Gaga's anti-fracking past help or hurt Biden in PA? Uhhh, so, in the August primary endorsements the SECB claimed there was "no way" former longtime House Speaker Frank Chopp was going to lose the seat he's held for 25 years. He is a write-in candidate for the 10th Congressional District. Rep. Roger Goodman fucking suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks on a lot of stuff, and we can't wait for someone to primary him, but he's decent on police reform, which is good because he chairs the public safety committee. They're a fucking CURSE from sticker enthusiast and arch conservative Tim Eyman, who decided to troll the people of Washington every year with these nonbinding measures that appear on the ballot every time our representatives do something that might affect revenues. Office of Law Enforcement Oversight - Subpoena Authority. Rep. Walen is your classic moderate suburban Democrat. She also said the COVID-19 situation and Trump's leadership were "fucked up," which gave us a little thrill. Vote Macri. 47 Representative Position No. Olympus.

He's convinced young people won't fill out the whole ballot after voting for Trump to go fuck himself. This amendment would prohibit the county from discriminating against family caregivers and veterans when hiring or contracting for county jobs. So charge them for the crimes they’ve committed and call them what they are.”, Carlson warned: “If the president does lose, that would mean that just a few months from now, Joe Biden would become the president. They'll still be able to request an interview with an officer, but they won't be able to force that officer to show up. Garcia owns a medical clinic in Yakima, which has been one of the hardest hit counties for COVID-19 fatalities. King County Executive Dow Constantine came to the SECB absolutely panicked that this critical measure won't pass with a high enough share of the votes. The Stranger does not endorse in uncontested races or in races we forgot. Reykdal has been responsibly closing schools, navigating remote learning when 735,000 Washingtonians don't have internet access, providing meals for the kids who relied on school for getting them, and doing everything he can to close the achievement gap.