[40][41] It was also in the Qutb Shahi period that the Vasireddy clan of Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu received the Deshmukhi of the Nandigama pargana in 1670. In India Kola is mostly found in: Gujarat, where 50 percent are found, Andhra Pradesh, where 28 percent are found and Telangana, where 15 percent are found.

[52] The money was also invested into various companies, industries, such as food processing and transportation, and moneylending. In a larger context of human history degrees of biological or cultural differences have had little relationship to the degrees of strife, repression or violence. The surname is the 4,987th most commonly held family name on a worldwide basis, borne by around 1 in 64,184 people. But, affirmative action and quotas in the jobs and education based on group identity is counterproductive. The alternate forms: Kóla (1) are calculated separately.

Moreover the Sangh Parivar harasses us everyday by calling us Hindus. Suddenly I am being told that I am Hindu. [34], When the Vijayanagara Empire was troubled after the Battle of Tallikota in 1565, the Pemmasani Nayaks, Ravella Nayaks and Sayapaneni Nayaks helped the Aravidu Dynasty in keeping the Muslims at bay. One can see the power of caste/tribe over the society clearly in politics. [42][43] Moreover, in the Telangana region, Muslim rulers collected taxes through intermediaries from the dominant castes, such as the Kammas, who were given the title Chowdary. Even in the North America, the Telugu nationality is divided along the lines of caste, e.g., the Telugu Association of North America is dominated by Kamma caste where as the American Telugu Association is dominated by Reddy caste. [46] By 1921, their population in the district increased to 47 per cent, representing a large in-migration. We heard about Turakoollu (Muslims), we heard about Kirastaanapoollu (Christians), we heard about Baapanoollu (Brahmins) and Komatoollu (Vaisyas) spoken of as people who are different from us. Sreenviasarao Veapchedu, 12/11/98, To know more about Dalit Kuruma Christian Ilaiah Kanche and his ignorance and hatred against Brahmins and Hindus, please visit: http://www.bharatvani.org/indology/Ilaiah.html. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Kammas were also in service of the Qutb Shahis. Naidu Castes . One may broadly divide the human races into a few categories such as Caucasians, Negroid and Mongoloid.

I, indeed not only I, but all of us have never heard the word ‘Hindu’- not as a word, nor as the name of the culture, nor as the name of the religion.

The term "kamma" either referred to the two rivers that formed the boundaries of the region,[10] or to the Buddhist monastic institutions called sanghakammas believed to have been once prevalent in the region. Balija Naidu Gavara Naidu Gajulu Balija Naidu Musuku Balija Naidu Idiga Naidu Kambala Raju Naidu Kamma Naidu Kapu Naidu Kshatriya Raju Naidu Mangala Naidu Muthuraja Naidu Padma … [33], The Ravella Nayaks were another prominent clan that served the Vijayanagara Empire militarily and administratively since the Sangama Dynasty[19], and they exercised control (on behalf of Vijayanagara) over Srisailam[19], Udayagiri, Podili, and Kochcherlakota Seemas (regions) at various periods.

This is not merely surprising; it is shocking.”, Professor Ilaiah Kanche was born in a small Telangana village in the early fifties in Andhra Pradesh. Here are some of them.

It has thousands of Surnames and many Gothrams. [61][62][63], Selig Harrison said in 1956 that .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, Kamma lore nurtures the image of a once-proud warrior clan reduced by Reddi chicanery to its present peasant status. మార్చు ), You are commenting using your Google account. Telugu Castes Names Like 1.Brahmin 2.Kapu 3.Kshatriya 4.Kamma 5.Reddy 6.Velama 7.Komati 8.Madiga 9.Balija 10.Mala 11.Yadava 12.SC/ST/OBC And Many More Castes in Andhra Pradesh.

Thus if the society is the God, his/her head is the intellectuals and priests, shoulders are the warriors and military, the trunk is the business and agricultural community and finally the limbs are the workers who fulfil the basic needs of the society starting from the work in agricultural fields to the temple construction, without which society cannot go forward. Now I would like you to read the views of Prof. Ilaiah Kanche, who belongs to Kuruma (shepherd) caste/tribe and Christian religion, from his critique of Hindutva, “Why I am not a Hindu.”  These views are ignorant and biased against Brahmins, but these views are popular among some sections of the society such as Dalit Christians, all Hindu haters, and foreign Indologists for political reasons. [65], This article is about the caste. But today we are suddenly being told that we have a common religious and cultural relationship with the Baapanoollu (Brahmins) and Koomatoollu (Baniyas or Vaisyas). The government and the state themselves have become big advertising agencies. Here again like in Vedic Varnamu, any caste can be included into FC, BC, SC, or ST group if one attains a certain social stature. He is a Fellow at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Delhi and Reader in political science at Osmania University, Hyderabad. The surname is likely derived from the Sanskrit word “Raja,” meaning “king” or “chief.” Rao is a title and a surname found in many other Indian states, such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. A popular legend collected by Edgar Thurston narrates that Kammas originated from the youngest son of a certain Belthi Reddi, who managed to recover his mother's ear-ornament (called "kamma" in Telugu) that had been appropriated by Emperor Prataparudra's minister. The last name Kola is mostly found in Asia, where 59 percent of Kola are found; 56 percent are found in South Asia and 55 percent are found in Indo-South Asia. NAIDU SURNAMES & GOTHRAMS The Naidu community is spread predominantly over Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. …, all of the following were experienced except : The strife between various groups is part of a worldwide phenomenon, which affected all kinds of human relations for thousands of years. a sizeable number of Kammas have migrated to the United States. In fact, the whole cultural milieu of the urban middle class- the newspapers that I read, the T. V. that I see- keeps assaulting me, morning, evening, forcing me to declare that I am a Hindu.