Peak tissue levels in rats occur within 1 hr. The oral LD50 in rats for a formulation containing 0.3% Lauramine Oxide was estimated to be >20 g/kg.

The international Organisation for Economoic Co-operation and Development reported that amine oxides are not reproductive or developmental toxicants. Study no. EWG is in the process of updating this score. The email address and/or password entered does not match our records, please check and try again. Third Conf. *, Hecht SS , Morrison JB , Wenninger JA . if any. *, Springborn Life Sciences, Inc. (1987) Submission of unpublished data by CTFA.

Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in. N,N-dimethyl-4-aminobutyric acid and its N-oxide accounted for 28, 28 and 23% in man, rats and rabbits, respectively.

Study no.

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Several pathways exist for metabolism of lauramine oxide: omega,beta-oxidation of alkyl chains (the most common pathway for surfactant metabolism), hydroxylation of alkyl chains, and reduction of the amine oxide group. Some society journals require you to create a personal profile, then activate your society account, You are adding the following journals to your email alerts, Did you struggle to get access to this article?