Truth is, I don’t wanna know. Released on October 1 1990 it remains one of the most eulogised lost treasures in contemporary pop music. The best piece I’ve ever read on The La’s…and I’ve read a lot of them! They’re strong. An early review in the Chicago Tribune described Mavers thus: “He mixes Billy Bragg style punk folk, early Fleetwood Mac style blues, skiffle, dance hall ditties and Merseybeat guitar jangle without strain or contrivance. A growl. 1. 10. The obsession with perfection is vivid in any creative. In 1989 Timeless Melody was due to be released as a single. Truth is, I don't wanna know.

Also, the dude really needs to stop smoking hash… I think that’s where his problems lie.

Travelled to England (for the first time) from Sweden just to see the man at Bestival 2011.

And what a way out. He joined the band in 1986 when he met Mike Badger at a course for unemployed musicians. 15. 19. 14. An American paper would later describe ‘There She Goes’ as ‘better than the whole of Britpop combined’. Bebington-born Chris Sharrock drums on There She Goes. That’s the backbone, the real soulful stuff that you can learn from and grow with. All of them and many more besides can be used to describe the life and times of Lee Mavers. Mavers is a passionate supporter of Everton Football Club.[1]. We’ll probably never know the real reasons why Mavers did what he did, why he walked. Test pressings sent to journalists received rave reviews with Melody maker awarding it single of the week. Lee has always done what he wants to do, and people should be happy for him to do what he wants, I wouldn’t love the La’s if Lee was leading the band onto Wembley Arena jumping up and down like Gary Barlow. Mavers was the songwriter, singer and rhythm guitarist in The La’s and is perhaps best known for the hit “There She Goes” in the late 1980s. Lee Anthony Mavers (born 2 August 1962) is an English musician. At Shepherds Bush the audience crackles with anticipation. We hate the album.

He killed it. He gives you what you need, not what you want. Despite critical acclaim and it's enduring pop genius, Mavers, a noted perfectionist, disowned the recordings telling journalists the album was "like a snake with a broken back". And to play for Everton. He reveals he’s renting a place all kitted out for recording purposes and over time plays some of this magnificence that he’s been working on since it all fell apart.

Discarded producers during the sessions to record The La's include The Smiths' producer John Porter, as well as Stone Roses producer John Leckie and Mike Hedges (The Cure, Manic Street Preachers, U2). The set generally consisted of old songs, including the perennial favourite "There She Goes", with new songs performed as encores. Lee Anthony Mavers (born 2 August 1962) is an English musician. But Lee himself wasn’t ready to give up the ghost, regardless of the new pretenders. Yet it somehow seems symbolic for a man who did just that; wrote words on a page. GENIUS. These are other words on my page. It was a shambolic, rambling experience.

Just a word on a page. A good article, as a die hard, the “is his recent gigs selling out” they’ve been impromptu, with barely any notice, also, two of the four have been for free. 2. The band reformed in March 2005 playing their first gigs more than a decade playing festivals including Glastonbury and the Summer Sonic festival in Japan. Despite being The La's most well-known track, There She Goes peaked at number 57 on it's original release. They're steady, then they're not. After leaving The La's he has played with the likes of Oasis, The Wild Swans, Lightning Seeds and Robbie Williams. “The Beatles meets The Smiths with sharp, incisive lyrics” was how one reviewer described it. The La's' return may have been surprising, but Mavers' attitude being completely unchanged perhaps less so – the band are yet to conduct any interviews or features with the music press.

Sheer magic it was! Power is there to Mavers left and it’s poetic that they kick off with ‘Son Of A Gun’. However, whilst he may have lost the thread at that point, in the audience that night were members of a band for whom Lee and The La’s were vitally important to the footprint they were about to stamp all over British music, who remembered the great times and just how good this Merseyside band could be.

Shambolic. Even Power, his closest musical collaborator seemed confused: “I don’t know. Sadly I ended up in the dressing room after the London gig recently…really can’t see this being anything more than another quick money earner. “I’ll sell you a life story of a man who was at loggerheads with his past.” We’ve been here before. That soon became Oasis when Liam and latterly Noel Gallagher joined. When the album finally did hit the shops, its raw beauty, it’s simplicity and its uncomplicated nature masked a thousand cuts. People who you’ve known all your life…..they’re steady, then they’re not. Drugs and madness go hand in hand. He was out there. No-one imagines that’s what will happen.

The La's was recorded in London's Eden Studios in December 1989 with U2 producer Steve Lillywhite. Then, five years after The La’s one and only album came out they reappeared on stage at Hull’s Adelphi. Liverpool transfer news and updates including the latest on Erling Haaland, Thiago Alcantara, David Alaba, Jadon Sancho, Diogo Jota and more. Who knows? Around the same time that The La’s reached the brink and split, a group of similarly minded Mancunians were starting a band they tentatively called The Rain. The La's were co-founded by Liverpool guitarist and song-writer Mike Badger in 1983. The song, which was voted #45 in NME's greatest ever anthems, was re-released in 1990 reaching number 13. For him it was it was either old school or no school. Yet when it all comes down to it, when you wash away the self doubt, the fear, and that 1960’s dust, you find yourself right back where you started. But you can’t ponder, cos it kills you, la.”.

Yet the simple pleasures of life cheered him; “He’s a complete football head” said Matthew Macefield, one of the few outsiders who ever got close up to Mavers. "Something I Said", "Raindance" and "The Human Race". He's also played in the bands The Stairs, Cast and Smaller. It was the anti-Madchester digest; classic pop. But you can't ponder, because it kills you, la.". Those who witnessed it said that Mavers played ‘There She Goes’ three times without realising what he’d done, still in the clutches of one demon or another. But despite his disgust, Mavers always knew musically where his roots lay; he was open about those who had influenced his work and what he wanted it to be; working-class passion, a cocktail of aphoristic refrains that provided snapshots of those for whom he’d taken inspiration. He played ‘Doledrum’, ‘Feelin’’ and ‘I Can’t Sleep’ as well as ‘Come In Come Out’ and ‘Clean Prophet’. It was claimed he’d written ‘Changing Man’ for Paul Weller, then played in support of the former Style Council front man only for the plugs to be pulled as chaos reigned on stage. The Mississippi. When Mavers steps from the shadows to the light it seems somehow prophetic. And yet already it was the beginning of the end.

The album. “After saying it’s got to be better than The Who, The Beatles or Bob Marley, he must have scared himself with that” opined Edgar Jones who played bass with The La’s in one of their latter day incarnations. Just as you can’t have music without The La’s. There was once a boy of life who lived upon a knife. Badger would leave the group in 1986 going on to record solo material and found The Viper Label with fellow ex-La Paul Hemmings. Warm because he still had it. Pic: Liverpool coaching staff member leaves club for Morocco after eight years, Liverpool head of post-match analysis Harrison Kingston has left the club to join the Moroccan Football Federation, Everton takeover that could have been and the bullet that was dodged, Former chief executive reveals the man who wanted to take over the Toffees back in 2006, Liverpool snub opened door to improved £10m shirt sponsorship deal, The Reds inked a deal with the travel firm last month that will see the company's branding on the shirt sleeves, Police name suspect after BMW chase through south Liverpool, A man will appear in court today after the police chase around Sefton Park, Bonfire Night police patrols to target these areas amid concerns of trouble, Haelwood and Huyton will see extra police activity designed to reassure the public, Man killed 'best friend' in 100mph roundabout crash after driving home from party, Reece Entwistle's driving was impaired by alcohol and cocaine before the tragedy which claimed the life of Mark Taylor, Former convict accused of having rifle and shotgun, Gerard Wignall is banned from possessing firearms for life, Merseyside PC given written warning after contact with six females he met during policing duties, A misconduct panel found the Constable's behaviour amounted to misconduct. And yet whilst the critics acclaimed it as the finest work of the year, the band turned on it, Mavers especially. Really great piece, Simon. 13. It, like so much else with The La’s, never came to fruition. Those people from the inner circle who got to hear it talked in hushed tones about the magnificence of it all. Back at that word. 8. 23. He simply disappears again only to resurface in 2005 for a series of gigs. Your email address will not be published. The lyrics spoke of a man, of a city, of a culture in pain, regardless of the upbeat melodies that accompanied them. Nothing ever materialised. Was it all really worth it, the endless drive for perfection in an imperfect business, the drugs, the fights, the decline and fall, the disappearing act?