“A home owner who lives in the country used to have a pied-à-terre in London for the working week but a boat is a cheaper option because you do not pay any stamp duty on the vast majority of boats,” he explained. You’re never going to know everything and as long as you ask for advice and learn as you go people are very willing to help. It has been tastefully renovated with wooden flooring, a modern full kitchen and spacious bathroom. No mess, no smell, no fuss.

But neither of them feel that the change of lifestyle has affected their grades. But they were actually doing us a favour because we didn't have any space for it on the boat! The cold was hard. Sadly central London can sometimes be as dangerous for crime as the outskirts.

Only having a short-stay mooring licence means that they have to move their boat two miles upstream every two weeks. Having to move in the pouring rain or heavy winds, learning the art of keeping your stove lit 24 hours in the winter so you don’t wake up frozen. And, when we chatted with them, they said they'd sailed around 240 miles since picking the boat up from Swindon. It's a complete change of lifestyle and it's not for everyone.

The worst thing about living on a boat is probably walking back down dark towpaths at night on your own and feeling worried about the security of your boat. Trial and error is a big part of living on a boat and it’s not for the faint hearted. Costs range from about £4,000 per year in suburban locations, to tens of thousands of pounds in the centre of London. The other main options are a chemical toilet and a pump out loo. What living on a boat in London is really like, Tech startup moves to a new location as part of business expansions, How Caramel Rock is helping youngsters gain fashion qualifications, The Hackney entrepreneurs behind Afrocenchix have a two-word business plan for their all-natural haircare brand: ‘world domination’, How Five Points Brewery became one of east London’s leading craft beer producers in just five years, Digital Shadows eyes growth in 2019 as cybersecurity booms, A pantomime that ditches the cliches in a transpositive, all-gender-inclusive, queer mash-up, How East London Science School aims to create the scientists, engineers and medics of the future, Events startup Sofar Sounds is bringing back the magic of live music to London and across the globe, How 1Love Community is filling an abandoned row of shops on Pepper Street, Isle of Dogs, with community projects to benefit residents and Canary Wharfers, Renowned chef Stevie Parle brings handmade pasta to the Giant Robot food court in Canary Wharf, with Pastaio, Wharf Kitchen welcomes Canary Wharf’s first all-vegan eatery, Why investors should consider buying at Berkeley Homes’ Royal Arsenal Riverside development.

Here are the, Living on a houseboat would be a pretty great thing to cross off a, If the cost of a fibreglass boat is outside your means, take a look at this, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, halls are generally the first port of call, things to protect your house from burglars, why you should (and shouldn't) live with friends, National Student Accommodation Survey 2019 - Results. You don’t have to move and you’re hooked up to electricity and water so you don’t have to worry about that. It does not constitute financial advice. This 62ft Dutch barge features two cabins, modernised shower room, fully-fitted kitchen, small office and a large saloon with wood burning stove. Things like toasters, curling irons and hairdryers are a no-go area as they draw too much power too quickly. Well, if you do decide you want to move to a boat with a friend or partner, make sure your living habits are compatible, says Jakub. The trust is working to increase the number of moorings, with new berths established at Matchmakers Wharf, Homerton; Atlip Road, Alperton; Burdett Road, Limehouse, and Bow Wharf in the last year. We once had a party with 15 people on board. The mooring rules for a continuous cruiser mean you have to move every two weeks out of your kilometre area (there are online maps showing you the markers). Disclaimer: All content on this website is based on individual experience and journalistic research.

And if you've got a short-stay mooring licence, you'll have to get used to moving around regularly. We needed it for heating, but you might run into problems with the engine. At the beginning it was a bit tough, but I saw it more as a personal challenge. Also really think about the size of boat you want if you’re going to cruise. Tweet @savethestudent - Facebook Message - Email.

Scroll right... Set in a secure, gated pier that includes a River Bus departure point, the barge offers sensational views up and down the river. Are you only allowed to stay in one place for a set amount of time?

If you don't have parents that already live in the Big Smoke, student life in the city can seem virtually impossible.

Financial motivation apart, Read also thinks there is romance in life afloat. Lastly, the loo.

Up to a third of those who live on water in London have a nomadic existence. This live-work houseboat was originally an artwork, hence its wacky, reflective exterior.

The boat aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible with solar power, rainwater harvesting and full filtration system.