It's OK, Mike. And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper. [Marge is interviewing the two hookers whose clients were the two suspects]. Gaear Grimsrud's a difficult character to understand, in part because he says so little… and in part because he's such a stone-cold sociopath. : [reporting over her police radio]  I am Mrs. Gunderson.

Marge Gunderson In fact, despite efforts to uncover potential true life crime cases that adhere “close enough” to the narrative to substantiate a certain level of authenticity, no crime which took place in, near or anywhere far away from Minnesota has ever been uncovered to suggest that the audience should be this is a true story. Oh, that's terrific. : Well.

[long pause]  :

Fargo simply has a cop that’s pregnant; it is in no way about a cop that is pregnant. Fargo is a 1996 British-American black comedy thriller film written, produced and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.

Marge Gunderson Marge Gunderson She's the ideal noir hero. :

Does the scene show that Marge has doubts about her marriage? [cheerful tone] 


of the Coens' work. No! He's got eighteen lines in the whole film. The most common knock against the Coens is that they're cynical and that their films are nothing more than ironic genre exercises. Marge Gunderson : : Three-cent stamp. Why don't you sit over there? Yeah! There are detailed discussion board threads and brilliant blog posts about it. GradeSaver, 27 March 2018 Web. Failing that, then Fargo should at least be some sort of metaphorical location loaded with meaning such a Chinatown in the film bearing that name. March 8, 2016. Most people upon reading an information title at the beginning of a movie informing it is based on a true story do not then expect to watch a completely authentic and accurate recreation of that story. Aw, what the Chris'!

: Marge Gunderson

No. 1 : I told ya.

So there's no need to... we're doin' all we can here. If a major character in a movie is pregnant the first time she appears, the smart money is always---always—on the bet that she is either going to deliver the baby (probably at a crucial and inconvenient moment) or she is somehow going to lose the baby. Well. Uh... ok. Mike Yanagita : Hiya, Norm. Marge Gunderson, American Hero: ‘Fargo’ at 20. It's just a three-cent stamp. By contrast, Carl Showalter gets shot in the face, murders two men, practically bleed to death, crawls through the snow and digs into ice to hide money that nobody involved in this enterprise will ever located. You're darn tootin'!

[moves to Marge's side of the table and puts arms around her]  Norm Gunderson

Comedy is not pretty, apparently.

Marge Gunderson Marge Gunderson I'm cooperating. How ya doin', Margie? Marge Gunderson I'm turning in now.

Marge Gunderson For a little bit of money?

Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment and, like Fargo, he's based on a true story. I'll do a damn lot count! Was he funny lookin' apart from that? Marge Gunderson Official Sites

Fargo study guide contains a biography of Joel Coen, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Mind if I sit down?

Marge is a brilliant detective, capable of correctly summarizing a complex murder scene in minutes, and reading everyone from Shep Proudfoot and William H. Macy's Jerry Lundegaard to two bubbly prostitutes at a local bar with a mix of compassion and skepticism. Sir, you have no call to get snippy with me. Marge Gunderson :

There's no definitive answer. There's the car! Right now. : Marge Gunderson

Marge Gunderson It's simple and serene, like a naturescape on a three-cent stamp. Marge Gunderson is one of a handful of characters whose names remain in our memories, like Travis Bickle, Tony Manero, HAL 9000, Fred C. Dobbs. : Not sure you agree with me 100% on my police work there? Clearly, we find Marge Gunderson’s pregnancy striking and notable.

Yeah, Marge? I'm not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou. You can help us out by revising, improving and updating H.I. Yeah.

Hooker No. :

So... you think you might remember who those folks were who called ya? Oh, no, no. Marge Gunderson : They are completely, defiantly themselves_in movies that depend on precisely who they are. Is there a phone down here, you think?


In her role as a police officer, it's her job to dole out justice, but she has her own struggles and doubts. Of course they do. Filming & Production [amused by this unhelpful detail]