Shirley Jackson's fictional subject had four personalities, Eve had only three. But, she added, her parents said she was too weak and nervous to complete the schooling and training. Lexington. Little Grey House Shirley managed to keep her secret as did Dr. Wilbur. John Wooden Thompson Hageman: Birthdate: May 23, 1848: Death: Immediate Family: Son of Simon Peter Hageman and Delila A. Hageman Brother of Gaddis Hageman. Her intent was to study art and design. friends suspected that she was "Sybil," the subject of a 1970s certain mystique to it and always will," Boultinghouse said. People escaping a past many times successfully establish themselves in new communities with new identities.

Schreiber came up with the pseudonym "Sybil Isabel Dorsett", and she titled her book simply Sybil.

Shirley, for her part, began telling Dr. Wilbur of "blackouts" (periods where she would function but have no recall of what she did), and time loss (fugues). After the book and movie, there was a huge increase in Mason never married. Now they know she was. In 1941 she journeyed from home to attend what is now Minnesota State University, roughly 70 miles due west of Dodge Center in Mankato, Minnesota.

It earned an Sybil was not a typical multiple personality, and many aspects of her case are controversial. multiple-personality disorder and fueling a big part of the MPD Residents who had lived near the Masons (one woman directly across the street as a child) recalled Mattie as "strange".

Parents of Joseph Stipak Anna MASARIK, daughter of the Masarik family that produced Thomas G. Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslavakia, and his son Jan Masaryk, the Foreign Minister who opposed Stalin Parents of George Jacob Imig Carl IMIG and his cousin Anna IMIG, immigrants from Germany with their parents in 1858, moved to Nebraska from Illinois about 1880 Wilbur. Who Was Sybil?

Sybil attended Columbia University after leaving a junior

When Dr. Wilbur ", Mark Miller & Barbara; Kantrowitz "The Real Sybil: Kentucky art teacher was 'Sybil', scholar confirms. She was 75.

We marveled at the twin boys, a testament to the fact that twins run in the families of both of Alice (Hageman) Imig's parents, Simon Peter and Martha Viola (Wallick) Hageman.

A few weeks before her death she had also finally told this friend the truth about who she really was. Both the Eve book and film were runaway successes, and Joanne Woodward received a Best Actress Academy Award for her performance.

Shirley Mason was remembered by people who knew her as a quiet, thoughtful woman, and a good neighbor who minded her own business and was rarely seen about town. "In all candor, that's what makes them valuable. That same year, as a result of the book's popularity, the University of Kentucky in Lexington offered Dr. Wilbur a very lucrative position in its psychology department. Her portfolio was sufficiently impressive, and in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, she settled and found a job. wasn't there, Ms. Mason was at Dr. Wilbur's house," said Pat Cress, a Shirley was a vegetarian, and this friend took her routinely to a health food store, or to the bank. Mattie Atkinson came to marriage late in life by the day's standards – she was almost 27 years old at the time of her nuptials, a bit long in the tooth to start a family. On the strength of Shirley's reports, Wilbur diagnosed her as suffering from fugues.

Conrad was born circa 1832, in Hessen. Mason Arts Inc.

We will post very prominent announcements when they do, and you will be able to buy the book from our books page. She saw Dr. Wilbur when she could.Credit: APMeanwhile, the cash cow of Sybil was waiting in the wings. the daughter of Walter Mason and Martha Alice Hageman Mason.

Mason, who had lived in Lexington at least since the mid-1970s, died Her Mostly, the "memories" are false (or as in Shirley's case of her tonsilectomy) misinterpreted. It's

Shirley, though, became unhealthily attached to Wilbur. explosion.

[In later years, under hypnosis, Shirley's description of this event was completely misinterpreted by her therapist who jumped to the conclusion she had been raped instead.Credit: Division of Vital Statistics, The State of Minnesota.

Sybil Unmasked She talked about her childhood as an only child of Seventh-Day Adventists in Dodge Center.

She worked in the questionable field of art therapy (a protocol by which patients are encouraged to express themselves, and thus aid in diagnoses, through visual art).

Feeling adrift without Dr. Wilbur, Shirley felt she could not live without her sensei. rumor about Mason and Sybil being one and the same., and that he had ". Sometimes they live quietly and discreetly among their neighbors without anyone's ever suspecting his or her true identity. She had a sprawling home far beyond what Shirley would have felt comfortable in (although Shirley's royalty cut from Sybil was substantial, she chose to live humbly).

Politics | The rest of the world, however, knew her as the controversial multiple-personality psychiatric case, "Sybil". By 1984, an international society devoted to the "Even before she arrived in Lexington, she had severed almost all

Its subject was a woman with multiple-personality disorder, a dubious and faddish facet of human psychology developed as a behavioral theory.

Shirley had a lifelong fear of hospitals and refused outside treatment. Lich said his company bought the paintings from Mark Boultinghouse and

Sybil: The Hidden Gallery The experience was so traumatic (being lured to the doctor's under false pretenses by her parents, the fright of being held down and subdued with ether) it stayed with her all her life. "We are selling them as paintings done by the person who really was

In one particular case, a handyman working in her Lexington house made note of the inordinate number of autographed copies of the book Sybil in Shirley's home. Dr. Wilbur moved to Lexington. Meeting Shirley for the first time she found a nebbishy, sensitive, and emotionally stunted young woman. years, painting and running an arts business out of her home. When Shirley was seven she had her tonsils removed at a doctor's home office. Shirley Mason leaving a teaching position to attend Columbia

Wilbur told Shirley, on the contrary, that she was strong and brilliant, and more therapy would help her realize her dream of being a psychoanalyst.During her days not in session, Shirley went to Teachers College. She enrolled in Columbia University for graduate work. Sybil Isabel Dorsett, the pseudonym of the woman in the book written

disorder. Former neighbors said they started thinking the quiet and

Neighbors said that both Mason and Wilbur had poodles. Many of these works have gone on to either sell or be featured in shows. ), 4th-Great Grandparents of Mary H. Johnson, George BOONE III and Mary MOGRIDGE of Devonshire, England, immigrated to Pennsylvania on 19 September 1717 (O.S. Despite her bad memories of her repressive Seventh-Day Adventist childhood, she remained strong in that denomination and was devout in prayer. Neighbors noted the comings and goings of Dr. Wilbur.

She vented more about her frustrations professionally. We always welcome mail from newly-discovered cousins. Visitors to this page since October 9, 1999: Descendants of William Brown HAGEMAN, Aletta "Althea" Quick STRYKER, and Magdalena Voorhees STRYKER, Moses Cutting JOHNSON and Zerilda "Jane" WILCOXEN, Descendants of Elijah Willcockson and Charlotte Calloway, Elizabeth WILLCOCKSON and Benjamin CUTBIRTH.

Her father, Walter Wingfield Mason (a hardware store clerk and carpenter born in Emmetsburg, Iowa, on September 21, 1884), doted on his baby girl, and all indications are Shirley would have an unremarkable life. best-selling book about a psychiatric patient plagued with multiple Decisions had to be made about Shirley's back-story. Shirley Mason's Obituary not going to be disputed," said Swales. Shirley Ardell Mason could have been a very successful commercial artist, and could have lived an unremarkable but successful life, if not for Sybil.

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"Sybil" mentions Wilbur's and Sybil's poodles. Shirley Ardell Mason lived quietly in Lexington for more than 20 As of August 2011, the book by Peter Swales and documentary film have not yet appeared. 1970, according to college yearbooks. She was from the same small town as her future husband, whom she married in that same small town on February 16, 1910.

She told of some bizarre predicaments she'd found herself in lately. She reported an incident where she found herself suddenly aware of standing in an antique shop, facing breakables (dishes or figurines) smashed to pieces.

"multiple-personality disorder," or MPD. republished without permission. air.".

Dr. Wilbur's documentation of the case over the decade she'd worked with Shirley Ardell Mason would make for a compelling read. They had a few "talk therapy" sessions, but nothing intensive then. And Wilbur left income from "It's one of those elusive sort of stories, and I think it has a She also did things such as anonymously defecate in the yards of neighbors whom she believed had slighted or offended her somehow.

She was from the same small town as her future husband, whom she married in that same small town on February 16, 1910. She told Wilbur of her ailments throughout her life – anorexia, nervousness, anemia, and feelings of worthlessness.

As a means of identifying with Dr. Wilbur, she related that long ago she had wanted to be a psychoanalyst like Wilbur.

This case of multiple personality was based on a real woman named Chris Costner Sizemore (born in 1927).

Catherine was born on April 7 1839, in Ohio. This is junk science, and its ignorance is no better than the "spectral" testimony the Salem Witch Trial courts heard in the late 17th century in New England to convict people of witchcraft.

Discovered later was a letter Shirley had written to Dr.  Wilbur in 1958, disavowing she had any multiple personalities, claiming she was just acting out to please Dr. Wilbur (meeting the doctor's expectations). We carry this information only because so many people have written to us asking for it. As with anything faddish, such as Scientology, many celebrities jumped on this absurd "recovered memory" bandwagon and appeared on talk shows telling of hideous childhood traumas such as being anally raped by their fathers, etc.

She bequeathed Shirley a $25,000 cash sum and all of her future royalties for Sybil-related projects (books, movie, etc.). Dealing with the Great Depression and the harshness of surviving was more critical than worrying over a possibly abused little girl.Out into the WorldThe overprotected Shirley Mason managed to survive her home life, and graduated from her local high school.