Journey with DogAppy and get to know more about your fellow-traveler. What does it mean to you? Just to name a few, chocolate, black, fawn, rare blues, rare whites are the coat colors.

Popularly known as the long coat and short coat breed, the deer head chi is found in both varieties. Please please for the sake of these wonderful and deserving dogs stop perpetuating the myth and helping these barbaric breeders continue to breed unhealthy puppies and risking the mother s health as well.

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Thе pear head chihuahuas аrе thе lеаѕt common аnd thеу аrе kinda undesirable chihuahua. They also have big eyes a less prominent snout and a smaller sized body, than the deer head or pear head. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The pear head is similar to the deer head except the head is more you guessed it more pear shaped and often the skull is flatter. THANK YOU! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This type of chihuahua only exists theoretically.

Out of all the different types of Chihuahuas fawn probably

You can help support this website by shopping through our affiliate links and with our Sponsors. Apple or Deer head? This type of Chihuahua is much less common and generally “undesired” (not my wording). Sit, Stay, And Create Your Own Healthy Dog Food. Chi―a friend who sticks with you at all times.

This type is obviously called an apple head because of its apple shape.

If you live in the US it may mean a lot […], The 4th of July May Be Fun For You The 4th of July is not especially fun for your dog. Whether they are an apple head, a deer head or a pear head they are still a Chihuahua. Helping you and your Chihuahua live the best life ever together! Wrapping them in a well-fitted sweater or jacket is advisable. popular of the two different types of Chihuahuas. They are usually larger than the deer head. it’s more of a marketing ploy by breeders to charge more money, you can’t

They are usually larger than the deer head. Pear headed chihuahuas are generally an undesirable type of chihuahua that usually happens when an apple headed chi and a deer headed chi breed.

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The deer head chis come in a wide variety of colors which can be solid, marked, or splashed.

Why not let an expert in the Chihuahua breed teach you how to train a Chihuahua!

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Symptoms: Dizziness, seizures, swollen head.

I am not sure if my puppy is deer or pear headed bit why are pear “not preferred”? Especially for […], Are You Thinking about adopting a new dog or puppy and just hoping the new dog or puppy and your Chihuahua(s) will […]. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The body size and shape of a Chihuahua is quite different between breeds. If we really want

How about Teacup, micro, or toy Chihuahua?

Great website! Although this is not the preferred type by most, the pear head Chihuahua is still a Chihuahua breed.