Their practicality is also not to be taken lightly.

A rim all the way around the lenses, provides for maximum stability and durability.. Made of Combination.

I want a pair of pince-nez but all I can find are reading glasses I was hoping to find some round ones and hopefully prescription Press J to jump to the feed.

Price matching cannot be combined with any other offers. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. matched have a different return policy: They may be returned with a 20% restock fee. Ever try to read a menu in a dim restaurant without visual aid? >>, Welcome to our 2020 site. The problem rests with lazy opticians. So portable you will always have them with you. Copyright © 2020 Debby Burk Optical. We released a limited collection based on the 19th century eyewear phenomenon: The “Pince Nez” statement reading glasses, this summer’s ultimate vintage accessory. higher level of service. Their originality will excite customers, since nobody expects to stumble across a “Pince Nez” while shopping in 2018. No matter the colour or shape, you’ll find that they are offering a whole slew of uber-affordable, vintage-style frames & prescription lenses.

These Prescription Glasses feature a fashionable full frame design. is different from all other online eyewear companies, because we provide a Another great use is with headphones; Headphones often get tangled in the temples of reading glasses, but Thin Optics offers a way around it. spare parts. These services are expensive,

Price matching is completely at our sole discretion.

These designer prescription glasses are made to accommodate most prescription lenses. Only applies to the designated competitors' advertised retail price: their additional rebates or promotions are not eligible. They clip comfortably on the bridge of your nose when you need to see near, and nimbly fold into a pocket when you don’t. I was wrong. Pince Nez reading glasses have an old-world look, but they have the advantage of being smaller and lighter. It’s also a long lasting, unmistakable symbol of money status and academic achievement, as this the retro cool round frame has been worn by remarkable historical figures. A great gift for a special someone in your life.Buy a Pince Nez Frame only, have your prescription put in it, be unique! service, first place your frames in the shopping cart. Never attempt to read a menu without your readers again!

Makes reading in bed while lying on your side easier. © 2020, VINT & YORK. Since 1996, DebSpecs has provided innovative, affordable & stylish reading glasses to over a million people around the globe. The Best Men’s Glasses Fashion Styles of 2020: What Are the Coolest Types of Frames?

To get maximum utility and style they are giving away each pair in a black custom made leather case that fits perfectly in pockets and bags. Items that are price matched do have the manufacturers warrantee, which is usually 1-2 years.

We will then contact you if the order qualifies for price matching. We do not warranty against breakage of the eye rim during lensing by your optical shop.

Prescription Sunglasses or Photochromic Lenses? Vint & York is a vintage inspired eyewear shop in New York City. If you want to do the lens work, we guarantee against breakage during installation. The frame is made of durable & flexible surgical grade metals, while the lenses are optical grade scratch & shatter resistant. Actually, nobody expects to stumble across the Pince Nez anywhere, so you might consider taking them with you at a party and have some fun impersonating historic characters. If you are not yet impressed, let's discuss the case- The compact case sticks onto your cell phone, or slips easily into your pocket, purse or even wallet. Shop the Pince Nez glasses in 5 colors online or in our NY flagship store. Discover Pince nez reading glasses Seeoo: unique design made possible by the new metal working, light and resistant to guarantee maximum comfort all day and at all times. Any DebSpecs regular knows that we love to carry innovative vision products. Designed especially to fit in a pocket “The Pince Nez” can be a helpful alternative to reading glasses on the long subway ride back home. This product is great for everyday use, or for athletes who hate the thought of bringing their glasses with them on a jog or bike ride. I started a blog to pass on my excitement and some knowledge to those who may want to wear pince-nez. A retro eyeglass piece with a lot of attitude.

Jeff Goldblum Inspired Glasses: Find Your Eyewear Inspiration With 12 of His Most Memorable Looks. Choose between materials, patterns and colors, achieves the perfect glasses for your face and your style! (URL) of the page with the currently advertised lower price. They’re great when you need a little help reading the menu or skimming through a magazine. One part Roosevelt, one part vintage hipster chic, this frame is an eye catching piece that is bound to be a conversation starter. The internet is filled with unauthorized dealers of branded eyewear, and also dealers of copied or illegitimate products, especially on Amazon and Ebay. You will never get caught without your readers again! It was manufactured in France, ca 1900, and features cork pads.

The "flex grip" materials "pinch" onto your nose and stay on incredibly well. Also great for anyone who forgets their glasses. Again, no temples to interfere. We’re available by phone (800) 846-9915 Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM EST, Chat every day Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. EST Sat-Sun: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST, Call us (800) 846-9915 / Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM EST, The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Combine Blue Filter PC Lenses & Stylish Frames, Older and fabulous: Stylish Glasses that Make You Look Like a Younger Self. Pince-nez is perfectly suited to modern usage. We may to decide not to price match at any time for any reason.

Vint & York sees the Pince Nez as a brand piece, a stylish tribute to the past. The frame is made of durable & flexible surgical grade metals, while the lenses are optical grade scratch & shatter resistant. With five colors available to choose from (tortoise shell, clear, black, red and yellow), the limited Pince Nez collection is a quirky accessory that will fit well with every style enthusiast. The nosebridge has a good spring in it, and the cork pads hold nicely to the nose.

See details, restrictions & get code. Designed in NoLita, the heart of fashion avid Manhattan, and handmade in Italy from high-quality acetate in gloss finish, the Pince Nez frames are as durable as they are stylish. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. means "pinch nose", and were very popular in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries in Europe. The Pince Nez is available in store or online. A good friend of mine is an expert in the field and has provided some excellent guidance. Pince nez - Perch this spring loaded reading aid on your nose, and fasten the clip to your shirt or jacket. This includes a Perfect Lenses Guarantee, 30-day full refund on frames

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, These designer prescription glasses are made to accommodate most. We do not price match over the telephone or in store. All Rights Reserved. The thickness of just two credit cards, and lighter than a nickel, Thin Optics is a Pince Nez style arm-less reader.