Let's find out. Take a Henry single-shot rifle or shotgun on your next trip. I have several loads for this rifle. It is a very deadly round when you use the 17gr V-Max pill. I configured this and set guidelines to go by for this. They currently manufacture ten different rifles, each with dozens of different styles available for many purposes.

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Henry Big Boy: The Best Pistol-Caliber Long-Gun?

That sounds like a great deal! I do a lot of hiking and camping with my wife and we aim for the lightest load possible. This coming from a former marine with a couole of my own AR’s, and if it wasnt for the arbitrary NFA rules i would have real M4’s, and maybe not a 249 saw (because they are junk) but a shrike upper on an auto lower for the same abilities with less weight, better ergonmics, and just the shear jiy of firing belt fed. Add $21 for Acraglas gel and $5 worth of aluminum powder to reinforce the bedding gel, and that brings the whole price so far to $830. Varget and Benchmark have been excellent powders for me. Anyone who has tried to squeeze accuracy out of an SPS stock with a bipod knows that they’re better used as a boat paddle. .17 HMR will kill coyotes all day long if you place your shot correctly.

For my handloads, I was using 2x and 3x used brass that I picked up alongside a set of dies off of Backpage.com. My .300 win mag, 7mm rem mag and 30-06 are all 700 actions. A great backup or entry-level “starter” gun. I didn’t really trust the scope to much but it works well. At the range this thing is a tack-driver still.

I’m not carrying any less weight, I’ve merely shifted what I’m carrying. I bought a Remington 700 ADL at a garage sale down the street 30 yrs ago. Not great, but good enough for <300 shooting on deer size targets. So why would anyone, when they are hunting, think that they can do everything with just one rifle? Remember – all of these ratings are both subjective and relative to the class of firearms they are in. If I do my job, it will put 3 cold/clean bore shots into a 1″ paster at 100-yards. The bonus? He watched and after a few rounds I had it on target at 50 yards. Nope, these cheaper-than-cheap guns are available in limited areas and only in limited stores – mainly “big box” retailers like Wal-Mart, Dick’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and a few others. Take a kid hunting. It was unreliable. “And I think I’ve made my new “cheap” hunter/target toy that can stand with the big boys” – not even close! And you say you can’t get your head around why I would want a .308 hunting rifle. Not great, but not bad for the conditions. For those of you who live in whitetail country, the .243 with 100-grain Core-Lokt rounds have proven to be quite effective for many hunters. I can consistantly disintegrate milk jugs fill with water at 200 yards. I used the same gun for pheasant hunting and was in misery half way through the hunt. My first few offhand shots were in the 2-inch range from 50 yards offhand, but cold and shooter error are to blame for groups opening up after that. Apparently when Remington says that the scope is bore-sighted they mean that the scope is pointed in the general direction that the muzzle is. It’s a tool box. FWIW, I use a cheapo Berkley fish scale (Got it from Cabela’s for $15). I would have gone that route but they never have youth models. Stainless steel and polymer are best choices for all weather all terrain guns. Taking ANY game, large or small, with a cartridge that is far less than optimal is not only unethical, it also helps reinforce the “crazy redneck” perception of the non-hunting public. I have always known about the long range accuracy of a .243, but preferred the so called big boy calibers. It should come as no surprise the Ruger name is synonymous with value, and its’ AR-556 looks to fit this mold as an entry-level AR-15 with a reasonable MSRP. I guess in the end, it’s what a person is comfortable with and/or familiar with that I think is most important. Or just man up and carry it if you make it so heavy. If You’ve Got Your PAL, See Restricted Firearms Canada.We Offer Coast to Coast Shipping (especially to Ontario) via Canada Post and Canpar (ammo) and We’ve Got Bulk Ammunition For Sale. At 3150 fps a 50 gr vmax with a poly tip will do the job. Well, it’s still a Remington 700 so the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing. I was once in a fishing boat (trolling speed) out on lake with one of the Quantico boys who pointed to a bird (A type with a long pointed beak about 12″ tall.) Also, not only does the 308 have relatively little useful “take down” power at 1000-yards, it takes a serious skill set to be able to effectively place a single shot on target at this distance. It is available with a 16.5- or 20-inch barrel, a wood or synthetic stock, and numerous configurations.

The fellow that I took out with it while he was robbing a drugstore would disagree with the experts. If so please respond, I have a few questions for you. ground squirrels for bait), I’ll be working up some handloads in the 50-85 grain range.

7.) I simply meant to show some that might not have the budget to build a long range “field rifle”, that they could get great performance a whole lot cheaper than they might think. Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington. I’ll keep my long range guns light (And this one much cheaper.)

It was “impossible” I was told. I’ll add the 5th star after taking it through the desert a few times. Obviously not. I didn’t even realize they still made the ADL but apparently in an attempt to sell rifles at Savage-like price points, Remington still offers the ADL to a few big-box retailers. If you are hunting over five thousand feet, don't even think about carrying that heavy cannon. Ummm, I did mention that this was going to be used for hunting right? Obviously ballistics, down-range effectiveness, logic, and ethics aren’t as black-and-white as simple arithmetic, but there is a certain level of “correctness”. It is built with an aluminum receiver that is grooved for scope mounts and contrasted with a checkered walnut stock and forend. Overall Rating * * * *

With an extensive new and used inventory that continues to grow each day, we offer rifles for just about any budget. Fair enough, but I dare say that the fad of putting a lot of gear on the rails seems to be based mostly on the fact that there are a lot of rails. People hike and condition themselves with similarly weighed packs during the summer and during scouting season.

Certainly not a target trigger, but it works well enough for coyote hunting. Perfect for plinking, training, and small game hunting, the Model 597 is a wallet-friendly, semi-automatic rifle chambered in 22 LR. The gun is only as good as the man behind it. They should not be pretty, they should be rugged!! I’ll keep using this gun till my hunting days are over and my sons can bargain over it when that time comes.

Other than that I have no complaints. That’s why I choose it for my personal choice. Shot deer mostly and a few coyotes with it over the years. Depends on the kind of hunting as well – I know elk hunters who do the “backpack” method, carrying as much as 60 lbs of equipment on their hunts.

Hitting paper and hitting a living creature for the sake of turning it into a meal is FAR from being even remotely related…. I didn’t start out on here to try to offend anyone’s ideas of what has to be before you can do it. I already have a Nikon Monarch { 3.5x10x50 } scope with Weaver mount & rings installed . After looking around, at less than four bills, the ADL is actually a pretty good deal – after all, you’re getting the same M700 action that all other 700’s get, the X-Mark Pro trigger, and a 3-9x scope.