There were things left out that broke my heart.”, WATCH IAIN MCCAIG'S FULL LECTURE ON YOUTUBE HERE. Chronology The book expands on Anakin's fear for Padmé's life as a driving motivation for his desire to become a Jedi Master and be given access to resources allowing him to learn about the Sith. After a battle, Obi-Wan kills Grievous and dispatches his army.

Episode 3 arguably improves on the earlier films in this regard (possibly due to Tom Stoppard’s work on the script), and the film is better-paced. Order 66 was described in a few short sentences, with no mention being given of any specific Jedi's death or identifying any clone commander who executed the order. Immediately after, Grievous is contacted by Sidious as in the film. At the end of the battle, the lightning energy ball does not explode. Mace Windu could sense the approach of Anakin through the Force before he broke the office window, so it was reasonable for Darth Sidious to have the same experience. The two opponents then hurl Senate pods at each other, just like in the movie. None of the aides beside Rune Haako are mentioned either and neither is Senator Tikkes. Although this may not seem like a scene that broadened and shortened Anakin's path to the dark side, it shows his love and devotion to his family, highlighting the fact that he would do anything for them, including becoming a Sith Lord. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The Jedi cornered the Dark Lord, trying to stop his escape. In the fight, Mace Windu realized that Sidious's shatterpoint was Anakin Skywalker himself. We’ll explian screenwriting character introductions so that you can build rich character descriptions that set a tone for your script.

Palpatine himself was not knocked over by any blast, but he was described as "a very old, very tired man" after the epic battle. Sidious sprang into action quickly. The Revenge of the Sith making-of book is surprisingly candid about how frustrated the artists were while working in the dark the whole time on Episodes II and III, to say nothing of Rick McCallum losing his shit because the lack of a script made his job budgeting the film and coordinating the schedules for all the different production departments almost impossible to pull off. Rey and Kylo Ren are brother and sister or even twins, repeating the pattern f Luke and Leia, 12. The bridge crew of the Invisible Hand is not so lucky, though; Grievous kills all of them. His talk with R2-D2 before Anakin left for Mustafar was also expanded, with 3PO telling R2 rumors about what was happening. He reports this and several Jedi go to arrest the Chancellor. In the book, Mace Windu did not kick Sidious's jaw, and he sliced the Chancellor's weapon in half rather than knocking it from his grasp.

Timeline The book presents more of C-3PO's thoughts regarding events, including a scene of 3PO allowing Obi-Wan into Padmé's apartment, though the droid was wary of Kenobi. The scene also implies that the Jedi Council had ulterior motives to their having Anakin specifically spy on the Supreme Chancellor besides simply concern for the Republic's well being, as Mace Windu cited that trying to sabotage Anakin's friendship with Palpatine to ensure Anakin remained distant from the Supreme Chancellor was the best reason for making Anakin their spy.