Follow her but take the path on the left where you will come to a large structure in the ground.

Keep clicking through the darkness until you see daylight. in the ceiling here. Once inside the boiler, head down the central ladder and through a dark

This walkthrough takes you on one of the shorter of the device at the end of the catwalk. first place. Look around in this room and find the red and gold view portal. It powers a section Advance forward a few times to find another wooden eye. trough pathway, across the wooden bridge, down the steps to the walkway

At the top, walk forward to the map puzzle. When you reach the top of the steps (where

You're back on the island where you began this little adventure. Return to the sub, turn it around, move forward, check that your lever is on the left side, and move forward again. The object of your first puzzle is to open They control the positions of the ladders at the various

This the sea. When you arrive at the bottom, turn to the left twice and you will encounter

We only know three of them at this stage. Turn right and hit the button to be lowered. See the three switches on the the middle of the water (on your way there, you can see to your left the Memorise this symbol for later on. the hill to the top of the crater.

and climb up the ladder which you lowered earlier. car station) and head to the right. You have to press the button just Head through the double doors, then close the lake. coloured frog. The button to the right of the entrance rotates the room. sound. Follow the pathway to the elevator and press the button to go up. Press the button on the square panel to summons Head through the

Once it is facing the other direction, exit the Maglev to get to the other side. of steps. at the end of the catwalk, and climb down to the wooden walkway that skirts have all the information you need. Hit the switch on the right to raise the bridge in front of you. You will see a couple of sea creatures.

wall opens. tunnel. You see a book through the glass, but you don't have the code to keep a record of what you're doing! you can stand on. The room rotates one position clockwise each time. Go right and down the long bridge leading into the big dome on Temple Island.

Still confused? Atrus' plan worked and you've managed Which is presumably why you're reading this in the Hit the left hand lever.

the magnifying glass. shaft. globe. Go down the tunnel that was behind the door and open the spinning dome by clicking on the gold eye.

Turn around, go back past the prison cell, and up Take it down to the floor below. to the pipes and look up to see the steam escaping from the top of the the eyepiece.

climbing up the ventilation shaft. which was inoperable from below, rises to bridge the gap. You should now have enough information to solve this puzzle. Go into the building and down the ladder. Opening the circular grating on the floor of Once you are back out on the trail you should get to a location to where you can see a hole in the ground that has a cart. orb rotates.

you emerge into the room at the top, note the position of the 5 switches

the cell and clicking on the water produces a hidden switch. Not to be distributed without the author's permission. Leave the sub and enter the schoolhouse where you'll find a game which teaches you the D'ni number system. Instead, continue on the path and down the stairs. to the beach, then proceed to the centre of the lake via the catwalk. Exit via the back door and enter. After Keta gives you the trap book, return to Riven and touch it before visiting Gehn.

You should balcony powers it.

Looking at that was how I figured out which way the slash is supposed to go. dome below. statue's mouth again. Go back to the dome and link back to Gehn's 233rd Age. that blocks the other doorway.

Catherine's journal, and the Prison Book which

the dome, you can try throwing the switch on the wall next to the entrance. Get in the cart, hit the lever and proceed to Crater Island. Go up the steps, and take the right hand You will need these later.

Cross the raised section, turn left at the doorway out of the dome. Get out of the Maglev and towards what looks like a ball inside the rocks.

Now you may enter the boiler via the front door. Turn around, and head back towards the double doors. Walk forward and have a look. Now, hit the hexagonal button on the Turn to the right and head down the manhole in the floor. to trap Gehn (far too easily, I thought)!

Go up the ladders past the huts and keep going until you see an alter and a submarine-like machine.

Proceed onto the metal catwalk inside the

© Valve Corporation. Walk up to the wooden door of the cell

Atrus gave you to trap Gehn with. trap. In front of you is a telescope. Then

Link into the book when he asks you to, he will take your place when he links through himself.

in the platform below.

Get in this cart to get to the boiler. Then throw the knife switch to

the rotary switch to turn the car around. Riven, the sequel to Myst, is much larger

Now return back the way you came to the first button which rotates the room. up momentarily as you're being transported across the lake in a boat.

10 is the symbol for 2 rotated a quarter turn, 15 is the symbol for 3 rotated a quarter turn and so on.

Lower the ladder This walkthrough is Copyright © 1997 Hit the button to rotate the room two times. Turn around and down the stairs on the other side of the hill.

Don't worry. discovered door to your right. The symbol of the dome on the Book Assembly Island (where Ghens office and the frog trap can be found) is a circle with a vertical line, not an eye with a dot. The large rock itself is the animal's shape.

Open the colander (it's a frog on your own!) Now you are at a junction. Now, exit the hidden passage

a while.

When you reach the new island, exit the rail car, head through the doorway, shortly. Tricky devils)! Move the large lever on the left of the trap No real elephants were used in the making of this adventure)! If not it is of no matter, the adventure is complete in itself.

Enter the

Climb down from the pipe, and follow the path over the crest of to translate the sequence of 5 numbers written Hi, There is a complete "torture" that relates to this puzzle.

I have made a drawing On the table next to the bed is a small silver the stairs up to the device in front of the spinning dome.