If you have any questions when prepping your frame please fill free to give us a call at anytime. Copyright Parts Warehouse Theme Follow along as we demonstrate the basic techniques involved. Copyright © 1995-2020 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. Track (wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface) is 56" front and 55 rear. This frame was modified to enable the fitment of an S10 5-speed transmission. Coil Springs, -

Step (11) On the passenger side in the front in the cross member there is no access hole for getting to the nuts of the bolts on the engine mount. Cups & Suspension S 9 U p T 0 o n s o r 4 E e R Z R d X G. Samsung Galaxy: S10E | S10 | S10 Plus LCD Replacement Screen Digitizer Frame (A) 1139 Log In To See Pricing Details. We fitted it with the first Unisteer steering in Germany : Boxed and repaired by Eds Rod Shop, this frame is now straight again. (TEC TIP) Using a ratchet strap around the frame and holding it together all the rivets in the spare tire brace can be removed and putting in some temporally bolts placing the spare tire brace back on holding the frame together. CCE Hydraulic Apparel The Danchuk Price Match Policy.

Cups & Suspension, - Add To Cart Details. Step ( 5 ) The rear bumper stops are located on the bottom side of the frame rail just above the rear housing most of the time these are rusted though and in bad shape they can be removed and again grinding the welds down to the face of the frame. 33 - 34 Ford Rear Frame Stubs. Step (6) Carrier bearing cross brace will need to be removed by grinding off the top of the rivet heads it will be easier doing this from the bottom side of the frame.

I think i had the S-10 body,engine, trans, stock body mounts cut off and frame shorted in like 10 hours not trying to hard, i was shocked how easy they are to shorten. Fittings, - Switches & Switch Cord Slowdown Valves, -

Any frame swaps to consider? Accumulator and Fittings Drop Ship; $78.99. Step (7) The rear shock mounts, some of the guys may not remove these brackets and just keep the shocks laying down in a backward angle that the stock S-10 / S-15 pickup had.