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Ein absolutes Highlight sind zudem die Sector 9 Downhill Longboard Helme.

Particularly, this model doesn’t require assembly that you can ride it out of the box upon arrival. Constructed with yellow Sector 9 Race Formula wheels and green Gullwing Charger II’s trucks, it boasts the maximum traction while gives a perfect mixture of carving ability and stability.

A cruise to a nearby beach with this cool longboard is also nice. As a semi-long longboard (38 inches), Sector 9 Nicaragua cuts off some precious heft to give easier portability while keeping decent stability at high speeds.

Sector 9 stocks the highest quality Skateboard Decks, Completes, Wheels, Trucks, Tools & Accessories for the surf and skate lifestyle! The reasons why I voted the Sector 9 Fractal as the best cruiser/carver are first off, it features a 36” stiff maple drop-down deck that firmly stands in the middle of the road for carver and cruiser. Sector 9 longboard can afford many different riding styles, from carving, cruising, to downhill or gliding. Such a good choice for those who aren’t good at installing things.

Die selbstgebauten Boards bekamen in der Nachbarschaft einiges an Aufmerksamkeit und so begann Sector 9 im größeren Stil Skateboards herzustellen.

Or, if you’re an experienced rider, I bet you will fall for its amazingly tight turning radius. Last but not least, is the Rocker Complete which always impresses me with its decent quality construction at such affordable price. Sector 9 ist definitiv eine der ganz großen Marken in Sachen Skateboarding und Longboarding. Like the Faultline, this is a 2-in-1 vintage model that allows you to carve and bomb downhills. Seit der Gründung von Sector 9 Longboards 1993 in einem Hinterhof in La Jolla Californien, ist Sector 9 zu einem der größten und bekanntesten Longboard- und Skateboardhersteller der Welt geworden.

Auf der Suche nach einem Board hast du bei Sector 9 die Qual der Wahl, denn bei kaum einer anderen Longboardmarke wirst du ein so großes und breit gefächertes Lineup finden. Street- und Bowl-Fahrern bietet Sector 9 eine Auswahl an Double-Kicks, die sich auch für Techslider anbieten. The performance is also distinctive from other brands, they are much smoother and more comfortable. Not only you can buy separately the decks from Sector 9 but their size range is also vast to fit the deepest demand of yours. From that point, it delivers two things: control and stability for excellent pivot turns and carves as a true commuter board. Also, it’s the most appealing feature that Sector 9 longboards beat over other brands. 19 % MwSt.) Seit 93 bringt Sector 9 ein großes Sortiment an verschiedensten Longboards raus, von harten Downhillbrettern bis zum leicht / flexigen Strandcruiser ist alles dabei. Rocker is built with 4-ply tri-axial fiberglass and 3-ply maple to elevate the toughest and stiffness of the deck.

Die Kalifornier haben definitiv für jeden das richtige Brett im Angebot.

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Direkt aus Kalifornien kommen von Sector 9 Longboards und Cruiser allerfeinster Güte. Wheels and bearings are also well-loved for their superior quality. Particularly, no mayo because it is topped off with butterballs only.

Carver kommen vor allem bei der Sidewinder Serie auf ihre Kosten und können damit engste Turns auf den Asphalt zaubern.

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Sie sparen: €60.05. They come in diverse sizes with a different width to fit specific riding styles.

They play as the good foot pockets to lock your feet in for freeride slides or at high speeds.

Für die Schnellen unter uns hat die mittlerweile legendäre Sector 9 Downhill Division garantiert das richtige Brett am Start. Unsere Auswahl an Longboard Decks: mehr erfahren » mehr erfahren » Fenster schließen . The most worth-mentioning feature here is its micro-drop platforms built on both sides. They are vast in designs, styles, and colors, each of which boasts up to a specific vibe with sophisticated printing. Öffnungszeiten Shop - Anfahrt Shop-Adresse. €249.95 (inkl. They play as the good foot pockets to lock your feet in for freeride slides or at high speeds.

Die schnittigen Full-FaceHelme verfügen über flip- und austauschbare Visiere und wiegen weniger als 1 Kilogramm.

Trucks from Sector 9 are mostly self-manufactured and named Gullwing Sidewinder. Sector 9 has been making highest quality Cruiser Skate Deck for years. The longboard nails up the 10” Gullwing Charger trucks to keep the whole deck relatively low to the ground. In the end, I’m still impressed the most by how smooth riding of Faultline.

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Gerne kannst du diesbezüglich auch unseren Kundenservice kontaktieren. There are also various options in terms of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from.

Whichever deck you choose, there’s one solid thing you will receive: Smooth feel and stiffness. €270.00 €209.95 (inkl. While keeping a strictly manufacturing process of the deck to ensure its durability, its length and concave design are carefully considered to create the best performance to riders.